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tamobhuuta 14-02-2023 06:51 PM

No doctors until Monday apparently :(

Cacoethes 14-02-2023 07:14 PM

Well done for going outside today!

The dippers I had today were green cruisine i think.
But the quorn nuggets tasted EXACTLY like maccies normal nuggets!

I treated the guinea pigs to some strawberry and apple for valentines day, as they are the only men in my life XD

nonperson 14-02-2023 07:24 PM

I like the Green Cuisine dippers =) They're nice in wraps too.

long road 14-02-2023 07:25 PM

Hope the harder circuits aren't too intense. I have some resistance bands. I am meant to use them when I do my physio for my shoulder but haven't done the strengthening exercises in a while, FND knocked me off track.

Did you cut the apple.and strawberry into little heart shapes? Hope they appreciated their treats.

We don't really celebrate Valentine's day, just celebrate on our anniversary as it's a more personal and easier to get a reservation somewhere!

I just connected the dots, your poor colleagues have to deal with valentine's day with broken card machines. They have my utmost sympathies!!!

If Quorn nuggets and chicken nuggets taste the same they can't have much chicken in them! My friend gets the Quorn dinosaurs or the Quorn unicorns just to make dinner more fun!

Oh no that Doctors isn't on! I am just watching my last episode of survivor for the week.

Cacoethes 14-02-2023 07:30 PM

I will have to get some wraps!

I didn't. It was a pre prepared pot (reduced section!) So already sliced!
They wolfed them down! Didn't touch the sides XD
They can't have fruit often because of the sugar content. So it's a special treat!

Yep! Though apparently valentines is slightly easier because it's pretty much just tables of 2 in the restaurant.
Still can't be dealing with it though tbh!

Well, it is McDonald's. So probably not a lot of chicken in them XD

Zurg 14-02-2023 08:34 PM

Yiiieeehhhaaawww!!!! Valentines day!! A perfect excuse for eating vast amounts of cheap, delish chocolate, giving yourself flowers and cuddle whomever and whatever you wish (as long as they are okay. Findus wasn't okay with extra cuddles until i spiced them up with extra treats!!!<3)

Incidently, i spent most of the romantic day taking naps… But i Think i'm allowed!!! I asked the adult in the House (yep, that's me!!) and i Said it was okay :D

Cacoethes 14-02-2023 09:42 PM

You are definitely allowed!
I had some reluctant (on their part) cuddles with the boys!

I had glow beatz and we all got a full pack of love heart sweets for valentines day!

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 08:52 AM

Morning everyone

Zurg 15-02-2023 10:23 AM

Morning Beckie :)
How are you???

It is so foggy and glum outside that i struggled to remember what day it is today. I felt my brain capacity maxed out to recall that it is wednesday…

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 10:27 AM

I am...on the verge of some sort of inexplicable breakdown.
Alas, I have work today so no time for a breakdown..

It was super foggy here yesterday. Crossing roads was a nightmare!
I never know what day it is. I just know what I'm doing for the day and go by that.

Any plans for today?

tamobhuuta 15-02-2023 11:15 AM

Hi Zurg. Are you up to anything today?

Is there someone you can call Cacoethes?

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 11:24 AM

I'm not sure.
I'll probably just rant at my colleagues all shift.

A MASSIVE bee just hit my window.

How are you tamo?

Zurg 15-02-2023 11:52 AM

Maybe cuddle the piggies a little extra after your shift and treat yourself to a nice coffee, Beckie??? Do you know what the feeling is about and where it comes from??

Hi Tamo :)
I'm just trying to keep a wee bit busy so i won't pay too much attention to the demons of depression today. I just finished cleaning Findus' litterbox. What are you doing today??

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 11:57 AM

That's a good idea.
Nah. Shits been building up for a while.
Just getting to a point where I'm unable to deal with it!

Depression sucks. I prescribe bunny cuddles!

tamobhuuta 15-02-2023 12:44 PM

I'm feeling a bit vulnerable too tbh. Waiting for a phone call from my GP to sort out meds and some physical stuff.

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 01:21 PM

I've been here for 20 mins and already seriously considering going home!
It's busy for some reason

tamobhuuta 15-02-2023 01:23 PM

Can you talk to your boss about finishing early?

tamobhuuta 15-02-2023 01:49 PM

Spoke to a locum GP. He was very helpful. He's going to talk to the psych ward about the millions of ECGs they did during my admission. to my regular GP about giving me olanzapine, and to the neurologist about my spasms and tingles - even though the neurologist said to me it wasn't their problem lol.

one_step_closer 15-02-2023 02:42 PM

Hi everyone.

I hope things don't get worse for you, Beckie. I hope you can pull through this and get some support if needed.

I hope you can ward off those horrible feelings, Kat. Keep busy if it helps, if you can find millions of things to do!

I'm glad the GP was helpful, Tamo. How are you feeling now?

Zurg 15-02-2023 03:19 PM

Hi Lindsay :)

I went for a walk. First time in what feels like years that i could take a walk without something starting to hurt/ache. So i felt optimistic when i Got back home and decided to put up some shelves that i bought a while ago. For the first time ever i was going to use a drill that is all MINE!!!!! Totally by myself and unsupervised. And now i am a bit pissed at everyone who let me believe that drilling a hole in a wall requires divine abilities >:( It's actually really easy!!! Damn you, liars and non-believers!!!

I hope they'll let you go home early if you need it, Beckie. Some days it's just better to look after yourself rather than powering through everything.

I'm glad the phonecall Got things sorted, Tamo.

Are you up to any shenanigans today, Lindsay???

tamobhuuta 15-02-2023 03:52 PM

I'm doing ok thanks osc, continuing with the Harry Potter films. I'm on Deathly Hallows part 1. How are you?

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 05:20 PM

I've calmed down a bit.
My friend is being sent home early but asked how i was feeling because she could take over for me if i wanted and i could go home. Which is so so lovely of her. But I'm gonna stay. Because money. And its calmed down now.

one_step_closer 15-02-2023 05:57 PM

You've been having great successes, Kat! Well done for your use of a drill, in some cases it does go wrong so you are a winner! What are you going to put on the shelves?

Do you enjoy the HP films no matter how much you watch them, Tamo?

I'm glad you've calmed down a bit, Beckie. I really hope you feel much better when you get home.

I was planning on phoning Duty but didn't. Don't know if I ever will. It's too hard and probably pointless. Washed my hair and put the bin out and other little things that I usually do.

tamobhuuta 15-02-2023 07:08 PM

I complain about them a lot but yes I enjoy them every time!

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 07:59 PM

I am home. But leaving for glow beatz in a bit.

Zurg 15-02-2023 08:33 PM

I Got immensely tired after dinner so i had a nap. That was a good decision. Actually, in almost every case a nap Will turn out to be a good decision :D
Now i'm having a coffee and some ginger candy that i sometimes buy in the local Asian food store. They are a bit spicy but i am all out of candy and i'll rather have spicy candy than no candy at all!!!

Beckie, slow down!!! Or you'll be forced to borrow (and care for!!!) my giant african landsnail snailzilla. She/he is so zen, everything takes its times. So cute and squishy too. Also a bit slimey. I love that weird, wee creature <3

On my wish list, i have the first 6 Harry Potter movies. They keep repeating them on tv and every time i get annoyed that i don't have them myself. It really pees me off to watch films on tv channels that have constant commercial breaks every 15 minutes >:(

Lindsay, Well done on the hair washing. Don't feel defeated about not calling, you may very Well have the strength and courage tomorrow <3

Cacoethes 15-02-2023 09:52 PM

Love the sound of a zen snail!

I have all the harry potter movies on amazon. I watch them regularly!

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 08:27 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 16-02-2023 10:12 AM

Hi Cacoethes. I'm up an hour early because I misread my watch. Seems a bit silly to go back to bed when I'm this awake. How are you?

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 10:26 AM

If you're awake then may as well get up!
I'm ok. Just about to start 2nd pilates class.


tamobhuuta 16-02-2023 10:45 AM

I'm ok. Having breakfast slowly - crumpets with chocolate spread, my usual breakfast. Then tea, then prayers, then today is hair wash day.

Zurg 16-02-2023 11:46 AM

Hi Tamo and Beckie :)

I've been to the grocery store just now. A storm called Otto is due to hit Denmark tomorrow so i figured i'd better prepare. When an Otto threathens to blow you over, you know **** just Got serious!!!
Doing laundry this afternoon.
Does England too name its Storms????

tamobhuuta 16-02-2023 11:57 AM

I think we've started to recently but our storms aren't as exciting as other countries'.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 12:14 PM

Sounds good tamo!

We do name our storms.
If memory serves, it's usually traditionally female names. And potentially in alphabetical order? Though I might have made that up. *goes to google*

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 12:17 PM

Ok so apparently we started naming storms in 2015 and the 3 metereological agencies ask the public for their favourite names. And they are indeed traditionally female names and in alphabetical order.

one_step_closer 16-02-2023 01:07 PM

Storm Otto is coming here tomorrow from 3am to 3pm but the times say differently on different places. Just meant to be strong winds and maybe rain.

Everyone wear concrete shoes so you don't get blown away.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 01:14 PM

At least it's not today. Otherwise there would be bins everywhere!

one_step_closer 16-02-2023 01:28 PM

Bins might fall over even if they're back where they are stored. Especially the one(s) that were emptied today. Do you have a secure place to keep them upright?

Zurg 16-02-2023 02:53 PM

I've secured stuff on my balcony :)
It's going to reach storm strength and hurricane forces here. And i don't even live in any of the parts of Denmark where it'll be totally crazy.
I'm wary of Storms. I don't trust them. In my old flat, back in 2015, Gorm the storm tore off the roof of our block with massive water damage to follow. Several of the other blocks were the same. I think close to 500 flats were affected. Some of them Got so badly damaged that people couldn't live there for a while. It took them nearly two years to fix it.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 03:24 PM

My bins live out in the open, but it's still sheltered from the wind so they don't fall over luckily!

Ooof! That sounds terrifying!
A girl died one year because she got hit by some falling debris. But generally the storms here are pretty tame.
I even got a plane to venice in one! It took about 5 hours to get to Gatwick as the trains were messed up (Usually about 1 hr 40) But plane was oddly fine!

one_step_closer 16-02-2023 03:35 PM

I hope it doesn't cause any damage etc for you, Kat.

I'm glad you have a sheltered place to put your bins, Beckie.

How are your days going?

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 04:40 PM

Not bad!
Just cleaned out the boys and am now chilling before taekwondo.
I picked a couple of bowlfuls of grass for them, they LOVED it! Basically inhaled it XD

How's your day going?

tamobhuuta 16-02-2023 05:07 PM

I didn't know anywhere in Europe got storms that bad! Shows how much attention I pay.

I had a chilli hot chocolate, it was nom.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 05:38 PM

Sounds good
I had a hot chocolate earlier. Normal one though

one_step_closer 16-02-2023 05:54 PM

Don't they pretty much love any kind of food you give them, Beckie? Grass is free, win!

I don't know if I'd like chilli hot chocolate. My go to hot chocolate is white chocolate.

one_step_closer 16-02-2023 05:58 PM

I think Crookshanks has just farted. It smells wonderful!

Has anyone noticed their pets farting?

Lovely topic.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 06:00 PM

Sadly not!
Celery, courgette and mangetout are a no.
And they only eat peppers *sometimes*. Which is annoying as it's one of the few things they can have daily and has a good vitamin c content!
Herbs are their favourite things.

I seem to remember that the aztecs (who invented chocolate) used to make it with chilli. I had some at Cadbury world and you can't taste the chilli.

Haha! Guinea pigs don't fart a lot.

one_step_closer 16-02-2023 06:07 PM

Celery would be a no for me too!

Guinea pig farts would probably go unnoticed because they're tiny.

I'm waiting on the low down on Kat's zoo to see which of her animals fart noticeably!

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 06:24 PM

Yep me too! Bleugh!
I will eat cooked celery though, like in a soup.

Their sneezes are loud though! But also adorable

tamobhuuta 16-02-2023 06:42 PM

The chilli just makes it more warm and tingly.

I never really noticed our cats farting!

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