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Cacoethes 13-11-2022 02:55 PM

Very tasty!

Sorry to hear that lindsay. I hope your day improves!

Not much!
Doing some washing, watching doctor who, trying to figure out what deliveries are coming when!
Having payday and black Friday and singles day fall on the same day is not good for the old bank balance!

one_step_closer 13-11-2022 02:59 PM

Thanks. I'll really need to go to Asda!

I got an email from Shein about singles day but I've never even heard of singles day. Is it a new thing? I don't think I've bought anything in any of the deal days. Have you got lots more deliveries to come? Washing is a good thing to get done. I've changed my bedding and done a washing. Are you still enjoying Doctor Who? It's still nothing I'm thinking of watching!

Cacoethes 13-11-2022 03:06 PM

I'd never heard of singles day either!
So it's most likely either new or something else we've randomly adopted from the US or another country!
Yep quite a few more deliveries to come! :ermm:
From schuh, boohoo, kavee, very, under armour and the ncfc shop....
I think that's everything! Had literally 6 big boxes from amazon yesterday!

Well done! I need to change my bedding too actually!
Yep still enjoying it!

nonperson 13-11-2022 03:06 PM

I was just about to ask what on earth singles day is too... Valentine's Day for lonely folks?

Cacoethes 13-11-2022 03:16 PM

I've just had a Google and apparently it is basically a counter to valentine's day and originated in china!
Because the date is 11/11
So all singles!

I'm considering getting a dominoes tonight
According to the app, i haven't had one in over 5 months!

nonperson 13-11-2022 03:21 PM

Oh that makes sense. Are there special valentine's Day discounts though? Or are these ones just pity discounts for single people? =/

I was looking at Papa John's pizzas yesterday. Yum.

Cacoethes 13-11-2022 03:32 PM

I'm not sure! I don't think I've ever been in a relationship long enough to celebrate valentines day! Lol!
I'll take a pity discount though!

We're getting a papa johns here soon!
Is a bit much as we already have dominos plus several more independent pizza places! And we are a very small town!
I do prefer papa johns to domino's though!

nonperson 13-11-2022 03:51 PM

I first had Papa John's in America and it was amazing. The UK version wasn't quite as good when I had it... but I wouldn't say no to it or a Domino's.

Cacoethes 13-11-2022 03:54 PM

Ah that's a shame!

I occasionally like to watch Americans and Brits argue on Quora about whose food is better.
Read one this morning about 'american cheese'
As in, the plastic cheese.

tamobhuuta 13-11-2022 03:59 PM

I'm doing well at behaving myself :)

one_step_closer 13-11-2022 05:35 PM

Great stuff, Tamo. It's not behaving yourself though it's looking after yourself. Keep it up! I'm proud of you and hope you are proud too.

I've ordered another sausage supper, already had one this week. I'm struggling to cook now because I suck at using the air fryer and I don't want to use the oven because of all the energy it takes and I don't have microwave stuff in the house and I'm sick of salad. It was better when I didn't have an air fryer and just used the oven and microwave.

Cacoethes 13-11-2022 06:05 PM

In what way do you suck at using the air fryer?
Does the oven really take that much energy?
I would have thought that running the oven would be cheaper than ordering in!
But anyway! A sausage supper sounds nice!
I had my domino's!

not_so_insig 13-11-2022 08:30 PM

Hello all.

Cacoethes 14-11-2022 08:57 AM

Morning everyone!
I had a weird dream. Jenna was in it

not_so_insig 14-11-2022 01:35 PM

Afternoon all. I slept really soundly as I didnt hear the postman putting my new but secondhand dvd through my letterbox. I just gotta test it now before leaving feedback on ebay.

tamobhuuta 14-11-2022 02:20 PM

How was the dvd?

How are you Cacoethes?

one_step_closer 14-11-2022 02:45 PM

Hey everyone.

I always forget to check second hand dvds. It's worse when it's a box set you haven't seen then I don't do that because I'll spoil it but have sometimes had problems with the dvds later on.

I hope Jenna was behaving in your dream, Beckie. I don't want her causing havoc in your dream world.

How are you Beckie and Tamo?

not_so_insig 14-11-2022 04:11 PM

Tamobhuuta I havent checked the dvd.

Lindsay I don't tend to watch the entire dvd just an extra or if it's a TV series the first ten minutes of the first episode. If there's more than 1 disc then I play them all. I think I should be ok with this dvd as the seller had 100% positive feedback so I doubt that he would sell dodgy dvds unlike places like Music magpie. But I am making sure just in case.

not_so_insig 14-11-2022 04:46 PM

Ok have tested the dvd by playing the first ten minutes plus the trailer. It's a film so I doubt that I can sit here for 90 minutes. Plus I have seen it many years ago and it made me cry so I am not in the mood for tears.

tamobhuuta 14-11-2022 05:07 PM

Did it work?

I had a meeting with the ward manager that made me cry.

not_so_insig 14-11-2022 05:10 PM

Oh I am sorry that you are crying tamobhuuta. Yes the dvd worked ok so I have left positive feedback.

Cacoethes 14-11-2022 05:37 PM

Hey guys!

one_step_closer 14-11-2022 05:58 PM

How are you now, Tamo? I hope you're ok.

I'm glad the dvd worked, Dawn.

Hi Beckie, were you working today?

Cacoethes 14-11-2022 06:13 PM

Yep i was!
Was quite busy for a Monday!

Have you been up to much today?

tamobhuuta 14-11-2022 07:37 PM

I'm feeling better now thank you.

Cacoethes 15-11-2022 08:29 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 15-11-2022 11:00 AM

Morning Beckie.
How are you??

I've just made a cup of cocoa. It's obviously that sort of day. Storm is going to hit us tomorrow (we're kindly taking over your used one!!) and last almost 3 days. Bummer!!! No bike riding for me. Gotta take the bus. Outrageous!!! XD

Cacoethes 15-11-2022 11:09 AM

Hey zurg!
I'm ok thanks!

Oh nooo! Sounds grim!
It's very grey and drizzly here today

tamobhuuta 15-11-2022 02:38 PM

Heavy rain keeps coming and going here. I don't have any cocoa :(

Cacoethes 15-11-2022 02:50 PM

Rain has just stopped! But i imagine it will be back!

not_so_insig 15-11-2022 03:36 PM

It's not raining here. In fact it's sunny.

I am getting ready to go to the city centre. I have some stuff I want to drop off at the charity shop and also I have something to post to Lorraine. Been promising it for 6 months lol.

Cacoethes 15-11-2022 03:59 PM

Sunny here now!
How random

not_so_insig 15-11-2022 05:46 PM

I am home. I went to the charity shop, the post office, the tourist information centre and caffe nero. Busy day!

Zurg 15-11-2022 06:06 PM

I'm sorry you lack cocoa, Tamo :(
Does your family take wishes on what to bring along when they visit you?? A nice cup of cocoa seems a rather minor and easily granted wish :) everyone should be able to have a cocoa at this time of year!!!

You've been busy, Dawn!!! Time to relax now, hopefully :)

Hope you're somewhere dry and warm, Beckie :)

I did laundry and tried to relax with a bit of gaming after, but Findus would have none of it and continued to bite and scratch my comfy chair until i turned off the laptop >:(
This is why we can't have nice things!!!!

one_step_closer 15-11-2022 06:17 PM

Hi everyone. I have read but can't get my brain to sort things out to reply to you all so I'll just say I hope you're having a good evening. I've asked this before, are you at a different time Kat?

Cacoethes 15-11-2022 07:06 PM

Dry and warm now!
Been a bit all over the place today lol!
Going out again in a bit! Gotta wolf down some dinner first though
Running a bit late because i literally spent 20 minutes chatting about random stuff to pharmacy lady who i get on really well with! She went to see evenescence! So jealous!

Lindsay i think kat will be an hour ahead. Not 100% on that but I've been to a lot of other European countries and they are usually an hour ahead!

tamobhuuta 15-11-2022 08:17 PM

Zurg, L brought me cocoa :)

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 08:20 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 16-11-2022 10:25 AM

Morning Beckie.

How are you? :)

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 11:16 AM

Hi guys, how are you?

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 12:02 PM

The med students just tried to do a blood test but gave up really easily!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 12:23 PM


Lol med students tend to suck at doing bloods!
And doctors in general tbh.

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 01:25 PM

How are you?

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 01:44 PM

I'm ok thanks!


tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 01:46 PM

I am also ok. Trying to stay occupied so I don't try to abscond.

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 01:56 PM

Good plan! (Staying occupied, not absconding!)

I'm just here to pick up the guinea pigs!
Though i am early and the lady isn't in. She's just on her way home!

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 03:18 PM

How many guinea pigs are you getting?

one_step_closer 16-11-2022 03:35 PM

Guinea Pig pick up day party!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 03:39 PM

I got 2 tamo!
You have to get them at least in pairs because they get lonely and depressed otherwise!
I'm home and they are getting settled! One is in the hay house and one is under a pile of hay! I can hear munching! Lol

one_step_closer 16-11-2022 03:42 PM

Very cute. Now you have 2 more friends.

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