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Cacoethes 08-11-2022 03:12 PM

It's raining again! Ugh!

not_so_insig 08-11-2022 04:09 PM

I have had my tesco shopping order. I have the horrible task of putting everything away now. It's very dull and raining here too.

Cacoethes 08-11-2022 04:17 PM

It's sunny and blue sky here now! XD
British weather is wild

one_step_closer 08-11-2022 05:42 PM

The rain was pelting down here when I went out in the morning but it was fine in the afternoon.

How has everyones day been apart from the changing weather?

tamobhuuta 08-11-2022 06:12 PM

Quiet :) my godmother visited and I did a painting.

Cacoethes 08-11-2022 06:54 PM

Not bad!
Bumped into neighbour and apparently it's going to rain again tonight. I'm not sure where she got that from because there's nothing on the forecast!

not_so_insig 08-11-2022 07:54 PM

Havent done much today Lindsay. I have only put nearly all my tesco shopping away (just have cans to put away) plus washed and dried my hair. Both were effort. But had a frijj milkshake whilst putting the vast majority of my shopping away. Oh and have done the dishes, put the scrap food in the caddy outside when it was raining and changed the litter tray. Today I feel as though I am surviving not living.

tamobhuuta 08-11-2022 09:16 PM

Well done *hugs* if wanted

not_so_insig 08-11-2022 09:23 PM

Thanks tamobhuuta.

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 09:29 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 09-11-2022 10:20 AM

Morning Beckie :)
How are you?

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 10:26 AM

Hey zurg!

I'm ok thanks!

one_step_closer 09-11-2022 01:20 PM

Afternoon everyone. Hi Kat and Beckie, what are you doing today?

My support worker is coming at 1pm to do my review. I never know what to say. They're roughly done every 6 months, how is anyone supposed to answer questions about what has been going on over a whole 6 months?!

tamobhuuta 09-11-2022 01:32 PM

6 months is a long time! I'd write down everything I could remember and hope that was enough...

not_so_insig 09-11-2022 02:07 PM

Hello all. I have been swimming with my dad in a pool. My dad complained the water was freezing but I was ok. The showers were just pure cold water no heat at all.

Zurg 09-11-2022 02:31 PM

I rode my bike to the mental hospital for an afternoon appointment. But they supposedly changed Said appointment without letting me know :(
So had to go back without seeing anyone, was caught in torrential rain, drenched to the skin, almost crashed my bike several times because it was difficult to see and to break and the roads were slippery from rain. I am a tad bit grumpy now to say the least!!!
Just made a cup of hot cocoa to soothe my angry and bitter soul. And i pet my bunny. And hospital secretaries are stupid!!! They have pulled this stunt on me too many times!!!!

I hope you're all a bit more mellow in mood than i am!!

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 02:55 PM

Hey guys!

Hope the review went ok lindsay!

Cold showers are awful! Unless it's very hot!

Oh nooo zurg!
Sounds like you've had an awful day!
Maybe it's worth calling before you set off next time, if they do this kind of thing a lot!

I'm ok! Had pilates. The guy next to me kept looking at me to see how to do the exercises!!! Lol

tamobhuuta 09-11-2022 03:22 PM

I'm in the relaxation room. Imagine a relaxation room in a mental health unit.

It's not that. It's a medium sized room with uncomfortable chairs and sofas. That's it.

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 03:51 PM

Sounds like the lounges in my hospital.
We used to have 'quiet rooms' but they were turned into bedrooms last time i was there!
The sensory room was pretty cool though

one_step_closer 09-11-2022 05:21 PM

You'd be used to the water being colder because of your outdoor swimming, Dawn but cold showers are not good.

What a day, Kat. I hope you're all dry and cosy and doing nice things to make up for it.

So you could teach pilates then, Beckie?!

That relaxation room doesn't sound like it would do its job well, Tamo. It's maybe just meant to be a quiet space away from people but they really should try and make it relaxing.

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 05:44 PM

I probably could teach pilates at this point lindsay!
I have memorised the different colour springs for most of the exercises now lol!

I have had my contraceptive injection! I was in the appointment for literally about 30 seconds! And the appointment was bang on time!
Still annoyed that I had to pay 3.30 for such a short train journey though! (4 mins here)
Oh well. Train home soon!

one_step_closer 09-11-2022 06:16 PM

Public transport sucks sometimes. But at least it's still running at the moment.

not_so_insig 09-11-2022 06:31 PM

Do you not have a disabled person railcard Beckie?

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 06:48 PM

The new bus company barely runs!
Really don't know why stagecoach had to pull out of tne area!
Trains have been very dodgy lately but thankfully i was lucky!

I don't dawn!
I keep meaning to get one but you need like 3 separate letters from 3 different people!
And it's like 20.

not_so_insig 09-11-2022 09:14 PM

You only need a pip letter saying you are receipt of it dated within the past year not 3 different letters from people Beckie. You should get one as you get the train a lot and it will save you a fair bit.

Zurg 09-11-2022 09:43 PM

A relaxation room ith uncomfortable chairs and not much else sounds like a nightmare to me, Tamo :(
If they truly wanted people to relax, they could at least offer some hot chamomile tea with plenty of honey, a guided meditation and some cigarettes for the weird of us who always Associate relaxing time with smoking or vaping. And comfy chairs with blankets!!! And teddy bears!!! And kittens!!!!

I really wanted to relax for the rest of the day but i felt unable to. I forced myself to sit down and watch stupid tv but it didn't feel relaxing at all. I Think i'll give up and go to sleep soon.

Also, i accidentally ran into a pedestrian on my bike on the Way to my cancelled appointment. Oh the horror!!! She was walking on the bicycle path so i rang my bell but didn't correctly anitcipate what direction she would take upon getting away. Not one of my proudest moments o_o
She was okay and apologised a lot for walking on the wrong path and i apologised a lot for running into her. So we spent several seconds blurting out 'i'm so sorry' to eachother…. Awkward

Cacoethes 09-11-2022 10:12 PM

Yeah i probably should dawn!
Just finding 20! That's more than 2 hours wages!

Thaf does sound awkward zurg!
Her fault though!

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 08:33 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 10-11-2022 11:28 AM

Morning :) how are you?

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 11:43 AM

Good thanks! You?

one_step_closer 10-11-2022 01:08 PM

Afternoon everyone. What are your plans for today?

not_so_insig 10-11-2022 01:27 PM

Afternoon all. I am expecting amazon and might go to the park at the bottom of the road depending on what time amazon come.

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 01:28 PM

Hey lindsay!

I had double pilates this morning and went to asda.
Got my taekwando grading this evening!

How about you?

Elmer 10-11-2022 01:39 PM

Beckie, I'm so so sorry but I need to say this:

I think you're spelling taekwondo wrong, and it's been hurting my brain.

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 01:41 PM

Oh noo! Sorry!
I blame my phone's autocorrect XD

Elmer 10-11-2022 01:43 PM

Hahahaha, the best scapegoat :')

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 01:50 PM

Totally! XD
but i shall pay attention now!

one_step_closer 10-11-2022 03:45 PM

Good luck with your grading, Beckie. Are you feeling confident?

I hope you get out for your walk, Dawn.

I went to Tesco and washed my hair. Managed to reply to a pen pal too and finished the book I was reading.

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 03:55 PM

Thank you!
I am! So excited!

Well done!
Did you get anything fun at tesco?

not_so_insig 10-11-2022 03:58 PM

I managed to get around the park and had amazon.

tamobhuuta 10-11-2022 04:02 PM

I read that as you showering at Tesco at first!

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 05:08 PM

I'm getting my guinea pigs on Wednesday!!! :-D
As long as the cage gets here ok on monday!
Anyone had any experience with fedex?

Elmer 10-11-2022 05:23 PM

Beckie, I know that with your mood the way it is, you probably won't listen to me, and this isn't an on topic board so I'm sorry for bringing this here.

Pets are expensive. You've already said that some of your many exercise classes are raising their prices, and you've been going to even more recently. You know my views on that and that's not what I'm talking about here, but I can't in good conscience sit here not saying anything and watch you take on pets that you are in no way financially ready for, and that you are well aware you may leave behind for months at a time if/when you go into hospital again. You know you're manic or well on the way to mania, and you know the drill when you get manic. You've already run out of medication so your mental and physical health could suffer significantly before you can pick up more.

Insurance is expensive, and it rarely covers everything, especially if there's an emergency (which there will be because there always are). What are you going to do if they need treatment or medicine at the end of the month and you have nothing in your account? Your neighbour has said she'll care for them when you're not there, but that's only OK for short periods of time - animals need company and stimulation and they notice when you're not there, and they miss you. Knowingly getting animals that will almost certainly be left in an empty house alone for weeks or months is cruel.

I know that this is probably inappropriate for a lighthearted thread and I'm sorry, but I needed to say something.

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 05:38 PM

I have the money that my mum has for any emergencies!
Genuinely would not be getting pets if i didn't have that backup!
And it's not impulsive cos i asked my letting agent LITERAL months ago!
I do not plan on going into hospital anytime soon!
And either my neighbour or neighbours daughter are in the house 99% of the time so could come over every 10 minutes if needed!
And I'd probably be even LESS likely to go into hospital having pets! Wouldn't be stopping my meds intentionally when i have lives to take care of!
As for the meds, gonna call gp tomorrow and ask them to rush it so i can get them tomorrow!

Elmer 10-11-2022 05:45 PM

I've said my piece and I stand by it but I don't want to derail the thread.

I hope your grading goes well tonight and you enjoy yourself.

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 05:47 PM

Thank you!

one_step_closer 10-11-2022 05:57 PM

I also read it as me showering at Tesco, Tamo, as I was writing it but just left it like that!

I hope you're going to be alright Beckie, think things through and listen to others as well.

Cacoethes 10-11-2022 06:37 PM

Showering at tesco XD

I'm absolutely fine!
I have thought things through!

one_step_closer 10-11-2022 07:16 PM

Showering in supermarkets might just become a thing one day. A Tesco rep could be reading this and thinking it's a great idea!

Pi.R^2 10-11-2022 08:05 PM

The following content has been hidden - Reason : thread derailment
Sorry Beckie but I also have to say that I agree with everything Lio said. Even just regular pet stuff is a chunk of money every month which could be tricky with the cost of living crisis but for example our little Millie has cost us well over a thousand pounds in the last month and also turned our lives upside down in terms of the sudden need for care. It's money and time that we'd never anticipated and we are very comfortable financially but I still sometimes have a panic and think about what our savings were intended for and worry about what will happen if we continue to spend so much money. I'm so sorry to piss on your bonfire and it does rather sound like you're completely set that this is going to work out fine but like Lio, with the experience I have it feels wrong to not say something.

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