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tamobhuuta 03-08-2022 10:22 AM

Hi :) how are you?

one_step_closer 03-08-2022 10:57 AM

Morning Beckie and Tamo. How are you both? Do you have anything planned for today?

tamobhuuta 03-08-2022 11:12 AM

Hi osc! How are you?

I'm ok, just going to do the dishwasher.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 12:13 PM

Hey guys

I'm ok.
I don't really have much planned.
I've been to pilates, asda and pharmacy.
Cpn is coming later

How about you guys?

tamobhuuta 03-08-2022 12:56 PM

I'm ok. I texted my CPN, chasing up some meds, and phoned the clozapine clinic (again) to sort out my next blood test which is VERY important. I'm really hoping they both get back to me this afternoon.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 01:03 PM

Don't they sort the next blood test at your appointments?

tamobhuuta 03-08-2022 01:09 PM

No because that would be sensible.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 01:11 PM

They did that at mine when i was on clozapine
Had no idea it wasn't the usual thing!

not_so_insig 03-08-2022 01:13 PM

Afternoon all. I am wearing an My Little Pony tshirt today. I am off out to my local Cats Protection adoption centre later. Sadly not to adopt a cat but to donate some food. I hope the buses aren't too busy as it is play day in the city centre. I am taking my headphones just in case.

tamobhuuta 03-08-2022 01:30 PM

When the clinic was at L we had to drive there but they phoned me the week before with an appointment and always ran on time so maybe it was worth it. Not here though.

Insig, I want a my little pony t shirt! I hope the buses are OK.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 01:34 PM

Weird how it's different from clinic to clinic!

not_so_insig 03-08-2022 02:39 PM

I have been to the city centre. Fortunately the buses were ok and although there were some kiddies on the bus they were quiet. Didnt use my headphones. I avoided the main bit where the play areas were though.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 02:41 PM

I cba to put my washing away
But i can't not do it because it will annoy me

not_so_insig 03-08-2022 03:32 PM

Maybe do a bit at a time Beckie?

I have put my chicken in the air fryer now. Should take about an hour to cook. Still have to do the veggies though.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 04:27 PM

I have done it!
I did think of doing a bit at a time because there was loads. But thought it would be better just to get it over and done with

Sounds good Dawn!

not_so_insig 03-08-2022 04:35 PM

Well done Beckie.

My chicken is looking good. I have the veggies cooking now so it shouldn't be too long until I eat it.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 05:00 PM

Thanks :)

Sounds lovely
Your air fryer sounds really useful!

one_step_closer 03-08-2022 05:31 PM

You all seem to have been busy. Did you get on ok with your CPN, Beckie.

I went to the walking group and it was just me and the worker. There are only two other people who go but often they don't come for reasons.

I've got lots to do in and out of the house tomorrow so I need to be up early enough to make it not feel too overwhelming. And I want to get up early anyway so that would be great if I could do that.

What are you all doing with your evening?

I thought air fryers were really small. They're good because they save heating up a whole oven.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 05:37 PM

Cpn was meh
She tried

Well done for going to the walking group lindsay

Good luck with getting up early
I know it can be a struggle

I'm watching handmaid's tale
That's all
Thought about booking pilates for tomorrow morning but I'm doing taekwando and beatz in the evening so probably shouldn't do too much

one_step_closer 03-08-2022 05:46 PM

Do you know what you wanted to happen with your CPN?


Keep doing what you can but don't push yourself too much.

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 05:49 PM

Never do
She listened which is good though
And didn't freak out like my last cpn
She did her best
I think I'm just difficult

Yeah I'm trying to slow down

tamobhuuta 03-08-2022 05:58 PM

I have a clozapine clinic appointment :)

Cacoethes 03-08-2022 06:01 PM

That's good

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 08:04 AM

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 04-08-2022 10:33 AM

Good morning. How are you?

The police are just picking up my sister because she went off to do naughty things.

not_so_insig 04-08-2022 10:48 AM

Morning all. I am wearing my Button Moon tshirt today. I have my hearing voices group today too.

tamobhuuta 04-08-2022 11:14 AM

I hope the group is helpful insig.

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 11:33 AM

Sorry to hear about your sister tamo
I hope she's ok

I'm ok thanks
Just been to vape shop and asda
That's all i need to do until taekwando and beatz later

one_step_closer 04-08-2022 02:28 PM

I hope your sister is ok Tamo.

Do you have lots of childhood TV t-shirts Dawn? I hope the hearing voices group goes well.

Did you get a tasty flavour for your vape, Beckie?

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 03:02 PM

I have a nice berry flavour one!
Like a mixture of berries. It's nice!

Have you been up to much today?

not_so_insig 04-08-2022 03:42 PM

I dont have a lot of childhood tshirts but I do have a lot of TV themed tshirts. I recently discovered a website with a lot of retro stuff. That's where my recent tshirts plus my My Little Pony handbag came from.

one_step_closer 04-08-2022 04:37 PM

Sounds nice Beckie, I really like most of the smells but I will not start vaping! How is your day going?

Today I just washed my hair and did a wash and put the dry stuff away. Hopefully will get up earlier tomorrow so I can do the other things I was supposed to do today.

What website do you use, Dawn? If you don't mind me asking. Truffleshuffle is good for retro stuff.

not_so_insig 04-08-2022 05:20 PM

Truffle shuffle is what I use too (today's tshirt came from there) or teepublic.

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 06:20 PM

My day is ok thanks
Just had taekwando and i did really well!
It turns out that for our grading, we also have to do 20 straight jumps, 20 sit ups and 20 press ups.
I can do the first 2 but i have NEVER been able to do a press up in my life!
Time to start practicing i guess XD
Will leave for beatz in about an hour
Then need to shower

Sounds like you've been productive today lindsay!

nonperson 04-08-2022 08:36 PM

Start practising press ups with your knees on the floor. Makes it a bit easier to build your strength up in your arms.

Edit: and I just saw you mentioned that in your r/v so ignore my comment!

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 08:53 PM

Thanks anyway!

How are you np?

nonperson 04-08-2022 09:15 PM

Tired and overworked =/

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 09:32 PM

You work waaaay too much!

nonperson 04-08-2022 09:33 PM

Yes, my boss said something along those lines today too =/

Cacoethes 04-08-2022 09:37 PM

Have you got any time off booked?
You don't want to burn out!

nonperson 04-08-2022 10:43 PM

Yeah, a week in September and a few odd days.

Cacoethes 05-08-2022 07:39 AM

Not too long to wait then!

Morning everyone!

one_step_closer 05-08-2022 01:19 PM

Afternoon Beckie. You've been up for ages! How is your day going?

Where is everyone hiding?

not_so_insig 05-08-2022 03:09 PM

Afternoon all. I have been asleep for ages hence why I haven't responded. Took both sets of prn last night.

Cacoethes 05-08-2022 03:15 PM


I am at work.
On break for another 15 mins

one_step_closer 05-08-2022 04:55 PM

Did you sleep well Dawn?

Hope work is going/has gone ok, Beckie.

Cacoethes 05-08-2022 05:02 PM

It was fine thanks Lindsay
Was on bar with some good people!
And had some delicious salmon on my break
Got to finish early :-D

one_step_closer 05-08-2022 05:13 PM

Sounds like a good shift. I've never had salmon. Have you got any classes on this evening?

Cacoethes 05-08-2022 05:29 PM

It was a good shift
Salmon is lovely! I like it anyway!
No, no classes!
Fridays are really dead for exercise classes!
Literally nothing on that i can find!

Have you been up to much today?

nonperson 05-08-2022 07:17 PM

Mmmm salmon. Craving some now.

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