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one_step_closer 13-10-2019 01:16 PM

Was the latte ok Beckie?

Have you been seen yet Lillie?

Message from a cat: sdza. (whatever that means).

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 01:20 PM

Yes it was nice thanks

That's ridiculous Lillie
Hope you get seen soon

Haha lindsay!
Tell your cats I said hi :p

one_step_closer 13-10-2019 02:18 PM

I'll have to wait until they wake up Beckie.

Are you getting up to much?

chinahorse 13-10-2019 02:26 PM

Why are train stations always windy?

tamobhuuta 13-10-2019 02:35 PM

Where are you going china?

chinahorse 13-10-2019 02:38 PM

Half way home. To wait over an hour for a bus to go the rest of the way.

tamobhuuta 13-10-2019 03:12 PM

That sucks!

one_step_closer 13-10-2019 05:27 PM

How are you all this evening?

tamobhuuta 13-10-2019 05:50 PM

I am ok. Sleepy but not anxious which is nice. How are you?

chinahorse 13-10-2019 06:05 PM

Just home. And harry potter is on.

tamobhuuta 13-10-2019 06:09 PM

Ooo do I watch Friends or Harry Potter?

chinahorse 13-10-2019 06:13 PM

Harry potter!!

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 06:54 PM

Definitely Harry Potter!
We are watching it
I was in bed but I heard the music and was straight into the lounge!

nonperson 13-10-2019 07:08 PM

I'm watching it too. =)

Gilderoy Lockhart is so awful but so great.

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 07:09 PM

I agree!

nonperson 13-10-2019 07:13 PM

The film version of him is so perfect.

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 07:34 PM

It is!
Love to hate him

chinahorse 13-10-2019 09:04 PM

Aaand back to nothing on tele

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 09:12 PM

We are watching something about Ed Sheeran
It is boring

chinahorse 13-10-2019 09:13 PM

Me too. Had no idea he was my age.

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 09:27 PM

I didn't know that either

chinahorse 13-10-2019 09:52 PM

It's making me remember good songs though.

chinahorse 13-10-2019 09:57 PM

And I'm 99% sure that his song The A Team has a cup in it of the company I used to work for.

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 09:57 PM

Yes there are some good songs!

That's interesting Lillie!

Just want to go to bed but not really tired yet

chinahorse 13-10-2019 09:59 PM

Same with going to bed beckie.

Cacoethes 13-10-2019 10:03 PM

It's so frustrating!

chinahorse 14-10-2019 08:35 AM

Hope ypu got some sleep beckie.

Morning all.

I got 3 hours sleep and my cat is a dick by waking me up and insisting I feed him.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 09:24 AM

I eventually got to sleep!

3 hours is not enough Lillie!
Naughty cat

chinahorse 14-10-2019 09:24 AM

Yay for sleep.

Cat is now asleep on me. Grrr.

tamobhuuta 14-10-2019 09:28 AM

Morning guys. Glad you got (some) sleep...

chinahorse 14-10-2019 09:32 AM

Hey tamo.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 12:15 PM

Oh no! You cant move a sleeping cat!

Morning tamo

not_so_insig 14-10-2019 12:27 PM

It's afternoon Beckie!

Afternoon all

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 12:28 PM

Losing track of time!

tamobhuuta 14-10-2019 12:36 PM

Hello everybody. What are you doing this afternoon?

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 12:44 PM

I am doing nothing
Just had ward round
The doctor is so nice it's impossible to hate her even when she's being frustrating!

chinahorse 14-10-2019 12:50 PM

That itself sounds frustrating beckie!

I'm doing nothing. Sort of did some crochet. Have the tele on but not really watching it.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 01:02 PM

It is!

Are you crocheting anything in particular?

chinahorse 14-10-2019 01:35 PM

I can only crochet blankets I'm afraid.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 01:40 PM

Blankets are good!!

one_step_closer 14-10-2019 02:09 PM

Crochet is cool. I can't crochet anything.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 02:11 PM

Neither can I

one_step_closer 14-10-2019 02:12 PM

Or knit, or cross stitch, or any thready thing!

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 02:16 PM

Yep me neither!

I am so bored
And it is pouring down!

one_step_closer 14-10-2019 02:20 PM

What is there for you to do Beckie?

It's dry here, just cold.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 02:27 PM

Nothing except watch TV!
Things have been a bit mental today because the CCG were coming round to check up on the ward
There's been no groups apart from cooking lunch

not_so_insig 14-10-2019 02:34 PM

The sky has gone very dark.

I got out my record player before. Found a DS game in the cupboard where the record player lives so put that in the cabinet where the other ds games are and the ps2 games also live.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 02:47 PM

It's stopped pouring and it's light rain now
Thank goodness I'm not a smoker anymore!

one_step_closer 14-10-2019 04:22 PM

Don't you like getting soggy Beckie? :tongue2: I don't actually mind the rain. Although a car went through a huge puddle and soaked me yesterday, despite every other car managing to pass without soaking me.

You sound very organised Dawn.

Cacoethes 14-10-2019 04:27 PM

I don't particularly like getting wet!
That was very mean of them!
Hate it when that happens!

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