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Eska 27-08-2019 08:26 AM

Hey Beckie, how's it going?

Stellata 27-08-2019 08:27 AM

Morning all.

chinahorse 27-08-2019 08:27 AM


Eska 27-08-2019 08:30 AM

Hey, how are you both? Did you sleep well?

Stellata 27-08-2019 08:32 AM

I slept fairly well, thanks. How about you?

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 08:37 AM

It's too hoootttt!!!

Stellata 27-08-2019 08:43 AM

I know... Cooler tomorrow at least.

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 08:53 AM

Thank goodness!
Need some cooler weather

Stellata 27-08-2019 08:57 AM

Absolutely. I'm back at 'work' today so.

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 09:15 AM

Hope it goes well

nonperson 27-08-2019 10:06 AM


I'm back at work too so can't hide from the heat at all...

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 10:16 AM

Oh no!
Make sure you keep hydrated!

tamobhuuta 27-08-2019 11:33 AM

I'm pleased that my bedroom is on the ground floor, far cooler than at home.

Sending sympathy to those at work today x

not_so_insig 27-08-2019 01:36 PM

Afternoon all.

tamobhuuta 27-08-2019 02:28 PM

Hi insig, how are you?

one_step_closer 27-08-2019 02:53 PM

Hey everyone.

nonperson 27-08-2019 03:10 PM

I'm dying, literally dying, I can't go on in this heat!! *collapses dramatically*

one_step_closer 27-08-2019 03:14 PM

Oh dear. Would it help if I followed you around with a fan?

nonperson 27-08-2019 05:00 PM

I'm not actually sure!

Anyway I didn't die after all and have decided to come home at a normal time instead of doing the extra work I do most evenings...

Hopefully that's it for stupidly hot weather now. Roll on autumn.

chinahorse 27-08-2019 05:32 PM

Hey guys. How is everyone? I'm a spare part waiting at work for my lift. Can't wait until I can drive!

tamobhuuta 27-08-2019 05:47 PM

We've got beautiful weather here AND it's cooler than at home. Been inside mostly though. Went for Mass but the priest was ill.

one_step_closer 27-08-2019 06:26 PM

Yay for coming home at a normal time NP!

How are you getting on with your driving lessons Lillie?

Are you having a nice holiday so far Tamo?

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 06:50 PM

Hey guys
Just had a full on monsoon here!

chinahorse 27-08-2019 07:09 PM

Only abut 20 days until my test now.

Oh sorry the priest was ill tamo. Can ypu do some individual prayer?

Woohoo for rain!

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 07:13 PM

Do you feel prepared Lillie?

Yes and luckily I didn't get caught in the worst of it!

chinahorse 27-08-2019 07:20 PM

That's good beckie.

Erm sort of. If I fail it'll be on manoeuvres.

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 07:26 PM

I'll have everything crossed for you!

Stellata 27-08-2019 07:29 PM

They said I could finish early today. I did. I was feeling unwell with the heat. I still don't feel great at home, but.

chinahorse 27-08-2019 08:33 PM

Thanks Beckie :)

Sorry to hear that Katie.

not_so_insig 27-08-2019 08:36 PM

I am boiling. No rain here though it was forecast.

Stellata 27-08-2019 08:38 PM

Thanks Lillie.

It is indeed too hot, Dawn. Rain due tomorrow again though...

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 08:39 PM

Hope you feel better soon Katie

We seemed to have missed the torrential rain that everywhere else around here had!

I had sausage and chips and now haagen dazs strawberry cheesecake ice cream!
Slimming world went well

Stellata 27-08-2019 08:40 PM

Thanks Beckie.

That sounds like a nice dinner. Glad Slimming World went well.

chinahorse 27-08-2019 08:57 PM

MMMM ice cream is ace.

No rain here either,

Cacoethes 27-08-2019 09:00 PM

It was yummy!
Sooo full now

chinahorse 27-08-2019 09:37 PM

Id rather be full of ice cream than rice cakes!

nonperson 27-08-2019 09:49 PM

I want to try the white chocolate and cookies Magnum icecream that I keep seeing adverts for.

chinahorse 28-08-2019 07:55 AM

Morning everyone. Hope you have a good day.

Cacoethes 28-08-2019 08:15 AM

Hope you have a good day too Lillie!

chinahorse 28-08-2019 08:26 AM


Ypu up to much today?

Cacoethes 28-08-2019 08:28 AM

Meeting my CC at the pool for a coffee and then I'll go swimming

How about you?

EyelinerAndCigarettes 28-08-2019 08:57 AM

Morning everyone.

Pool and coffee sounds good!

Today I have women's group where we sit around and drink coffee, then I'm seeing my support worker for even more coffee! yay for caffeine

Cacoethes 28-08-2019 09:00 AM


Hope you have a good day drinking lots of coffee!

EyelinerAndCigarettes 28-08-2019 09:04 AM

Thank you - I'm sure I will haha

chinahorse 28-08-2019 09:12 AM

Sounds good beckie.

And lots of coffee eyeliner.

I've managed to shower and wash my hair the first time this week so go me. I have a driving lesson and then need to go walk my mums dogs and clean hers.

EyelinerAndCigarettes 28-08-2019 09:17 AM

Well done on the shower and hair washing and good luck with the driving lesson, I hope it goes well :)

Cacoethes 28-08-2019 09:28 AM

Well done Lillie
Hope all goes well today!

Stellata 28-08-2019 10:01 AM

Morning everyone.
Just Asda for me today!

Cacoethes 28-08-2019 10:06 AM

Morning Katie
I will also be going to asda!

Stellata 28-08-2019 10:13 AM

Hi Beckie. Yay for Asda day!

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