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xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 01:14 AM

-breaks out finding unfinderable people tools and starts looking-

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 01:18 AM

i be like sherlock homes

frenchhorn 05-05-2010 01:22 AM

ooo, I like sherlock holmes Owen, infact I like a lot of detective programmes, especially Miss Marple and Poirot

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 01:38 AM

-paces around-

Doikers 05-05-2010 09:32 AM

*Hugs Crimson*
*Hugs Oliver*
*Hugs Helen*,
*Hugs Julie*
*Hugs Kat*
*Hugs Tineke*
*Hugs Nicole*
*Hugs April*
*Waves towrds Owen*
*Hugs Laura*
*hugs Shadowedsoul*
*Hugs Hayley*
*Hugs JK*
*Hugs Kahlia*
*Hugs everyone he has probably forgotten (Sorry if I forgot you)*

I'm sorry to read so many of you are struggling,I wish I could help y'all more . I'm tired , waiting for my coffee to cool , today we deal with the energy company *Is anxious*

frenchhorn 05-05-2010 09:39 AM

*shakes in corner*

Doikers 05-05-2010 09:44 AM

*Hugs Oliver to help him stop shaking*

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 09:50 AM

*hugs my knees and rocks back and forth*

Kahlia1981 05-05-2010 09:51 AM

*hugs everyone with the usual addendum*

The monitor still isn't here. That means they didn't send it Thursday or Friday. That means they broke their verbal agreement. This also means I have a $2500.00 brick sitting in my living room. Not happy Jan. This company will pay.

Mood really isn't good and followed closely by dangerous (SI and su) thoughts. I just want all of this to be over.

Sorry for the lack of individual replies. :( Me bad.

*leaves hugs for those that want them and support packages for those that need them then crawls off to find a dark hole in to attempt to disappear*

Kahlia1981 05-05-2010 09:52 AM

Julie: Are you okay hun? Is there anything I can do to help?

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 09:53 AM

wow *sniffles*exspenvie brick

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 09:54 AM

*shakes head* i ok if i tell u u might think i'm stupid

frenchhorn 05-05-2010 09:56 AM

*cuddles Kahlia* I'm sorry your monitor still hasn't arrived that really sucks

*hugs Julie* no one will think your stupid

*hugs Mark* good luck with the energy company

Doikers 05-05-2010 09:57 AM

*Hugs Julie*
*Hugs Kahlia* I'm sorry your moniter didn't arrive yet , I hope it comes soon :S

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 10:00 AM

julie's daddy hit her... he hasnt in ages...
i didnt think he coz she adulty
but he did and he very scary and he yelled lots so now we is hiding in julies room julie is crying

lynx 05-05-2010 10:07 AM

*Hugs April, Oliver, Owen and angelic monster (sorry don't know your name)*

Woke up thinking something was crawling over me :-( Migraine now.

Hopefully I'll do well at work in a while. By the way, April, I didn't do the exam, Tom did.

He called me at 8 in the morning to ask me who Turnus, Lavinia and Latinus were and what their role was in the Aeneid. I had to look a few things up like who Latinus's wife was (Amara), and why Turnus thought he had the right to claim Lavinia. At 8.45 I called him again to wish him luck and he asked me: "Can you recite to me what happened in books 7 and 8?"

Liek whut :o

I hope he'll do well...

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 10:08 AM

-tenses shoulder- please no touchy me

Doikers 05-05-2010 10:13 AM

*Waves at Owen* Are you hurt ?

*Hugs Tineke*

xxjuliexx 05-05-2010 10:15 AM

-crawls in to sleeping bag and just sticks head out-wat u mean Doikers

Kahlia1981 05-05-2010 10:17 AM

Owen: Are you and Julie okay? *passes some tissues* That doesn't sound very good.
Mark: Thanks, and good luck with the energy company.
Oliver: Thanks, how are things with you?
Lynx: Hi, I'm Kahlia. I haven't really caught up with you. I hope you do well at work.

The brick is my computer by the way. :(

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