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chinahorse 09-08-2020 04:35 PM

Hahaha we talk about weather and food a lot!!

nonperson 09-08-2020 04:42 PM

The weather is a rather hot topic at the moment. *rimshot* >.>

Cacoethes 09-08-2020 05:01 PM

We really do Lillie!

Ahahaha! Very punny np :p

nonperson 09-08-2020 09:48 PM

I could not help myself, sorry.

Cacoethes 09-08-2020 09:54 PM

I did chuckle!!

nonperson 09-08-2020 10:48 PM

Me too, it's sad to admit. >.>

Cacoethes 09-08-2020 11:07 PM

Haha!! Everyone loves a good pun. Even if they don't admit it :p

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 11:47 AM

Morning all. It's cloudy here but still so hot. I'm having a quiet morning then going out for a pootle round a local town this afternoon. What are you guys up to today?

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 11:48 AM


I need to find something to do but got to wait in for a stupid phone call from my stupid cpn

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 11:53 AM

I wish professionals were able to give an actual time for a call, or at least a window.

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 12:06 PM

Exactly! It can't be that hard to do!!!

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 12:19 PM

Is there anything you can do while your waiting?

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 12:20 PM

I'm trying to concentrate on TV atm.
And doing some random internetting.
Hopefully he'll call soon!

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 12:50 PM

Anything good on the TV?

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 01:04 PM

We're having a thunderstorm, it's really refreshing.

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 01:09 PM

Not particularly.
Watching can't pay we'll take it away at the moment!

Ooo thunderstorm!
I am jealous!

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 01:12 PM

I've never watched that, is it suitably mindless? Yesterday i watched a load of the office.

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 01:25 PM

Yes it is. You don't really have to follow it.
It's just about high court bailiffs going around collecting debts from people and evicting people.

UK office or US office?

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 01:26 PM

Uk, I've been told the us is rubbish.

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 01:28 PM

I really like the US one!

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 01:44 PM

I'll have to give it a go.

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 01:47 PM

Yes do!
It's Always worth giving things a go :)

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 02:15 PM

Have you had your call yet?

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 02:25 PM

I got a call from the crisis team saying that I've been discharged back to my cpn but heard nothing from cpn so far!

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 02:47 PM

I hope you hear from him soon. Make sure you tell him how things really are!

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 02:51 PM

If I tell him how things really are then I'll get sectioned!!!

tamobhuuta 10-08-2020 02:59 PM

That's not good! But maybe it is what you need right now?

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 03:03 PM

Nope! I definitely don't need that!
And I know the ward I'd be going to and it's horrible there.
Worst ward I've been on probably ever!

one_step_closer 10-08-2020 03:59 PM

Maybe tell him what is is and what you don't went and what and try and to have a closer agreement with them Do you have any sense within yourself that taking about what they think is an idea and what you want to think is a beneficial. It is allowed for people to explain themselves.

Cacoethes 10-08-2020 04:03 PM

I very very nearly got sectioned on Friday so it's all hanging on by a thread! I'm not sure what I want is going to be taken into account if they decide I need to go in for my own safety!

How are you lindsay?

not_so_insig 10-08-2020 05:31 PM

Lindsay! *glomps*

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 10:58 AM

Morning guys!

Looks like it's going to be another hot one!

tamobhuuta 11-08-2020 11:41 AM

I'm sooo hot and sticky. But my only job today is packing so that's good. What are you up to?

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 12:15 PM

Me too!
Just walked the 40 mins to depot clinic

That's good.
When are you leaving?

tamobhuuta 11-08-2020 12:26 PM

Tomorrow morning.

Well done getting your depot.

tamobhuuta 11-08-2020 12:47 PM

Re covid - how do you count how long to wash your hands for? I hum happy birthday.

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 01:05 PM

Have you had a nice time?

Thanks :)
Just got home and I am absolutely melted!

I just count to 20. I'm boring!

tamobhuuta 11-08-2020 01:15 PM

I've had a good time thanks. It's currently chucking it down here.

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 01:49 PM

Glad you've had a good time :)

There's supposed to be a thunderstorm today
I hope there is!
The air needs some serious clearing!

tamobhuuta 11-08-2020 01:56 PM

Agreed, the thunderstorm was very welcome.

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 02:36 PM

I'm sure!

It's still sunny and warm here

tamobhuuta 11-08-2020 02:41 PM

How are you keeping cool?

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 02:51 PM

My house is actually very good at staying cool by itself!
And I have lovely cold coke zero

one_step_closer 11-08-2020 04:17 PM

This is the only way I can chat now. Is no-one struggling with passwords asking you to change it and then I changed it then it comes and have got rid of that page so ask me later on. My phone finder said they say its in another sheet and they're probably keeping it. I've wandered around looking embarrassed. I don't know what to you. I'm wondering how I can contact my brother. Do I give it away and then order another one? All my passwords and alters and lots of things were in the notes and tasks. I don't think I can do much. Sorry putting this here. It might be better suited in another forum.

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 04:30 PM

No need to apologise lindsay
Though I'm sorry I'm not quite sure what you are asking
Have you lost your phone?

nonperson 11-08-2020 04:54 PM

Sometimes you can wipe all your data on your phone remotely. Are all your numbers and stuff backed up in a cloud somewhere? Maybe drop your brother an email of you don't remember his number.

I'd keep ringing it, see if anyone answers.

one_step_closer 11-08-2020 05:27 PM

Thanks. Everything in my house because but I need to ge them fixed and I'm too tired, confused, and I don't even know what's going. We have a shop that is rated as being able to do some computer and phone stuff. But first you need to rearrange the time and stop me being stupid looking. I'm just worried because my number is maybe is the way to get in tough of me.

I'm going to stop writing. This doesn't need to be posted here.

nonperson 11-08-2020 07:02 PM

You're ok, Lindsay. It's general chat, it can be posted here. Maybe you can get someone to help you with it all?

I've just had a letter from the council announcing that I'm now out of the RYL Bin Night Club. Mine's been changed to a Tuesday collection! =(

Cacoethes 11-08-2020 07:06 PM

You can still post here lindsay!

Oh no np! :(

nonperson 11-08-2020 07:18 PM

I know right. Don't they KNOW it has to be a Thursday! =(

Apparently because of covid they've discovered a more efficient route and Tuesday works better. >=(

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