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Buttons. 26-08-2018 08:35 PM

Well that's always a good thing :P

It is indeed. Can't wait for next series.

Cacoethes 26-08-2018 08:36 PM

Don't you call me Geoffrey or however you spell it!!

nonperson 26-08-2018 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by Buttons. (Post 4187002)
Yeah I didn't consider that Dawn, sorry Np it's over :P


Buttons. 26-08-2018 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4187008)
Don't you call me Geoffrey or however you spell it!!

Alright Geoffrey.


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4187009)

I'm sure you'll work through it with time and counselling.

nonperson 26-08-2018 08:43 PM

Maybe... You just don't get over this kind of rejection though...

Cacoethes 26-08-2018 08:44 PM

Im trying to think of a different GoT character to insult you with but brain is not working!
And most of the other characters are pretty cool

Poor np!
Don't let those bloody northerners upset you
South forever!!

chinahorse 26-08-2018 08:47 PM

I'm a northener living in the very sout. I feel somewhat conflicted... :/

Cacoethes 26-08-2018 08:51 PM


Buttons. 26-08-2018 08:52 PM

My apologies Np.

Ha ha Sucks to be you Geoffrey!

Hmm Lillie, I don't know whether to see you as an ally or betrayer. And the thread has now become Game of Thrones lived out in forum form :P

Buttons. 26-08-2018 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4187015)

Cannot believe I let you into my house -_-

Buttons. 26-08-2018 08:55 PM

Right I am now going to get on my dragon and fly to bed as I am knackered, will probably be back up in a few hours but for now goodnight.

Cacoethes 26-08-2018 08:57 PM

I am also going off to bed!
It's been a long day of travelling!

Night all!

nonperson 26-08-2018 09:00 PM

Goodnight everyone.

Apology accepted btw Buttons.

chinahorse 27-08-2018 08:33 AM

Morning all :)

Buttons. 27-08-2018 08:57 AM

Morning Lillie :)

chinahorse 27-08-2018 08:58 AM

How're you my lovely?

Buttons. 27-08-2018 09:19 AM

I'm okay thanks, just chilling watching Big Bang Theory reruns (because I am that cool) until SW arrives and once sorted, hoping to take dog to the dog park to get some energy out of her (it's enclosed and large so she can go off lead and have a proper run), how are you?

chinahorse 27-08-2018 09:22 AM

Sounds like a good start to the day and a good plan for later.

I am also chilling and really should get washed, may even moisturise my lizard skin. Trying to do some elite maths and work out if I should wash my hair now or tonight or tomorrow.

Buttons. 27-08-2018 09:35 AM

Thanks :)

Chilling etc sounds good (my skin gets really dry too, cocoa butter is my lifeline :P) but have to admit maths sounds terrible :P

chinahorse 27-08-2018 10:56 AM

I have lucked onto a moisturiser that my skin loves which I only bought cos it was on offer. It's the sanex one for atopic skin.

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 12:49 PM

Hey guys!

Buttons. 27-08-2018 02:08 PM

That's good Lillie.

Hi Goeffrey.

chinahorse 27-08-2018 02:26 PM

Good morrow Beckie!

one_step_closer 27-08-2018 02:43 PM

Hello everyone.

How are you all getting on?

chinahorse 27-08-2018 02:45 PM

Procrastinating learning about teeth. Ok enough otherwise.

How about your good self?

one_step_closer 27-08-2018 02:48 PM

I think I too would procrastinate learning about teeth. Do you have a lot to do?

I'm alright, sitting with a fluffy monster cat as is mostly usual.

Buttons. 27-08-2018 02:51 PM

Ha ha I'm sitting with a moulting dog Lins, think we have similar problems :P

chinahorse 27-08-2018 02:51 PM

OOO kitty cat snuggles <3

Meh its varying degrees of interesting depending on what aspect I'm doing.

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 03:04 PM

Stop calling me Geoffrey!!

I want doggy/cat cuddles!

Fun times Lillie!

I just went to asda which sucked but now at home under a fluffy blanket and watching Inside Out

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:12 PM

Hi everyone.

I like Inside Out.

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 03:18 PM

Hey np!
How are you?

Buttons. 27-08-2018 03:21 PM

Alright Geoffrey. I would lend you Molly but she looks a bit wolflike and given the GOT track record not sure she'd be safe :P

Glad you're back under your fluffy blanket and enjoying TV :)

Hi Np :)

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:22 PM

I'm.. ok. =/ Got lots to get done today, making me feel a bit anxious.

You can borrow my cat for cuddles this week if you like. I'm looking after my neighbour's dog so I'm sure he'd prefer to be somewhere else for a while.

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:22 PM

Hullo Buttons.

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 03:31 PM

If you continue to call me Geoffrey then I will have to start calling you Ramsey :p

Good luck with your tasks np!

Buttons. 27-08-2018 03:34 PM

*hugs Np* I know sometimes even when actually achieving the stuff done anxiety can be an absolute sod.

Don't you DARE call me Ramsey I CALL OFF THE WAR OF GOT NAMES. And touche :P

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:39 PM

Is Geoffrey from GoT...?

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 03:43 PM

Although I'm pretty sure it's actually spelled Joffrey

Haha! I win! :p

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:44 PM

I was wondering if it was meant to be Joffrey.

Pronounced differently too. =)

Buttons. 27-08-2018 03:46 PM

I feel bullied :(

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:48 PM

Was just asking an innocent question!

Also... I've somehow made the world's lumpiest hot chocolate...

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 03:48 PM

Looolll! :p

Ive done that before np!
Hot chocolate has a weird effect on me.
Whenever I have it my heart starts pounding really hard and I feel sick!

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:51 PM

That's awful, Beckie. =(

But normal chocolate is ok?

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 03:57 PM

Yep normal choclate is fine!
Its very odd
And a shame because I love hot chocolate!

nonperson 27-08-2018 03:58 PM

Must be one of the dodgy preservatives they put in it! What if you melt normal chocolate and mix it into a cup of hot milk? I know there are some ones you can buy in the supermarket that are similar to that.

Buttons. 27-08-2018 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4187071)
Was just asking an innocent question!

There are no innocent questions -_-

Also... I've somehow made the world's lumpiest hot chocolate...
Re the hot chocolate Good *scowls at the pair of you*

Cacoethes 27-08-2018 04:06 PM

That actually sounds quite likely np because i'm ok witha couple of the powder ones from the shops but not all.

Don't look at us like that buttons!!!

nonperson 27-08-2018 04:07 PM


Cacoethes 27-08-2018 04:10 PM

I am chilly!
Its sooo nice to be able to snuggle up with a hoodie and blanket though rather than dying in front of a fan all day

nonperson 27-08-2018 04:14 PM

Me too. Hence hot chocolate.

Also I have a hoodie and trousers on!

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