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nonperson 26-06-2018 10:08 PM

I've been to a football match! I think it was the West Ham second team or something vs Colchester? Or something.... Was a very very long time ago.

Atmosphere is what makes anything good live. Sport, music...

Cacoethes 26-06-2018 10:12 PM

That is true np!

Now I've reminded myself about Olympia, I might try and get tickets for this year! It's on for 7 days though so hard to pick what day to go!

nonperson 26-06-2018 10:14 PM

Does that mean it's fairly easy to get a ticket though?

Cacoethes 26-06-2018 10:17 PM

I think so!
It's not until December anyway.
My dad should be sending me some money soon so when be does I'll get a ticket!

nonperson 26-06-2018 10:18 PM

Nice. =D

Will you go on your own?

Cacoethes 26-06-2018 10:25 PM

I'll ask the bestie if he fancies going but I'll probably end up going alone.
I don't mind it too much, I do pretty much everything alone!!

I'm off to bed.
If i can sleep, its so bloody hot!
Night all!

nonperson 26-06-2018 10:29 PM

I do everything alone too, on the rare occasions that I do things! I like just taking my own time and planning my own day rather than having to please other people. Much more enjoyable. =)

Night night. Hope you can get to sleep...!

I should also be in bed... Starting work at 6:30 tomorrow... x.X;;

Cacoethes 26-06-2018 10:34 PM

I agree np!!

And yes, you should definitely be getting to bed!

nonperson 26-06-2018 10:38 PM

I should...... so I will. G'night everyone.

Charlie051 27-06-2018 07:19 AM

Good morning :) I fell asleep last night 🤦🏻*♀️

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 11:55 AM


Eska 27-06-2018 12:00 PM

Morning! How are we all?

Charlie051 27-06-2018 12:15 PM

Tired today and have to go out again soon :(
how are you ?

Eska 27-06-2018 12:30 PM

I'm pretty good. I'm going on holiday to the mountains on Friday!

Charlie051 27-06-2018 12:46 PM

Ooh that sounds great, I hope you have a good time :D

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 12:55 PM

That sounds brilliant eska!

one_step_closer 27-06-2018 02:17 PM

Exciting stuff Eska. Can I hide in your luggage? Hope you have a great time.

Has anyone melted into a puddle yet?

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 02:22 PM

Almost Lindsay!!
Was going to clean the house but I wouldnt be able to cope in this heat!!

one_step_closer 27-06-2018 02:32 PM

Naked cleaning maybe?

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 02:46 PM

Far too self conscious for that!
Someone might look through the window or knock on the door!
I just hate being naked in general tbh!

Charlie051 27-06-2018 04:38 PM

Its surprisingly not too hot here though it usually is by now. Where's everyone from?
I hope you manage to clean soon, until then treat yo self ;)

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 04:43 PM

I'm in Bedfordshire, England
It is 25C apparently!

Haha! I treat myself far too much :p
I'm just gonna wait until its a bit cooler.
If that ever happens!

nonperson 27-06-2018 05:31 PM

It's 24 degrees in my house but it feels cooler in here. Plus I have my mega fan on.

I was was briefly working in a 38 degree glasshouse today *melt* so I don't want to hear anyone complaining about the heat!!

not_so_insig 27-06-2018 05:42 PM

I am hot. I have changed my status to reflect that fact. I went swimming and it was wonderfully cool.

nonperson 27-06-2018 05:46 PM

Ooh I didn't know there was a Hot status but it is the perfect status right now.

I need to brave the outside heat and go out to the shop. =(

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 06:04 PM

That glass house must have been torture!!

Charlie051 27-06-2018 06:06 PM

Oh thats nice :) im from Malta :) yeah that's a good idea hehe but you can never treat yourself enough :D

nonperson 27-06-2018 06:14 PM

It was. I got out very quickly!

I bet it's hotter in Malta than it is here. =P

one_step_closer 27-06-2018 06:18 PM

How can you even breathe inside a really hot glasshouse?

nonperson 27-06-2018 06:24 PM

I only go in there for once breath at a time. ;-)

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 06:29 PM

My bank account will disagree charlie! :p

Must be a lot hotter in Malta!

I wouldn't be able to cope with that np!
Was bad enough when I worked at the nursing home!

nonperson 27-06-2018 06:42 PM

I'm usually out of there before it gets that hot. But then even when I'm outside I'm dragging a hosepipe around in full sun. *whine* =P

Charlie051 27-06-2018 07:08 PM

Wow must be hard work :( Hope it gets cooler for you soon!

Haha fair point fair point, my bank account has the same sentiments towards me :p

It's about 23-25 degrees today. It's usually really hot but we've had a load of windy weather lately, I'm still cold at night at the moment which is unheard of haha

zombiehunter 27-06-2018 07:25 PM

it's too ****ing hot , though I hope it stays this hot cos i'll be going up to the highlands on Friday for a 5 day trip and if its too hot the midges cant come out :-D

Eska 27-06-2018 07:55 PM

That sounds like a lot of fun! I hope it does end up being too hot for midges for you.

zombiehunter 27-06-2018 08:04 PM

hi eskamo :-D

Eska 27-06-2018 08:16 PM


Cacoethes 27-06-2018 08:44 PM

I am addicted to pokemon
Send help!

zombiehunter 27-06-2018 08:46 PM

*kicks coco up the bum*

chinahorse 27-06-2018 08:47 PM


zombiehunter 27-06-2018 08:48 PM

boo yourself :-p

Charlie051 27-06-2018 09:07 PM

Ooh good luck with the midges ;p

What's everyone up to tonight?

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 09:12 PM

Im really craving a pasty.
Either cheese and onion or chicken and mushroom

nonperson 27-06-2018 09:18 PM

All of the freezers in Tesco were broken!

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 09:25 PM

Oh no!!
What a time of year to have the freezers break!

zombiehunter 27-06-2018 09:26 PM

I stocked up on instant noodles today :-D

nonperson 27-06-2018 09:37 PM

If it was going to happen, it was going to happen now. =P

I was going to stock up on frozen food... but there was none!

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 09:42 PM

Very healthy zombie :p

That's true np!
Like how boilers always break when it's coldest!

zombiehunter 27-06-2018 09:43 PM

by Scottish standards I'm very healthy :-p

Cacoethes 27-06-2018 09:48 PM

That is true!! :p

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