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Cacoethes 18-06-2018 11:12 AM

Hey Jinxie!
Sorry you're in pain
That isn't nice :(

What you up to?

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 12:40 PM

Wishing you a speedy recovery
Thats an impressive amount of books!

I'm ok.
In a bit of pain because I've managed to do something to my shoulder which is dodgy anyway. So that's annoying!
About to leave for blood test.

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 12:44 PM

I don't mind blood tests too much
I have to have them every month because of my meds so I'm used to it.
I just don't like having to travel almost an hour on the bus to get there!

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 01:18 PM

I can't read on buses. It makes me feel sick!
I just listen to music and zone out.
My stop is the very last one so no danger of missing it.
Same on the way back!

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 01:36 PM

I am the same Beckie can't read on a bus. I used to get incredibly travel sick as a kiddie. Not so much now but I know that if I tried reading I would be.

one_step_closer 18-06-2018 01:42 PM

Reading on the bus is my hobby.

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 01:59 PM

I read every summer because I belong to an forum where they have every year an summer reading challenge! Basically you read up to 10 books and rate them depending on how much that you enjoyed them. I don't always manage 10 books so I am only starting with 5 books.

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 04:22 PM

Im in a&e. Lolz.
Collapsed in town, query seizure.
I don't think it was though!
Waiting for doc but I feel totally fine now
Apart from being starving because I've not had the chance to get lunch

Hope you're all having a better afternoon than I am!! :tongue2:

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 04:31 PM

Oh dear Beckie get well soon and hopefully you'll be fine.

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 04:57 PM

Just had blood taken and cannula put in.
Waiting for ecg now.
Could be here a while I think
Already been here for AGES!

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 05:29 PM

Someone has just been called in who's name is Steven Stevens

nonperson 18-06-2018 05:32 PM

Maybe he gave a fake name to amuse people.

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 05:34 PM

He was a no show so perhaps he was trolling!

nonperson 18-06-2018 05:35 PM

Do people really troll A&E? o.O

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 05:39 PM

People can do strange things for fun

Edit: He's just turned up after being called! He's a really old dude.

nonperson 18-06-2018 05:43 PM

Probably is his real name then. =P

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 05:54 PM

That's funny :p

Some kid is playing sonic and I am jealous

nonperson 18-06-2018 06:03 PM

Got any games on your phone to play?

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 06:07 PM

Only clash of clans and my army isn't ready for battle yet
Plus my battery is lowish!
I've been here for so long!

nonperson 18-06-2018 06:08 PM

Do you think they'll let you go soon? =/

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 06:11 PM

There's **** all on the telly again. Unless you like football that is. I don't get why they can't show Corrie instead of flipping Vera!

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 06:11 PM

Just waiting for blood results.
They said it would take an hour/hour and a half but I can't remember when that was!
I've been here since like 2:50pm.

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 06:12 PM

Ouch that's long Beckie.

nonperson 18-06-2018 06:13 PM

I put tv on when I got in from work and instead of Pointless there's football... and then on BBC2 there's tennis! I don't actually mind tennis but gotta be in the mood.

That's really rubbish, Beckie. What happened? If you don't mind me asking. =/

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 06:23 PM

I am freeee!!!
I collapsed on way to blood test.
They were thinking I had had a seizure but they have decided it wasn't which is a relief!
I have low sodium which may have been the cause.
Waiting for bus to bus station now!

one_step_closer 18-06-2018 06:24 PM

You're some woman Beckie, honestly!

nonperson 18-06-2018 06:33 PM

Glad you're finally free. Also glad it wasn't a seizure but kinda worrying you don't know what caused it. Maybe you should have eaten lunch?

I have heard of people collapsing from low sodium levels though. Carry some little packets of salt with you for emergencies!

Hi Lindsay. =)

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 06:34 PM

Glad you are out Beckie.

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 06:43 PM

Haha Lindsay :p

I was planning to get lunch after the blood test!
It would look weird if I just downed a packet of salt! But I could do!

Thanks dawn!

zombiehunter 18-06-2018 07:00 PM

thai yellow curry for dinner tonight :-D

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 07:07 PM

I found thai food horrible but I hope that enjoy it zombie.

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 07:15 PM

Hope you enjoy it zombie!

I'm starving and the bus smells of tuna

zombiehunter 18-06-2018 07:33 PM

are you sure you're on a bus??

in your confused post collapse state you could have ended up on a fishing boat :-p

Cacoethes 18-06-2018 08:04 PM

Yes, that's totally a possibility :p

I am home!!

not_so_insig 18-06-2018 11:19 PM

Yay Beckie!

chinahorse 19-06-2018 05:59 AM

Morning guys :)

Buttons. 19-06-2018 08:59 AM

Morning Lillie, how are you?

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 10:09 AM

Morning guys

Going to attempt clozapine clinic again!

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 01:07 PM

Thank you!
Managed it and waiting for the bus home!

That sounds like a pain Jinxie!
I can imagine it's not too comfortable when its this hot

nonperson 19-06-2018 05:29 PM

It's going to get hotter...!

Is Andy Murray going bald...?

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 05:29 PM

Not sure np!
Don't really keep up with him

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 05:42 PM

Tbf they've been promising the 'hottest weekend of the year' for like a month now

nonperson 19-06-2018 05:50 PM

They have been promising that!

It's still not boiling hot though, it's when we have extended periods of 25+ and sunshine all day that kills me.

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 05:54 PM

Its been quite humid for a few days!
Lots of those annoying little thunder bugs about

Buttons. 19-06-2018 06:09 PM

It is too hot-not impressed -_-

nonperson 19-06-2018 06:17 PM

Ooh I hate those thunderbugs! I'm being attacked on a daily basis by horseflies at work at the moment which is a more concerning problem...

Humidity is awful. =(

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 06:26 PM

Horseflies are incredibly annoying!!
Used to get them all the time when I lived in the countryside and out with the horses!!

nonperson 19-06-2018 06:29 PM

They're persistant little buggers...! And there seem to be more of them this year...

Cacoethes 19-06-2018 06:35 PM

They are indeed!
When I went down to the river when the fam were kayaking, there were all sorts of bitey insects!!
I only got bitten once thankfully!
My mum was bitten loads despite wearing wellies!
Some pretty dragonflies and damsel flies too though!

nonperson 19-06-2018 06:51 PM

I love dragonflies. Sometimes a big blue one follows me around when I'm watering. =)

And I found a load of the nymphs in my pond this year.

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