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Aubergine 23-05-2018 10:43 PM

I hope you sleep tonight! It's horrible being so tired! :( Glad you're not bad though. :) Up to much?

I need to print of my receipt, as it was a click and collect thing. Will do it tomorrow. I can't be bothered to put the new black ink in today. I have Bournville chocolate!

Aubergine 23-05-2018 10:43 PM

Buttons! :)

Serendipity. 23-05-2018 10:45 PM

Bournville chocolate barely qualifies as chocolate :P

How's it going Buttons? :)

Aubergine 23-05-2018 10:45 PM

:O It is my favourite! :D You are so RUDE!

Serendipity. 23-05-2018 10:49 PM

I do apologize, please forgive my rudeness :'(

I got some of those milky bar wowsomes today because they're small so I could just have one if I'm craving chocolate! But they are disappointing :(

Aubergine 23-05-2018 10:51 PM

Forgiven! Don't cry! :P

Oh I've not heard of those! I'm sorry that they're disappointing. :(

Serendipity. 23-05-2018 11:18 PM

They have 30% less sugar apparently, but they're SO sweet. They're for children obviously, but I never let that stop me :P

Aubergine 23-05-2018 11:24 PM

Oh I see! And why should you let it stop you?! You're only as yound as you feel! :)

Serendipity. 23-05-2018 11:32 PM

Haha, indeed! I must be about 5 :P

Aubergine 23-05-2018 11:40 PM

Haha! :P

Cat has plonked himself in a very awkward place on my bed. He's snuggled up to me, but it means I can't move or get comfortable in bed without squashng him! So I will have to stay awake until he moves. He is a pain in the bum but I love him!

Serendipity. 23-05-2018 11:42 PM

Aw Ducky, you're so nice! I would just move him tbh!

I'm really going to miss my flatmate's cat when I move! They love me, whereas my parents' cats barely tolerate me :P

Aubergine 23-05-2018 11:48 PM

I'm just a softie. :P Plus I quite like it when he's snuggled up to me, so it's not all about him haha.

Ah, perhaps after a little while their cats will start to like you. Didn't one of them quite like you when you went to cat sit?

Serendipity. 23-05-2018 11:56 PM

Haha it's very sweet of you! Though I would still suggest moving him if you want to sleep, sleep is good :P

Hopefully! He did, I'm hoping he will still love me, but I have a feeling it was just because I was the only one around!

Aubergine 24-05-2018 12:00 AM

Aww fingers crossed. :)

Cat moved himself. To an equally awkward position. He's purring so loudly though. :)

nonperson 24-05-2018 01:24 AM

I want cat cuddles. Usually when I go upstairs for bed and turn a few lights on he turns up. He's never normally far away. =)

Aubergine 24-05-2018 01:43 AM

Aww. :) He's a handsome chap and he sounds very sweet! <3

nonperson 24-05-2018 01:57 AM

He is sweet. But tonight I think he’s hiding under some bushes in the dry because it’s raining. He doesn’t like being wet at all.

Aubergine 24-05-2018 02:19 AM

Oh bless him. Poor cat! I hope he comes home to you soon, when it's dry enough for him to move!

My cat has taken himself to bed in his mini-tower by my bed. He likes to be in the same room as people (me).

Aubergine 24-05-2018 02:20 AM

I didn't know it was possible to love an animal so much. <3

nonperson 24-05-2018 02:25 AM

Aww =) I know that feeling! I know I annoy him sometimes because I can’t hold it in and have to squish him and tell him he’s amazing!

He’s also still not in yet but it is raining pretty hard. Not sure I really want to cuddle a soggy moggy...

Aubergine 24-05-2018 02:30 AM

Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! :D Hmm, no, a soggy moggy probably wouldn't be fun to cuddle!

I don't know what to do about this job interview. I applied for a job at 3am and I didn't expect to get an interview, but I have. I don't know whether to go or not. It's an exciting opportunity, but my Mum is so stressed at the moment with family stuff, that if I did get the job and told her I was moving away to do a full-time job, it might just tip her even more over the edge! I'm thinking that maybe I will withdraw and go with the original plan and apply for trainee tech positions starting the beginning of 2019. It's not too far away! If I can stay well between now and then, she might be more relaxed about it!

nonperson 24-05-2018 02:42 AM

It still might be good practice to go for the interview but it could also make you want to go ahead with it more once you’ve been there and met people, etc.

Do you think you’re ready for a full time job?

Aubergine 24-05-2018 02:49 AM

That's true. I want to see what the maths test involves! That'd be good practice. :wow:

I'm not sure. I think what it is, is that I really, really want to be an NHS hospital technician. The career prospects are really good and the training is great. Part-time positions as a trainee aren't a thing though, so I'd definitely have to do full-time and I'd have to move away as there's only my hospital in this town and I don't want to make the switch from outpatients to inpatients. It would be to weird. Thing is though, what I want to do and what is healthy for me to do are not always the same thing. I had a wobble not that long ago, albeit because I'm an idiot, so I think I need to be well for a longer period of time before I commit to full-time work. I don't know. It sucks.

I think, for now, I'll enjoy my 16 hours, get involved in the choir and do ward tours in the summer and at Christmas, then start applying March time next year. That's probably the sensible more, even though it is super frustrating.

Aubergine 24-05-2018 02:50 AM

What brings you awake?

nonperson 24-05-2018 03:00 AM

It’s really good you have plans and ambition though! Don’t be disappointed if now is not the right time because, like you say, 2019 isn’t that far away!

Yay, the cat’s in!

And I dunno, woke up on the sofa and now I’ve got caught up in searching Apple Support for various things, like I have a query about how much they’re charging me for something and I have also discovered I’m eligible for a free battery replacement!

nonperson 24-05-2018 03:02 AM

I’m also really hungry....

Aubergine 24-05-2018 03:12 AM

Thank you. <3

Hooray for the cat being in! Is he soggy?

Ooo free battery replacement. Do you need a new one?

My bike is fully charged!

Could you eat something?

nonperson 24-05-2018 03:18 AM

Yes he is soggy! But he’s being all quiet and having a lick to dry himself off.

My phone battery is rubbish. I woke up and it was 60% and then by the time I’d come upstairs and set an alarm for tomorrow (rather, today) it dropped to 10% in about 15 minutes. It just does random stuff like that and turns itself off with 30% battery etc...!

Yay for bike being charged =D

I’ve had some Ritz crackers, nom nom! A bit addicted to them at the moment.

Cat’s gone out again...! =(

Aubergine 24-05-2018 03:26 AM

Aww. :)

That's a terrible battery you've got there! Definitely get the free replacement. How do you go about it?

Yay Ritz crackers. They are really good!

Oh no. :(

I am not tired at all. :(

nonperson 24-05-2018 03:31 AM

It is terrible but a common problem and I’ve had it a while now. I’d have to take it to an Apple store and I think they send my phone away... which puts me off a bit but... free replacement. Hmm.

That’s rubbish that you’re not tired. Are you having more problems sleeping lately? Too much on your mind?

I’m actually going to put my phone down and turn off the light and try to sleep now. Need to be up in 3 hours...

Aubergine 24-05-2018 03:43 AM

Worth doing for the free replacement, I think. Annoying that you won't have your proper phone for a while though. Do you have a spare that you can stick you SIM in?

Yes, ridiculous problems sleeping. I got no sleep at all Sunday night, Monday night I slept for about 8 hours, yesterday night I slept for about 5 hours and tonight I don't think I'll sleep at all because the birds start singing around 4am. :plain:

Night night. Thanks for the company. I hope you get some good rest. <3

nonperson 24-05-2018 03:49 AM

I do have a spare phone but I think the battery is even worse on that one!

Oh dear =/ Hope you’ve not got a busy day tomorrow. Can you get any help with your sleeping pattern?

Good night <3

Aubergine 24-05-2018 03:58 AM

Oh dear!

Nope, not a busy day tomorrow. Got to pop into town to take some sandals back that have broken already. That's is though, I think. Unless I've forgotten something!

Aubergine 24-05-2018 04:02 AM

I get 7 zopiclone a month, but I used them all when I was stressing over my sister. Not that I'm not stressing now, but you know. Less so. I pick some more up on Monday. I'll sleep tonight though, as long as I don'tsleep in the day. Seems to be a night on and a night off recently! Nightmare. :plain:

Buttons. 24-05-2018 08:04 AM

Hope sleep managed to work out for you Aubergine. Hope the meds help as well.

Morning all. I've got another psych appointment this morning so have to leave at 10 to get there on time, just need to get it over with then I'll be glad to get back home and chill. It doesn't matter if I'm unhappy so long as I put on a face so I've changed clothes, done my makeup so to the outer world I look fine. May have lost a signifcant amount of weight in 2 weeks and can't keep anything except cuppa soup down but to the world I look fine so problem solved. Doesn't matter if you feel awful on the inside provided you make the exterior looks fine. Hope everyone has a good day. Dog is happy at least. Had her breakfast and chased off the cat that seems to have taken recidence in my back garden so win.

Cacoethes 24-05-2018 09:51 AM

Morning guys
So tired

Hope psych goes ok buttons

Aubergine 24-05-2018 11:17 AM


Cacoethes 24-05-2018 11:57 AM


(For another 3 minutes)

Aubergine 24-05-2018 12:00 PM


Serendipity. 24-05-2018 12:32 PM

You people make me laugh :P

I hope your appointment was okay Buttons!

How are you all today?

I have been very productive so far today but I have to go to work soon and I really do not want to!

Aubergine 24-05-2018 12:44 PM

Oh Hannah you put me to shame!

I am still in my pyjamas. :P

I hope work isn't too bad. <3

Serendipity. 24-05-2018 12:47 PM

Sometimes you need a day like that! (I have many :P)

Thanks! It's the first time I've seen my manager since handing in my notice so it's a bit scary :P

What are you up to this afternoon?

Aubergine 24-05-2018 12:53 PM

You can do it! I can understand it being scary though. <3

Well, I have just had a fight with my printer trying to get it to print out the email that has proof of purchase for my sandals on it. Mission accomplished now though, so I am going to have a shower, get dressed, then go into town and take the broken sandals back and get some new ones. :) Then I am going to cycle to the toilets on the sea front because my uncle has got a job as an attendant for the summer (super proud of him as he's now a year sober after a relapse and has really sorted himself out. :-) )

Serendipity. 24-05-2018 12:59 PM

Haha, well done for winning that fight :P That sounds like a good plan, and I'm so glad your uncle is doing well :)

Aubergine 24-05-2018 02:38 PM

Took the sandals back! Grumpiest manager in the world, but never mind. I couldn't find my uncle, so have taken myself out for lunch! Hooray!

I hope work is going ok.

Cacoethes 24-05-2018 02:50 PM

Hey guys

Where are you going for lunch?

My white blood cells are now behaving themselves so that's good!

Buttons. 24-05-2018 02:55 PM

Glad your health is looking better Beckie :)

Hope everyone else is doing as well as possible x

Aubergine 24-05-2018 03:01 PM

That's great, Beckie! :)

Hey Buttons. :)

Just a cafe on the seafront. I had a jacket potato and am just finishing off a cup of tea. :)

Cacoethes 24-05-2018 03:05 PM

Thanks guys :)

That sounds lovely Aubergine!

Aubergine 24-05-2018 03:07 PM

What are you up to now?

It was lovely! I've also now located which toilets my uncle is attending, so will go see him very soon. :)

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