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not_so_insig 18-01-2017 02:02 PM

Yes my parcels was some fleeces.

I also received 2 letters from the dvla. One was a medical form. They asked when I last saw my gp for my medical condition. I came under the gp's surgery in 2006 and I never seen the gp for my mh. Even then I can't remember when I saw the gp for a physical health problem because apart from my mh I am healthy. So I had to leave it blank. If I have a problem with my mh I contact the cmht.

tiptoes 18-01-2017 02:43 PM

In my experience it is contact details for the consultant that they favour over GP's. If they want more details they write to you.

not_so_insig 18-01-2017 03:07 PM

Thanks tiptoes. I am hoping that they consult my psych as he knows me better than the gp and also he was the one that said that I could drive again.

Cacoethes 18-01-2017 03:21 PM

I applied online for my provisional licence yesterday and I am very excited! I know I'll have to fill out the medical from too so I hope it hurries up!
How long did it take for them to send out the form Dawn?

not_so_insig 18-01-2017 03:34 PM

It took about a week to send out the initial form where they ask for a photo, proof of id. You need to get someone to say that you look like you. You have 28 days to return the form. Then it took them a month to return my id documents. It has taken 10 days after that to send them a medical form. One of the things they ask is if you have abused alcohol in the past 6 months, used illicit drugs in the past 6 months, and in your case Beckie when you last had a epileptic fit. They also ask for your medication including doses and your diagnosis. Most of my answers were no with the exception of asking if you had sought help from a psychatric hospital or clinic - I said that I was under the care of a cmht.

tiptoes 18-01-2017 05:04 PM

The slowest part of my application process was getting my doctor to fill in the forms!! I found phoning their PA to ask if they have received the forms from the DVLA to give them a bit of a nudge to complete them!

Cacoethes 18-01-2017 05:13 PM

I did it all online so they will be able to get my picture and signature off my passport apparently.
My doctor is usually pretty good with forms and such (fingers crossed!)

Buttons. 18-01-2017 05:33 PM

I'm sure it will be fine lovely x

Cacoethes 18-01-2017 05:37 PM

Hi Katy! :)

I've finished my maths homework without too many issues. Wanted to get it done before I go out for the evening otherwise I'd be up until god knows what time trying to finish it!

What are you guys up to this evening?
I'm watching a bit of good old Jeremy Kyle! I can feel my IQ dropping by the second :p

Buttons. 18-01-2017 05:45 PM

Hi :) Hats of re. maths homework don't envy you :P

I have branched out and ordered pizza for me + sw as a reward to myself for being an actual adult today :P should be here half an hour or so.

In mean time rewatching Stepmom.

not_so_insig 18-01-2017 05:56 PM

Enjoy your pizza Katy!

I am having the rest of the potato cakes, beans and bacon for tea. I am going to wash my hair first though.

Cacoethes 18-01-2017 05:59 PM

Got a mock exam in maths tomorrow. I'm not going to do well because I won't be able to check with my notes! :/

Yay for pizza!! What pizza did you get?

not_so_insig 18-01-2017 06:07 PM

Good luck Beckie!

Buttons. 18-01-2017 06:09 PM

Beckie, to risk being a cliche (a true one) if you convince yourself you're going to fail then it is more likely to happen whereas if you use distraction relaxation whatever techniques you are going to be much more able to show your real ability without the anxiety being a tool :)

Cacoethes 18-01-2017 06:17 PM

Thanks Dawn!

That's a good point Katy! Thanks :)

Waiting for a taxi now. It's so impossible getting a taxi around here! I'm going to be like 30 mins late.
Will definitely have to call hours in advance to get a taxi back or I'll be stuck in this village for hours!

Sketchy 18-01-2017 07:11 PM

Good evening all.

Wonderland. 18-01-2017 07:46 PM

Hey lovelys, how are we all tonight?

Sketchy 18-01-2017 07:51 PM

I'm good. How are you Amy?

I went for my walk today. Around the botanic gardens with my dad. It was nice. I took plenty of photos.

What have you been up to?

Wonderland. 18-01-2017 07:55 PM

That sounds like a really positive day :) yay for taking lots of photos!

I've had a good day, met up with two of the lads I used to go to a mh gym group with, and haven't seen for about 3 years! It was absolutely lovely :) lots of tales to tell and smiles all round.

Sketchy 18-01-2017 07:57 PM

That sounds like a good day too. Glad you enjoyed it.

Wonderland. 18-01-2017 08:12 PM

Yep indeed!

You up to much tonight?

not_so_insig 18-01-2017 08:22 PM

I haven't been up to much today just watching telly. Annoyed that I couldn't go swimming but hopefully can go next week.

Sketchy 18-01-2017 08:23 PM

I'm washing clothes, but apart from that I'm just going to relax. I've had busy day and I have a busy day tomorrow. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and some drinks. Being sociable can exhaust me.

You up to much?

Sketchy 18-01-2017 08:23 PM

Shame you couldn't go swimming Dawn, but there is always next week.

not_so_insig 18-01-2017 08:30 PM

Hopefully I can go Lorraine. I have to take my cat to the vet so hopefully I can get a time which doesn't interfere with my swimming time.

Sketchy 18-01-2017 08:31 PM

I hope your cat is ok.

Wonderland. 18-01-2017 08:32 PM

Hope you get to swimming soon Dawn.

Lorraine I agree socialising is tiring, I do hope you have fun with your friend tomorrow :)

I'm not up to much, just chilling a going to go bed in a bit as am so tired.

Sketchy 18-01-2017 08:34 PM

I hope you relax and get a good nights sleep.

Wonderland. 18-01-2017 08:42 PM

Thanks, I hope so to!

Sketchy 18-01-2017 08:43 PM

I updated my thread in the picture board with more photos of my walks. There were plenty of squirrels. They were so brave and friendly.

Buttons. 19-01-2017 05:16 AM

I'll definitely be checking out those pictures Lorraine they sound awesome, I love squirrels. I remember somewhere an hour or so away from here there's this red squirrel sanctuary type thing and you can buy peanuts (or something similar I was about 8 when went there :P) and they are tame enough to take them right out of your hand (and then peg it off to enjoy :P)

Sketchy 19-01-2017 09:46 AM

Katy that sounds like fun. You don't see many red squirrels.

Cacoethes 19-01-2017 10:07 AM

Those are some lovely photos Lorraine. Squirrels are so cute!

I'm so tired! Did not want to get up this morning. Didn't go to bed until midnight and took my meds really late!

How's everyone?

Buttons. 19-01-2017 10:26 AM

Was fun :)

Hope you get over your tiredness Beckie xx

not_so_insig 19-01-2017 04:05 PM

My amazon parcel came before. The email said that it was being delivered tomorrow so it was a bit of a shock when it came. Unfortunately at the time I was out in the park so my neighbour had to take it instead.

Wonderland. 19-01-2017 04:06 PM

I am the same Bex. Only got up at 11 when my CC turned up. Oops.

Had an interesting chat with her about the possibility of trying acupuncture to try and help with my insomnia. I wish I could get paid the amount they do for stabbing needles into people all day long :tongue2:

How are we all today? What is everyone up to?

not_so_insig 19-01-2017 04:44 PM

It must be the day for getting up late - I woke up at 12.15 pm by my mum phoning me.

I have found a unopened parcel. It's 3 years old. I have forgotten what I bought. It doesn't stink so it hasn't gone off.

Wonderland. 19-01-2017 05:03 PM

How exciting for a mystery parcel!

To hell with blue monday, this is now named exhausted thursday!

Cacoethes 19-01-2017 05:17 PM

I had to get up at 8:45. It sucked!
At least I'm free until Monday now.
With some friends now at one of their flats. Just chilling and watching a bit of tv. Going to watch a film later. And they have 7 rabbits running around the flat so I chased them round a bit. So soft!

Wonderland. 19-01-2017 05:23 PM

Aww fluffy bunnies <3

Hope you manage to relax for a bit with friends, and over the weekend Bex. Sounds like you need it!

not_so_insig 19-01-2017 06:37 PM

I got the lowest answer in pointless! They had Italian parts of the body and I knew la testa was head! Only because I learnt to say I have voices in my head in Italian to my psych. So my psych is useful for something.

Wonderland. 19-01-2017 07:02 PM


I got one the other week, was something to do with football but for anyone who knows anything about footy it was just guessing team players from a few years back from a few popular squads so not exactly hard for me.

not_so_insig 19-01-2017 07:06 PM

I got several different pointless answers for the final round today. All bar 1 were in the Keeping Up Appearances category the other was in Goodnight Sweetheart. It was easy but I wasn't too sure who would be pointless in the Keeping Up Appearances category.

Wonderland. 19-01-2017 07:45 PM

Sounds like I would have got zilch in that round! Yay for getting some pointless answers :)

Cacoethes 19-01-2017 08:22 PM

We just had pizza and watched sausage party.
That film is just like...wtf

Buttons. 19-01-2017 08:35 PM

Still intrigued as to the contents of parcel!!

All this talk of squirrels and bunnies I'm tempted to just go and get the lot :P

Love pizza, never seen that film sounds...erm....interesting? :P

not_so_insig 19-01-2017 08:36 PM

Thanks Ames.

Katy it was a model donkey and cart.

Buttons. 19-01-2017 08:44 PM

Nice Dawn :) I remember visiting somewhere I think in Greece (?) where we went up a mountain on donkeys. I'd been horse riding a loong time even at that age so wasn't too shaken up although sharp edges were nerve wracking, but Mum who had never been on horse/donkey/whatever found it bit harder :P

Cacoethes 19-01-2017 09:11 PM

Sausage party is the weirdest ****ing film I've ever seen. And I've seen the human centipede!!

Sketchy 19-01-2017 10:22 PM

Evening all! *waves*

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