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chinahorse 06-03-2018 09:39 PM

Broccoli, christmas potato shapes, asda meat free popcorn chicken and southern fried quorn things with tomato sauce.

Anyone else watching bake off for cancer?

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 09:43 PM

Sounds quite nice!
Very balanced!

Nope. I hate bake off and cooking shows in general

chinahorse 06-03-2018 09:46 PM

It was all things that are easy and I like. And I cooked the broccoli in the microwave cos lazy lol.

Fair enough. What're you up to then?

I can't remember if my first therapy appointment is tomorrow or thursday :/

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 09:52 PM

Love a good lazy meal! :p

Im watching holby.
And waiting for a phone call from my dad's fiance about wedding stuff.
Its going to be like a wiccan/hippie kind of thing.

Oh dear!
Is there anyone you can call first thing to check?

zombiehunter 06-03-2018 10:01 PM

so I've got my wee niece her bday pressies and I also treated myself to the season 1 and 2 box set of ash v evil dead i'm near the end of season one and I only stopped to go to the Chinese for a salt and chilli munchie box :-D

chinahorse 06-03-2018 10:02 PM

Oh that sounds like a very different sort of wedding! Is it planned to be soon?

Yeah but its at 10 and I dont remember what time they open and I need to get a bus there and thats 20 mins and then Im like 15 mins from the bus stop and argh!!!

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 10:07 PM

Thats good zombie!!

The wedding will be in October

Ah that's a pain Lillie.
Im not sure what else to suggest!

Eska 06-03-2018 10:14 PM

Lillie, I'm watching Celebrity Bake Off.

Beckie it definitely sounds like a fun wedding! One of my friends had a pagan wedding a few years ago but I couldn't go :(

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 10:17 PM

I expect it will be fun!
My dad isn't very 'normal'
His look can only be described as steampunk pirate
And his fiance is a total hippie
So yeah. Should be interesting!

Thats a shame you couldn't go to the pagan wedding.
That sounds cool!

nonperson 06-03-2018 10:31 PM

Steampunk pirate sounds amazing...! O.O

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 11:58 AM

Yeah. Its unusual but suits him
He has to wear an eyepatch anyway

Morning everyone

not_so_insig 07-03-2018 12:03 PM

Morning all

My alarum clock didn't go off :'( . I am supposed to do swimming but I am going to be half an hour late. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't meeting my auntie. Thankfully I am not due a depot today otherwise I wouldn't have much time.

nonperson 07-03-2018 12:34 PM

Morning all. On the train trying to ignore people...

That’s rubbish, insig. Hope you manage to get some swimming done.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 12:38 PM

Thats annoying dawn

Hey nonperson.
Ignoring people is like rule no.1 on public transport!

nonperson 07-03-2018 12:44 PM

It sounds like there’s a budgie further down the carriage... Getting off next stop thankfully.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 01:01 PM

A budgie?
Thats random!

Pomegranate 07-03-2018 01:17 PM

How weird!

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 01:19 PM

How are you?

Aubergine 07-03-2018 02:03 PM


Pomegranate 07-03-2018 02:11 PM

Hey Aubergine.

Bit meh and arrrggghhhh Beckie, thanks for asking. Called into work sick.

How are you?

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 02:11 PM

Hey Aubergine!
How are you?

Sorry you're not feeling great emma.
Its good that you called in sick though.
A chance to rest up!

Im ok.
Just back from asda.

Pomegranate 07-03-2018 02:40 PM

Thanks Beckie. How was Asda?

Supposed to be doing my uni appeal with social worker today but phoned to confirm time and she’s off sick. Not sure what to do about appeal now cos I don’t understand what they want.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 02:58 PM

Asda was fine thanks
Not too busy!

Could you call/email someone at uni to ask if they can explain things?

Buttons. 07-03-2018 03:56 PM

That sounds difficult Emma *hugs* is there anyone else who could support you in your appeal other than your social worker? Or perhaps could you contact the university and ask them to rearrange it for when your social worker is back?

Glad Asda went okay Beckie :)

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 03:59 PM

Hey Buttons!
How are you?

chinahorse 07-03-2018 04:00 PM

Hey guys. I'm sorry don't have brain to catch up but I'd like company. *flops*

not_so_insig 07-03-2018 04:01 PM

Afternoon all. I went swimming which has knackered me out.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 04:04 PM

Hello Lillie!
We can be company! :-D

Glad you managed to go swimming dawn

chinahorse 07-03-2018 04:11 PM

Swimming is fun.

I bought some new clothes today.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 04:14 PM

Ooo new clothes is always good!

I might try and start swimming.
Haven't been in years.
Local pool is about a 30 min walk away

chinahorse 07-03-2018 04:16 PM

That's a trek beckie. Mine is further and expensive. Why I don't go. Well that and I have no time.

I should have had my toast before hoovering.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 04:20 PM

Yeah it is a trek!
It is very expensive there too.
Don't think I'd be able to afford to go tbh!
Maybe one day!

Ah. Yes, the toast crumbs!

I had a slimming world friendly fry up for lunch. Nom

chinahorse 07-03-2018 04:54 PM

How dk you make that sw friendly?!

Load 1 of laundry mountain is done so now I can actually hear the tv.

What are people doing?

wildly insane 07-03-2018 04:58 PM

supposed to be working :P
my "to do" list after work is too long!
I love swimming but it's so expensive.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 04:59 PM

Basically just use fry light instead of oil!
And cut the fat off the bacon and use the SW sausages instead of regular ones.
Mushrooms, eggs and beans are 'free' foods.

Well doen Lillie!
Why are washing machines so damn loud?!

Im watching a thing on netflix about teenage girls in prison.

chinahorse 07-03-2018 05:01 PM

Know that feeling widely insane. Too well.

Any good beckie? I have access.to Netflix but never use it.

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 05:04 PM

It's quite good!
I like prison shows/documentaries.
Not sure why!

chinahorse 07-03-2018 05:06 PM

Me too. What's it called?

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 05:10 PM

Its called girls incarcerated
The prison resembles a lot of the secure units I've been in!

not_so_insig 07-03-2018 05:18 PM

The workmen are back. They aren't making much noise though. Think that they must be nearing completion. There was a barking dog in one of the upstairs flat and that was worse than the workmen.

They have given snow. Hopefully my bin will get collected as there's an months worth of rubbish in it (for some reason they didn't do the assisted collections last time).

wildly insane 07-03-2018 05:22 PM

we've been watching a tv programme about Saudi Arabia, and if you're a dissdent (even a peaceful one) you risk losing your life!

chinahorse 07-03-2018 06:50 PM

Eek! I'm glad the UK is a tolerant country.

I'm so cold!! And have put dinner on already.

not_so_insig 07-03-2018 06:54 PM

I am supposed to have snow tonight

Buttons. 07-03-2018 06:57 PM

Oooh I may have to try your sw friendly fry up Beckie, they are one of my biggest weaknesses.

In other news I received a large box today, was utterly confused as I've mostly only bought clothes/small items online recently, turns out it was the biggest jar of chocolate flavoured milkshake powder slimming stuff I've ever seen-I had a slim chocolate milkshake from Asda and loved it so thought oh I'll get some powder and make my own, it'll be cheaper-little did I know I'd be receiving an amount that might well last me year :P

chinahorse 07-03-2018 07:03 PM

Haha! Well you better hope you like it!

Moonlight Princess 07-03-2018 07:23 PM

Hey guys! How are you all doing?

Cacoethes 07-03-2018 07:23 PM

Haha buttons!! Hope you like it! :p

Hello kiran! Nice to see you!

chinahorse 07-03-2018 07:28 PM

Hi kiran :)

I'm so cold!! And just had that sinking feeling that I'm going to have to put my bed linen on before sleeping- surely the worst job.

Moonlight Princess 07-03-2018 07:28 PM

And you Beckie! I hope you have recovered from dropping your Angel Delight earlier :P

Moonlight Princess 07-03-2018 07:29 PM

Hi Lillie! But think how lovely it to sleep on afterwards!

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