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Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:08 AM

Ah, I keep forgetting this is an open forum. Sorry.

Aubergine 27-01-2018 01:25 AM

I'm glad you find it interesting, Person. :) Happy to talk to you about things too, even if you don't share my faith. I will not try to convert you! Promise!

I should really be asleep, but I'm really enjoying chatting to a friend via email about our terrible I.T. system at work. :P

Anyone else up to much?

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:31 AM

I'm contemplating going for a shower and cleaning my bedroom.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:32 AM

I really need to iron clothes for tomorrow as well.

nonperson 27-01-2018 01:33 AM

I'm cuddling my cat and searching for a birthday present for my friend.

Aubergine 27-01-2018 01:36 AM

Shower and cleaning sounds good! Ironing? I do not own an iron...

Oh that sounds good. What kind of thing are you thinking of getting them? Can you send me virtual cat cuddles?

It's your birthday tomorrow, Person! :)

I'm going to be 31 this year. Doom. Here we go, early thirties...

nonperson 27-01-2018 01:39 AM

Argh, it is tomorrow! Here we go mid-thirties *cry!* I really feel so old. =(

You can have as many virtual cat cuddles as you like.

And I have no idea what to get her. I find buying gifts really difficult!

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:42 AM

Happy birthday, Person!!!

I'll bake you a mint chocolate traybake. :D

Aubergine 27-01-2018 01:43 AM

Ah, you're not old. And I jest about thirties being doom. Being thirty has been TONS better than being twenty. In your twenties, you're still seen as very young, I think. You hit thirty and people start thinking that you might actually be worth listening to! not saying it's right - I think younger people are very worth listening to - just that's been my experience so far.

Gift buying IS difficult. I get everything from Amazon. :) I get Prime. Must look into Prime Student though, and the student Spotify rate, as apparently now I can get it cheaper as I'm a uni student with a valid uni email address?

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:47 AM

Yes, you can, Aubergine. Definitely for Prime, I'm not so sure about Spotify as I don't use it.

And I agree, being 30ish can't be any worse than when I was 21. It is just a number.

nonperson 27-01-2018 01:50 AM

FreeAtLast, it's not actually until Sunday but thanks >.>

Yeah, 20s weren't great for me either... I think it took me a very long time to realise who I was, etc... so 20s were a bit of a weird time for that and other reasons.

I feel like I've lost years though, the last 9 years have turned out to be a waste and I want them back.

I get most stuff from Amazon too. Got Prime too. I tend to google things for ideas and then get it from Amazon.

I might make her a birthday mugcake! She always makes me an amazing cake every year and I can't bake... but I can do mugcakes... but I still need something else to go with it.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:52 AM

I feel the same about my life, I've wasted most of it through bad choices but there's not a lot I can do about it now.

On the topic of gifs: If she's a drinker get her a personalised wine glass. Or a set of glasses. If you know what clothes she likes get her gift vouchers. And the same goes for perfume.

nonperson 27-01-2018 01:56 AM

Not really a drinker. I'd feel weird buying her perfume vouchers or clothes vouchers... I usually go for something edible and chocolately but she's trying to lose weight...

I'll find something eventually. Need a pressie for her 1 year old too but that should be easy.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 01:59 AM

How about a book? And kids are amazing, I prefer them 3 years and over though. :D

Buying for a 1 year old should be pretty straight-forward. Sugar and bright and loud toys.

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:04 AM

Got her a book last year...!

And yeah I got her a drum and some maracas for Christmas! I had fun playing with them too, hehe. I'm not a kid person really, but because I've known her since she was born it's not so weird. She's super cute.

Aubergine 27-01-2018 02:08 AM

Ah, you haven't lost 9 years. I sometime think like that. I spent a lot of my early - mid 20s in hospital, but the time was not wasted. I learnt a lot about myself. I can empathise with people more easily now, who are in a whole variety of situations. It's... Life skills, you know? Not one's that can be taught. It's the same for you. Not exactly the same situation, but you've still learnt a lot, and you've survived! :)

Definitely make her a birthday mug cake! (And make me one, while you're at it...)

How about something from "not on the high street" or something. Don't know how much you want to spend though. Sometimes it can be a bit pricey.

One year olds are lovely. A drum? Something they can bang? Though your friend may not be too pleased with that... ;)

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 02:14 AM

I need to jump in a shower and change my bedding, I'll be back shortly if either of you are still up. If not, sleep well and it was great meeting you both.

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:14 AM

Yeah, you're right. I'm just still bitter about it all at the moment!

I'll need to practice the mugcake so there will be plenty of attempts to eat. I shouldn't eat them ALL myself. ;-)

Looking on those sorts of sites now, I'm on Find Me A Gift at the moment.

Think I'll get some baby clothes. Got her a drum at christmas and it went down really well actually. =P

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:15 AM

I'll probably still be here!

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 02:15 AM

Cool, see you soon!

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:18 AM

Someone can buy me this!


Aubergine 27-01-2018 02:20 AM

Oh good. Plenty of mug cake for me! Though I've also got a blueberry muffin for tomorrow and there will be two in the freezer for other days... You can never have too much cake though, right?

Ah ha! Drum. :) Children love drums! :D Something for the bath? Does she like bath time?

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:21 AM

She loves bath time actually. That's probably a good call. Bath toy and some clothing.

Aubergine 27-01-2018 02:24 AM

Got to love a good bath toy. :)

That cake subscription thing looks AMAZING. Two cakes a month? Oh yum. They always look so beautiful in the window. Never actually had a slice though... Have you?

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:26 AM

It might just be slices of cake, I dunno.

Nope, don't think I've ever been to one before.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 02:32 AM

I've showered and changed and stripped my bed. Now I'm lying here in an unmade bed and wishing I hadn't stripped it. :0(

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 02:32 AM

The longer I stay awake the more difficult it is to get things done.

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:34 AM

Surely the longer you stay awake the more time you've got to get things done?

Aubergine 27-01-2018 02:36 AM

Slices of cake would do! They always look so scrumptious. :) There's one in the city, but I never really go there. Maybe if I ever get brave and venture in, I'll treat myself. :)

Oh dear, FreeAtLast. I hate that. Could you make it a bit at a time and then get in it?

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:39 AM

I only see them in, like, train stations. There's probably one in town but I never go there.

Aubergine 27-01-2018 02:47 AM

Town is scary. I don't go there either! Amazon Prime, Asda delivery, church, park, beach, work. My life. A good life, but I'm rarely more than a 15 minute walk from my flat. :)

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 02:48 AM

Theoretically I should have had my whole house cleaned but instead I sat here and did nothing productive. I've just taken a 12 pack of Corona from my parents' spare room, I'm going to drink a few and hopefully get a sleep. But yeah, the place is a bombsight, I really need to fix it.

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:53 AM

My house is filthy disgusting too. Don't think I've cleaned since before Christmas...

Given up on looking for presents... Now looking at bedroom design inspiration.

nonperson 27-01-2018 02:54 AM

My life is mostly work, home, Tesco/Asda. Dull!

Aubergine 27-01-2018 03:01 AM

Sounds like you work and live in a beautiful place though. :)

I must sleep now. Thank you for the company. Night night. :)

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:02 AM

Night night! =)

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:05 AM

Night night, Aubergine.

Anyone still in the land of the living?

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:09 AM

My life is equally as dull but I try to go out and meet at least one person a week for a coffee.

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:11 AM

I'm still here.

I see my one friend for lunch or a walk most days.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:12 AM

I do private cleaning for a family and started back work today so I have a job to go to every Thursday and she's going to ask her mum and sister if I can work for them as well. I used to have four cleaning jobs, a job at the funfair, volunteer at church and go to uni full-time. No wonder I had a nervous breakdown.

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:14 AM

Yeah that's quite a lot to be dealing with! Full time uni is hard enough on its own.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:14 AM

It's good that you have a close friend you see daily. I've never really had a best friend, just a few good friends I try to catch up with. I meet my brother every week as well, it's just that he has a problem with me constantly using so he's being pissy with me.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:16 AM

I had basically completed the year, I only had a resit to do for an exam I missed and I would have passed it had I not been sectioned. It all went wrong during the summer. Oh well, life must go on. At least I'm not still in hospital.

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:17 AM

I had a best friend at school, so a long time ago... and then this friend I met at work here so yeah, it's quite a new concept to me to have a real life friend!

A few good friends are better than none. It's good you make the effort to keep in touch.

Your brother might find it difficult to understand?

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:17 AM

Can I tempt you with a Corona?

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:18 AM

Nah, I'm more of a cider person. =)

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:19 AM

My brother is anti-smoking and anti-drugs. We grew up in the same house with the same parents but turned out totally different. He tells me straight to my face that I'm selfish and the world doesn't revolve around me, it only bothers me because I know he's right.

Cheryl88 27-01-2018 03:19 AM

Strongbow or Koppaberg?

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:21 AM

Kopparberg, but I had some a while ago and found it way too sweet.

I like Rattler at the moment or Katy.

nonperson 27-01-2018 03:21 AM

My sister and I are completely different too!

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