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nonperson 25-01-2018 09:23 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4153841)
I am tempted by chocolate brownies but they're a bit unhealthy!

But it would solve your beetroot problem. :-)

Cacoethes 25-01-2018 09:47 PM

Hey guys I'm back!
What's occurin?

Sketchy 25-01-2018 09:50 PM

Welcome back Beckie. How was fit beatz?

Sketchy 25-01-2018 09:51 PM

That must be a frightening thought Dawn. I know how precious pets are.

Cacoethes 25-01-2018 09:52 PM

It was great thanks!

What's everyone up to?

Sketchy 25-01-2018 09:53 PM

I’m waiting for celebrity big brother to come on and waiting for my washing machine to stop.

nonperson 25-01-2018 09:55 PM

Hi Beckie. =)

I'm watching Kerrang and hoping that sticky toffee pudding isn't giving me a heart attack... o.@;;

Cacoethes 25-01-2018 10:00 PM

Oh dear nonperson!
Are you ok? :/

nonperson 25-01-2018 10:01 PM

Yes. =)

T'was a very big slice of cake, that's all!

Cacoethes 25-01-2018 10:09 PM

Was it a tasty cake?

nonperson 25-01-2018 10:09 PM

It was incredible.

Cacoethes 25-01-2018 10:13 PM

Thats good!
I love cake.

nonperson 25-01-2018 10:14 PM

Me too.

Too much sometimes!

Cacoethes 25-01-2018 10:17 PM

Know the feeling!!

Im off to bed now.
Night all!

nonperson 25-01-2018 10:22 PM

Night night =)

Sketchy 25-01-2018 11:03 PM

Goodnight Beckie. Sleep well.

Mmmmm cake. Wish I had cake.

Eska 26-01-2018 09:15 AM

Morning everyone :)

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 11:00 AM


How are you?

Sketchy 26-01-2018 01:12 PM

Afternoon all.

I’m watching the cat today. We’re having lots of fun.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 01:13 PM

Hey Lorraine
Glad youre having fun!

I've just had a driving lesson
It was my first in a while so we just drove round the local area but I didn't forget how to drive :p

Sketchy 26-01-2018 01:15 PM

Sounds like a successful driving lesson. It’s good you’re getting back into it.

Any plans for the rest of the day?

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 01:28 PM


I need to go to asda as usual!
Not much planned for the rest of the day.
I am tired!

Sketchy 26-01-2018 01:38 PM

I need to go to the local Tesco.

Just ate some crackers and cheese with a greedy cat trying to steal it.

Aubergine 26-01-2018 02:14 PM

Hello. :) Lunch time! Had a migraine yesterday evening, so went to bed reaaaally early. 15 minutes of break left. We are so busy today!

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 02:32 PM

Migraines are awful!
Hopefully being busy will make the time go quicker!
Always did when I was at work.

I have discovered a new flavour of alpen light bar. Salted caramel. They are sooo nice!!

Sketchy 26-01-2018 02:38 PM

Hope your shift goes in quickly Aubergine.

Salted caramel sounds yummy.

Molly is now in her cat bed going for a sleep, so I’m watching friends and having a cup of tea.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 02:42 PM

They are yummy.
Now just got to stop myself eating the entire box! :p

Sounds lovely Lorraine :)
Im watching NCIS

Sketchy 26-01-2018 02:45 PM

I think I annoyed the cat. She was sleeping on the sofa and I was patting her and holding her paw, so she then walked away to her cat bed. Oops.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 02:58 PM

Haha! Awww.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 03:43 PM

I am cold but my blanket is in the wash :(

one_step_closer 26-01-2018 04:10 PM

Holding a cats paw is sooooo cute! I think mine get a bit annoyed with me a lot of the time too. They're both currently sleeping on my lap. Will post a picture in the pets thread in the picture board.

Now that's why you need more than one blanket Beckie! You should get an Eeyore hooded throw from Primark, they look cute and cosy.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 04:22 PM

Aww cats are cute!
I wish I had an animal of some sort!

That would be the smarter thing to do!
I've put fresh sheets on my bed and my PJs are in the wash too so I'm looking forward to bed time!!

one_step_closer 26-01-2018 04:52 PM

All you need now is Dr Jean to sing you a lullaby. *runs away*

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 04:55 PM


Peel the avocado, peel the avocado...

one_step_closer 26-01-2018 04:56 PM

I didn't mention any song though and now you have written the lyrics and I'm forcing my brain not to compute them!

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 04:59 PM

You started it!!
Now suffer the consequences!!


one_step_closer 26-01-2018 05:01 PM

It has well and truly leaked into my brain now!

What are you doing with the rest of your day?

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 05:07 PM

Good. Thats what you get for bringing it up :p

Just watching tv.
I should probs be doing something productive.

Sketchy 26-01-2018 05:27 PM

I just woke up from a little nap. Molly is still sleeping. I’m waiting patiently for her to wake up and play.

Sketchy 26-01-2018 05:28 PM

Lindsay, your cats are gorgeous.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 05:34 PM

Lindsay your cats are soo cute!!

I'm craving meat.
But specifically meat that has been very slightly burnt on a BBQ.
oddly specific

Sketchy 26-01-2018 05:35 PM

That is oddly specific.

What are you going to have for dinner? I’m not sure what I’m having.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 05:39 PM

I'm not sure.
Probably pasta.
I love pasta!

Sketchy 26-01-2018 05:40 PM

Pasta is always good. I’ll see what Tesco has to inspire me.

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 06:05 PM

Good plan!

nonperson 26-01-2018 06:25 PM

It's Fri-YAY!

Evening everyone =)

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 06:30 PM

Hey nonperson!
Hows you?

My blanket is out of the wash and its all soft and smells amazing!

Sketchy 26-01-2018 06:32 PM

Hey Nonperson.

That’s good about your blanket Beckie.

nonperson 26-01-2018 06:35 PM

I'm good, thanks, Beckie. So glad it's the weekend!

How's everyone?

Cacoethes 26-01-2018 06:36 PM

Yay weekend!!

Got anything planned?

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