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Aubergine 23-01-2018 06:36 PM

Yay! I can't wait to go to bed now! Although trying to sit in my front room like a grown up. Need to get up, close the curtains and turn the light on, but that's a bit beyond me at the minute. :P

Do you not sell fries in your shop then, Lillie?! :P

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 06:39 PM

You guys have not lived if you haven't dipped fries in a milkshake!!!

Aubergine 23-01-2018 06:49 PM

I like fries and I like milkshake, but both...?

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 06:52 PM

Then why not both together?!

Aubergine 23-01-2018 06:55 PM

Because I like my fries with ketchup, not milk.

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 06:58 PM

That's fair enough!
You still need to try it though :p

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:02 PM

:P Next time I go in there, I will. It's usually on my Nan's birthday and I usually just have a hot chocolate, but, I'm sure one of the children will let me nick a chip. Thankfully I can avoid it until November. :P

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 07:03 PM

You'd better do it!!

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:07 PM

Haha! Does it work with chocolate milkshake? That's the only one my cousin will drink...

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 07:14 PM

Yep it works with all the mikshakes!
Has to be McDonald's though.
Dipping it in a yazoo would just be gross :p

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:14 PM

Hey all.

I’m trying not to go to bed so just fell asleep on my rocking chair. It was an awkward nap. Awake now and going to do a washing.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:19 PM

I love Yazoo! Though not with chips... :/

Well done for not going to bed, Lorraine! I'm sorry your nap way awkward though. Washing sounds like a plan. I did three loads today and then gave them to my Mum to dry. Thankfully I have lots of bed sheets!

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:28 PM

Thanks Beckie.

I’ve just put a wash on and the heating on. It’s cold.

one_step_closer 23-01-2018 07:31 PM

Fries and milkshake sounds horrible. I'll stick to tomato ketchup I think.

Clean sheets win! I change my sheets on Sundays so I'm all done with that. So much effort changing sheets.

I have done some washing today too, we are all such adults.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:32 PM

It is cold! I hope you warm up soon. I've got my heating on too. Had a guest earlier and put it on for her, then thought it was too nice to turn off. That's what the warm home thing is for though, right?!

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:32 PM

Hahah I still don’t feel like a proper adult.

Changing sheets is hard work.

Eska 23-01-2018 07:33 PM

I have not done any washing today. I might put a load in tomorrow morning though, before I get the train to go and meet my sister.

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 07:33 PM

I need to change my sheets.
Have a free day tomorrow so perhaps I will do it then!
My sheets are all glittery becauee my pajamas have glitter on them

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:33 PM

Heating is necessary in this weather Aubergine. I hope you are nice and toasty.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:35 PM

I hope you have a nice time with your sister Eska.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:39 PM

Going to see your sister sounds good, Eska! :)

I'm rather jealous of your glittery pyjamas, Beckie!

Hey, Lorraine, we're in our living rooms!

Eska 23-01-2018 07:39 PM

Thanks Lorraine :) We usually do have a good time together.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:40 PM

We are in our living rooms just as promised! Yay!

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:43 PM


I am listening to music. I am always listening to music!

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:47 PM

Music is good. I’m watching the Big Bang Theory.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:51 PM

Oh I love that programme! Which series are you watching? I've watched them so many times that it's like having very intelligent friends that live with me in my flat. :P

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:53 PM

I think it’s the series before the new series. It’s a repeat on tv.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:54 PM

Cool! I usually watch them on Netflix. :)

I've got music playing through my TV, but I'm controlling it on my laptop. It's magic!

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:56 PM

Ooh that’s fancy technology!

I don’t know what to watch now. Might put music on too.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 07:58 PM

What kind of music do you like?

Sketchy 23-01-2018 07:58 PM

I like rock music. What about you?

Aubergine 23-01-2018 08:01 PM

I know everyone says this, but I bit of everything really. I used to listen to nothing but rock music, and spent half of my teens frequenting an alternative nightclub that used to play lots of it. <3 Do you have a favourite band/song?

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:04 PM

My favourite bands are foo fighters and queens of the Stone Age. I’ve been listening to tool too and so many other bands.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 08:13 PM

Oh I used to dance to all of those! Tool were a particular favourite. <3 You have most excellent taste. I'm listening to a band called Bad Wolves at the moment. Only heard of them because they did a cover of "Zombie" by the Cranberries. It's brilliant!

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 08:19 PM

You guys have excellent taste in music!

Aubergine 23-01-2018 08:24 PM

I rediscovered A Perfect Circle the other day. Hadn't heard them in years and years. :)

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:30 PM

I love listening to music. I don’t know where I’d be without my iPod.

Aubergine 23-01-2018 08:32 PM

I've never had an iPod! What kind do you have?

I listen to everything on my phone, unless I am swimming, when I use my waterproof mp3 player.

not_so_insig 23-01-2018 08:33 PM

I am the same too with my ipod Lorraine. Mine is over 10 years old and going strong.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:33 PM

An iPod touch. I love it. My dad gave me it.

That’s impressive you have an MP3 player you can use swimming.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:34 PM

That’s great Dawn. My last iPod didn’t last very long. This one is lasting well though.

one_step_closer 23-01-2018 08:38 PM

I've never heard of a waterproof MP3 player, is this the future or something?!

I like to listen to music on my phone with headphones rather than earphones because they seem to make it sound so good. Do like to listen to it through a speaker when I'm in the shower though.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:39 PM

I love my headphones. I don’t like the earphones. I have red headphones.

one_step_closer 23-01-2018 08:48 PM

What kind of headphones do you have? Mine are blue Skullcandy Grind wireless ones, I'd really recommend them.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:49 PM

Mine are skull candy ones too. I always go for skull candy.

Cacoethes 23-01-2018 08:51 PM

Busy in here tonight!

Im staying for group at SW
Had a good loss so I'm happy!

See you guys later
Be good!

Sketchy 23-01-2018 08:52 PM

Well done Beckie.

one_step_closer 23-01-2018 09:10 PM

Great stuff Beckie!

I didn't like the first pair of Skull candy ones I had. Do you tend to go for red/pink things? Most things I buy where the colour can be chosen are blue.

Sketchy 23-01-2018 09:12 PM

No. I wear all black and usually have black things, but some accessories are bright. I went for red because it was my mum’s favourite colour.

I have a quorn curry in the oven.

one_step_closer 23-01-2018 09:14 PM

Ah. I wear mostly black too but it shows cat hairs a lot! How's Molly doing?

Hope you enjoy your curry. Is it a ready made one or did you get quorn stuff and the sauce etc separate?

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