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Sketchy 09-01-2018 10:12 PM

Goodnight Beckie. Sleep well.

Buttons. 09-01-2018 10:13 PM

Night Beckie :) when I'm off the alcohol I love squash Np. Apple and blackcurrant is my fav.

nonperson 09-01-2018 10:31 PM

It's always cherries and berries for me.

Aubergine 09-01-2018 11:36 PM

It's classic orange squash for me. :)

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:30 AM

Never been overly fond of either of those flavours but each to their own :P I also like flavoured fizzy water, especially apple and raspberry.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 06:48 AM

Morning guys

Aubergine 10-01-2018 10:01 AM

Hey Beckie! I can't believe how early you have to get up!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 10:10 AM

Morning all :)

Shy_Bambi 10-01-2018 10:59 AM

Good morning everyone :)

not_so_insig 10-01-2018 11:43 AM

I have the dentist this morning. Wish me luck!

[Luna] 10-01-2018 12:00 PM

Good morning guys

Good luck at the dentist Dawn xx

Shy_Bambi 10-01-2018 12:31 PM

Good luck! I just had a meeting with my social worker. Turns out I might be moved to someone else. I can't handle change very well and I'm worried I'll slip backwards in my recovery but we'll see I guess.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 12:48 PM

Hey guys

Rebecca, seeing another person can be worrying.
Will you get a chance to meet the new person a few times while still under your current social worker?

I failed the maths test at my uni interview.
I knew I would!
Not too disappointed as it was my last choice and tbh if I got in, I'd have to get up ridiculously early to get there.
So it's fine!

chinahorse 10-01-2018 01:22 PM

Hey beckie, glad you're ok about it. You can use the process as practise and now know where you need to work on in your maths.

Sketchy 10-01-2018 01:27 PM

I’m so sorry Beckie, but can you try again another time?

How is everyone?

I’m waiting on my dad in the coffee shop. We’re going for lunch after a coffee.

chinahorse 10-01-2018 01:29 PM

Ooo where are you guys off to for lunch?

I should be job hunting but I'm currently trying to convince myself not to buy husky x malamute on Gumtree.

Sketchy 10-01-2018 01:31 PM

We’re going to a local pub. It does nice food.

Job hunting can be hard and stressful. It’s ok to take breaks. You’ll find something soon.

Buttons. 10-01-2018 01:33 PM

Sorry Beckie hope it works out. I remember applying for unis I didn't want to fill the quota.

Hope lunch goes well :) me n support worker made spag bol, couldn't eat it all so I've saved the rest loved what I had though.

Buttons. 10-01-2018 01:33 PM

Sorry Lillie ninja posted :P

Sketchy 10-01-2018 01:34 PM

Ooh spag bol! Yummy.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 01:43 PM

Thanks guys!
I've got another interview next week for somewhere else.
And DBS panel hearing thing at another one tomorrow.
Im not hopeful but I'll try.

Enjoy your meal Lorraine!

Spag bol is yummy!

chinahorse 10-01-2018 04:10 PM

Busy time of year for you beckie!

Hope you lunch was tasty lorraine :)

Spag bol is delish buttons!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 04:11 PM

I'm sure your next interview will go great Beckie, you just need a little confidence.

Spag bol is yummy :) plus my other support worker says if I get her the recipe and ingrediants she'll help me make homemade shepherds pie :)

Buttons. 10-01-2018 04:13 PM

how are you doing Lillie?

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 04:29 PM

Thanks Buttons :)

Shepards pie is also yummy!
Another nice comfort food!

Im having soup tonight

Buttons. 10-01-2018 04:39 PM

No problem :)

I do like comfort food, soup being one of them actually, what type of soup Beckie?

Sketchy 10-01-2018 04:44 PM

Hi all. I had a lovely lunch with my dad. I had pizza. I’m back home and I’m full and sleepy.

How is everyone?

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 04:51 PM

Its swede, potato and carrot i think!

Glad you had a good time Lorraine! :)

Sketchy 10-01-2018 04:52 PM

Thanks Beckie.

Your soup sounds good.

Buttons. 10-01-2018 04:56 PM

Glad you had a good lunch with your dad Lorraine.

Potato and carrot sound okay, not so fond of swede.

I'm currently watching Charlie and the Charlie and the chocolate factory (the new one the old one creeps me out) and dog is torn between two toys and clearly this is a tragedy :P

Sketchy 10-01-2018 04:57 PM

Hope you are enjoying the film Buttons. Choosing toys is a big decision.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 05:00 PM

That's a good film
The original one is very creepy!!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:05 PM

Ha ha clearly my dog has big life decision-which toy WHICH TOY????

Thanks Lorraine :)

Agreed Beckie new one great as is the book, first one creepy.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 05:10 PM

What was with the tunnel scene in the first one?
My brother was terrified of that!
Apparently the actors (except Gene) didn't know what was going to happen so their reactions were real!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:19 PM

Why am I not surprised it was even weirder than it seemed! In first one tunnel scene freaked me out but in newer version much more like I imagined it,.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 05:22 PM

Yeah same.
The freakiness in the first tunnel was unnecessary!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:24 PM

True. I want a 'candy' boat!!!

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 05:27 PM

That would be awesome!
I want chocolate now and I don't have any :(

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:30 PM

Also I love Johnny Depp. Less so my dog who seems to have a teuf war with my laptop

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:31 PM

Send Beckie chocolate

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 05:33 PM

Johnny Depp <3
I like him best as Captain Jack sparrow!

I might get some choclate tomorrow!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 05:59 PM

Jack Sparrow is awesome! Probably my best too.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 06:06 PM

CAPTAIN Jack sparrow!

Buttons. 10-01-2018 06:40 PM

I will only be impersonated as CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 06:47 PM


Ive had my soup.
It was tasty!

chinahorse 10-01-2018 07:07 PM

What flavour was the soup?

I don't have anything in that I want for tea. :/

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 07:11 PM

It was carrot, swede and potato.

Oh no!
Thats annoying.
Have you got any shops nearby to pick up something you fancy?

not_so_insig 10-01-2018 07:37 PM


chinahorse 10-01-2018 07:46 PM

I need to be healthy! But I don't want anything healthy or not.

I have 0 clue what E.On is on about on my bills page lol. Ut I suppose they will just take out the money they said on direct debit.

Cacoethes 10-01-2018 07:48 PM

That's tricky Lillie!
Cold you just have a sandwich or something quite small?

I'm on pay as you go with mine so I'm afraid I can't help you there!

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