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tamobhuuta 11-12-2023 10:17 PM

Sorry to hear that lr. I hope you get some decent sleep.

Ahimsa 11-12-2023 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by long road (Post 4371933)
Thanks Beckie

Pasta bake ftw!!! God tier dinner.

Was the late night DIY on purpose or did time run away with you Beth?

It was intentional, I was awake anyway and it needed doing.

That's the best pasta bake Beckie, good choice!

Ahimsa 12-12-2023 12:02 AM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4371931)
Got some granola yogurts and a tuna pasta bake ready meal
And also a hot chocolate at Costa

Seems like a random thing to do at 3am!!
Sounds like a busy day

Costa hot chocolate is ace, have you tried the Black Forest one?

This is a quiet day for me, usually I have to do all that along with a 9 hour shift but I'm off this week!

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 09:03 AM

I haven't tried the black forest one!
Will have to

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 11:18 AM

Morning Cacoethes how are you?

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 11:22 AM

I'm ok thanks. On the train, beginning my sneaky journey home before my nail appointment at 2 :-D

How are you?

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 11:24 AM

I'm ok too. Waiting for my dad at 10.30. Do you know how you want your nails?

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 11:48 AM

How did you get away with saying a nail appointment would last so long, Beckie?!

Hope you're having a nice time with your Dad, Tamo.

Zurg 12-12-2023 11:50 AM

Hi Tamo and Beckie :)
Hope your nail appointment and a break at home can help lift your spirit a bit, Beckie <3
Hope your dad has brought something yummy for you, Tamo :)
I'm taking a wee break with a latte machiatto. I should be hoovering the livingroom before a friend of mine visits later today but she doesn't care too much about the state of my home and the past 5 days have been way too much so trying to avoid ending up in a mental breakdown….!!!

Zurg 12-12-2023 11:51 AM

Lindsay, you sneaky wee Ninja!!! ;)
Hope you will have a nice day too<3

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 12:00 PM

Thank you, Kat. And you! Hope you have a nice time with your friend.

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 12:44 PM

Is he bringing you costa tamo?

I have 2 ideas but can't choose so I'll ask my nail lady for her professional opinion!

They didn't ask lindsay!
They didn't even ask what time I'll be back XD

Thank you zurg!
It is especially nice seeing the piggos!
Gave them a little parsley and a head scratch!
Well, gave pippin a head scratch. Merry will not entertain the idea. He acts like he's better than everyone XD

If she doesn't care then don't stress zurg!
Your mental health is more important than a hoovered living room!
Hope you enjoy yourself :)

Ahimsa 12-12-2023 02:29 PM

Hi all,

my meeting today went better than expected!

long road 12-12-2023 02:35 PM

Hey everyone,

I am still in bed. Yesterday's triple threat has taken it out of me.

Yay for piggos and lattes and things going better than expected.

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 02:39 PM

It wasn't my dad, it was my mum. She did bring me Costa :)

long road 12-12-2023 03:21 PM

Yay Costa! What did you have Tamo?

not_so_insig 12-12-2023 03:45 PM

Afternoon all.

long road 12-12-2023 04:07 PM

Good afternoon Dawn!

not_so_insig 12-12-2023 04:11 PM

Thanks Jen.

long road 12-12-2023 04:19 PM

How are things?

not_so_insig 12-12-2023 04:20 PM

I am much better than yesterday. Slept very well. Actually a bit too well.

long road 12-12-2023 04:32 PM

Glad to hear it. I guess you woke up late is what you meant by sleeping almost too well?

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 04:33 PM

Hey guys!

Lindsay and dawn, thanks so much for my Christmas cards :)

not_so_insig 12-12-2023 04:37 PM

Glad you got it Beckie I was kinda worried that you wouldn't get it because you are IP.

not_so_insig 12-12-2023 04:38 PM

Yes Jen I woke up late.

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 04:42 PM

Opened all my post today. Made me smile!

long road 12-12-2023 04:51 PM

Yay for positive post. I am waiting for a second call back from pharmacist at my GP surgery. The first cal could have gone better (see RV if you want details):and now I am stuck in waiting mode for the call back. It's been an hour...

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 04:52 PM

You're welcome, Beckie.

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 04:53 PM

Waiting for phone calls is horrible. Have you got anything to distract you a bit, Jen?

long road 12-12-2023 05:04 PM

Struggling to focus on distractions as I have no idea when I will get a call. Or what the outcome will be.

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 05:08 PM

I really hope they phone soon and you get a positive outcome.

Ahimsa 12-12-2023 05:33 PM

Have you heard back yet LR? I'm going to read RV now.

I've just woken up from a nap

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 05:43 PM

Yay for fun post!

Hope the call is OK lr.

Glad you slept well insig.

I had a latte and blueberry muffin. Om nom nom.
I started painting my gift for my godmother.

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 07:31 PM

Hope the call was ok jen

Was it a refreshing nap beth?

Blueberry muffins are the best muffins
Apart from the Cadbury ones with the caramel inside them

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 07:45 PM

Was it a good nap, Beth? Hope you're not preparing to be up till the early hours of the morning again!

What are you going to paint, Tamo?

Muffins should always have chocolate in them.

How are you getting on, Beckie?

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 07:47 PM

I would agree with most other bakery items, but muffins are best with blueberries!

one_step_closer 12-12-2023 07:50 PM

Oh no! I don't like how it's all jammy in the middle!

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 07:56 PM

Each to their own!

I think i might have a cold

long road 12-12-2023 08:02 PM

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

In the end the nice nurse practitioner who knows me phoned back at 5:15pm, said I think you need to see someone but I am meant to finish at 5pm so come and see the duty GP who finishes at 6pm (and just so happened to be my GP Dr A). Saw Dr A, at 6:10pm, chest sounds tight and have a slight wheeze but not in acute phase so going to see how I go tonight and if it gets any worse/ I have another attack then start a course of steroids. They had had a crazy busy day by the sounds of it.

Blueberry muffins are my favourite especially from M&S. Although M&S also do this really nice victoria sponge muffin with a jam and buttercream centre.

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 08:07 PM

Glad you got to speak to people that know you

That sounds delicious
M&S is another level for most foods

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 08:08 PM

I'm doing a triptych. Immaculate heart, crucifixion and therese of Lisieux.

I'm glad you saw someone lr, I hope things improve.

*passes Cacoethes a tissue*

Raspberry and white chocolate muffins are my favourite.

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 08:12 PM

Thanks! I stole a stack of paper towels from the bathroom XD

Ooh raspberry and white choc is a winning combo

long road 12-12-2023 08:13 PM

Ooh I had forgotten about raspberry and white chocolate muffins they are also amazing. Turns out I just like muffins!

long road 12-12-2023 08:15 PM

Hope it's a cold and not COVID like the psych Beckie!

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 08:17 PM

Muffins in general are excellent. But NOT with bits of nut in.

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 08:19 PM

Thanks jen!
Was planning to ask for a test when night staff come on

I agree tamo
I like nuts, but not in a muffin!

long road 12-12-2023 08:41 PM

Good plan Beckie.

I agree Tamo nuts don't really work in muffins I think it's a texture thing, don't really want the crunch of a nut in my muffin. Plus my partner is allergic to nuts so I tend to avoid bringing them into the house which is where I mostly eat muffins unsurprisingly!

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 08:45 PM

Does that mean you can't have peanut butter?

Cacoethes 12-12-2023 08:50 PM

Yeah the crunch throws me off in muffins

I'd be sad if i couldn't have peanut butter

tamobhuuta 12-12-2023 08:58 PM

Do you have smooth or crunchy Cacoethes?

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