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long road 31-10-2023 11:43 AM

Linkin Park is one of my go to bands for the worse days.

Well done for getting up and for working despite how much of a struggle it's been today Luce. I hope therapy helps you settle a lot more.

Morning Tamo!

Zurg 31-10-2023 11:57 AM

Hi all :)

I could have slept until noon, i think. But a wee Findus wanted his breakfast and tbf 9 am is an acceptable time to be waken up by a hungry bunny.
I had volunteered for babysitting last night and i think i might just have ended up more tired and worn out than the mini humans ;)
I hope various appointments/phonecalls/attempts at leaving bed/etc will prove a success!!!

not_so_insig 31-10-2023 12:16 PM

Morning all.

Zurg 31-10-2023 12:24 PM

Hi Dawn.
Are you doing anything today?? Or still recovering from flu??

long road 31-10-2023 12:26 PM

When you mention Findus waking you up for bunny breakfast I got the image of bugs bunny saying what's up doc? Flashing into my head. XD

Mini humans have seemingly countess energy until they finally don't and sleep. Caring for them is bound to be exhausting!

I hope you too will have a successful Day Zurg. Although sounds like success for you today is getting a chance to rest and recharge rather than doing stuff

Morning Dawn!

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 12:42 PM

Back from my driving lesson!
Smashed it! (Not the car ;p)
He said I'll only need to do manoeuvres and more slip roads onto dual carriageways and I'll be ready to do my test!
He said to book it as soon as i pass my theory because waiting lists are ridiculous.
I am rather pleased with myself.

long road 31-10-2023 12:45 PM

Well done Beckie! You clearly have mad skills! Definitely something to be proud of.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 12:51 PM

Thank you!
Did some things i struggled with in the past, my fear roundabout and pulling out onto a busy road, but he said i was bang on and he didn't even need to prompt me at all.
And i dealt with it when this ******** indicated wrong on a roundabout.
Sorry for going on about it, I'm just excited XD

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 12:59 PM

Hi everyone, I am of course loving all the Linkin Park listening!

Well done, Beckie. So much to be proud of!

I hope everyone gets on ok with their various things today.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 01:04 PM

Thanks lindsay!

How are you doing?

long road 31-10-2023 01:07 PM

It's lovely to see you excited Beckie :)

Hello Lovely Lindsay!

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 01:11 PM

My washing machine has just shouted on me to tell me it's finished so I'm about to annoy Crookshanks who is on my lap by getting up to hang the washing up.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 01:11 PM

Aww thanks :)

How're you doing with the waiting jen?
Managed to find any distractions?

Poor crookshanks XD

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 01:18 PM

I'm always breaking cat laws. He's back on my lap now!

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 01:24 PM

Haha! I'm sure he'll cope!

long road 31-10-2023 01:36 PM

I was distracting myself pretty well by reading and listening to music at the same time. But now it's 25 minutes until my appointment the anxiety has kicked up a gear. Going to try and do some of my respiratory physio exercise as they have the side effect of calming me down a bit.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 01:39 PM

At least not too long to wait now.
I hope it goes well!

I need to go to aldi but i am tired.

long road 31-10-2023 01:42 PM


If only we had instant teleportation!

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 01:44 PM

That would be so good!
Only on some occasions though. I do like walking sometimes!
Ok, gonna stop procrastinating and head off!

long road 31-10-2023 01:48 PM

Well I imagine one could chose whether to use it. Think of the money we would save on transport.

Walk if you want to for nwjoymwnt or exercise. Teleport if it's too far to walk/ you are tired / time is important.

tamobhuuta 31-10-2023 01:53 PM

Well done on your driving successes Cacoethes.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 02:32 PM

So much money!

Thanks tamo!

Accidentally Abstract 31-10-2023 02:35 PM

Well done Beckie! Hope the appointment is going well Jen. Hello to everyone else.

My therapist was very validating and listened to me, and reassured me that I'm not alone and she's there to help as well, which was nice. Spoke about a few difficult things from the week and cried when I got out of the (virtual) session, but I'm glad I've been able to see her, and can go see her again in person tomorrow. I've also finally had a shower over my lunch break, so feel a bit less like a gremlin. Two meetings this afternoon which I wish I didn't have, ugh. I'm also behind on a bunch of work things but I just don't want to do it. I did finally get my conditional offer email through from my new job though, so that's exciting/reassuring!

not_so_insig 31-10-2023 03:14 PM

Does your washing machine play a tune when it's finished Lindsay? Mine does.

long road 31-10-2023 03:17 PM

Just poking my head in to say appointment went well. And now I am probably going to nap because I am exhausted

not_so_insig 31-10-2023 03:30 PM

Don't forget for those of you on esa/universal credit that the dwp are paying the 300 pound cost of living payment from today until the 19th November. Just in case you wonder why you're richer as it's not a mistake.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 04:29 PM

I'm glad your therapist was helpful luce!
New job is exciting!
You're doing amazingly

Glad the appointment was ok jen
I also napped

Lol. Richer.
Too many bills for that!

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 04:42 PM

I'm glad it helped to speak to your therapist, Luce. And new job stuff sounds very exciting!

Did you get everything you need from Aldi, Beckie?

My washing machine just makes a boring clicking noise. I think my last one was more vocal.

Glad the appointment went well, Jen.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 04:45 PM

Yeah I did lindsay.
Just needed some more fake coke and salad for the boys

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 04:48 PM

How are your fluffies doing these days? Merry still misbehaving?

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 05:06 PM

They're ok!
Yep, always!

not_so_insig 31-10-2023 05:07 PM

Don't forget that tonight's Halloween in case people get an unexpected knock on the door.

Zurg 31-10-2023 05:57 PM

I sure hope not!!! I ain't sharing my stash of yums with no smelly kids!!!!!

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 06:27 PM

Lol zurg!
I'm just gonna ignore the door.
Going out between 7-8:30 anyway so would probably miss them.
I've only had one kid knock in the 9 years I've lived here though!

Zurg 31-10-2023 06:54 PM

Hey, i am allowed!!! Their smelly parents are probably way more rich than i am anyway!!!!! Buy your own noms!!!! Freeloaders!!! >:(

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 06:54 PM

I can hear people outside but they're avoiding my door so far.

Zurg 31-10-2023 06:56 PM

Lindsay, if they knock, just poke your head out and scream as loud as you can: Ya'll need GOD!!!!
They won't bother you again. Ever!!!

one_step_closer 31-10-2023 06:58 PM

I don't think I'll be taking that advice, Kat! I do want people to still believe I am relatively sane!

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 07:03 PM

I quite agree zurg!

Lool! Definitely gonna have to come up with something like that.
But also avoid being sectioned at the same time.
I have **** to do XD

long road 31-10-2023 07:28 PM

Hey Everyone,

Never get trick or treaters here I think it's because we are a small block of flats and only one flat has kids. Plus this year our main hall light is broken so it really looks like noone is in!

I am not feeling quite as good as earlier. Appointment definitely went well but the struggle has set back in a bit.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 07:32 PM

Sorry to hear that jen
Can you do something nice for yourself this evening?

I'm off to a krav maga trial lesson in a bit
Impulsively booked it last week.

long road 31-10-2023 08:16 PM

Partner is cooking one of my favourite dinners (sausage root veg stovie).

I am currently under a blanket on the sofa with Roary Lion and Ducky. And am trying to find something chill to watch.

Enjoy your martial arts! I have heard Krav Maga can be rather intense so pace yourself!

Accidentally Abstract 31-10-2023 08:17 PM

Thanks Beckie and Lindsay. <3

Glad the appointment went well Jen! Sorry that the struggles are back so soon though. I hope that you start feeling a bit better soon and can do some self-care this evening.

What on earth is krav maga Beckie?! Never heard of it - also I'm too lazy to Google it. :P I've got to put my laundry away and think about making dinner, now that I'm finally finished with work.

Accidentally Abstract 31-10-2023 08:18 PM

Damn Jen, you beat me to it! :P
Enjoy the chilled evening and your delicious dinner!

long road 31-10-2023 08:32 PM

I am a ninja!

Not sure how successful chilled evening will be but going to try. Any idea what you are having for dinner?

not_so_insig 31-10-2023 08:43 PM

Evening all. My cat has been keeping me company most of the day. He has fallen asleep several times today.

long road 31-10-2023 09:00 PM

Good kitty.

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 10:03 PM

Krav maga is used by the Israeli military. It's a martial art but a combination of several. It's more about specific real world situations. Very different from taekwondo! Nothing is off limits! It was fun. But jen is right, intense.

Sounds like a delicious dinner jen!

long road 31-10-2023 10:21 PM

Sounds like a rest is in order after the session then Beckie.

Dinner was indeed delicious

I am in bed after having a seizure. Luckily I landed on the futon sofa in the office so no injuries (was chatting to my partner while he was on his computer) but now absolutely shattered and my muscles have tensed up

Cacoethes 31-10-2023 10:23 PM

I showered for the first time since Thursday (eugh) and bedtime soon

Oh no :(
Hope you can sleep very soon! Seizures take it out of you
I'm glad you managed dinner though!

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