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tamobhuuta 18-08-2023 12:16 PM

Zurg, at our church it's like a little cupboard with a wall inside. You can either kneel in front of a grille or sit next to a little opening, depending if you want the priest to see you or not. I usually go for the opening, just because. But you can also make your Confession just sitting next to the priest if the situation calls.

one_step_closer 18-08-2023 12:32 PM

I often have dreams that I float along instead of walking.

Sending everyone good day wishes.

I have been to Asda and Primark and done a washing.

tamobhuuta 18-08-2023 12:54 PM

I love dreams where I fly!

Well done osc.

long road 18-08-2023 02:05 PM

Steroids are very good for reducing inflammation but they are definitely a tricky beast Tamo. I think it's because when you produce them naturally they form part of your adrenal system so get released at times of high stress. So when you artificially add a load your body gets very hyped up.

Alas Zurg it's not real energy but a kind of pseudo energy you feel exhausted but have the zoomies! :woot: That and steroids have many other not so fun side effects, I would recommend a coffee instead much tastier and less unwanted effects!

Get anything exciting or any treats as part of your shopping Lindsay?

I feel like I should not be trusted with the ability to fly. I would probably crash into a lot of things.

I have spent the last hour trying and failing to nap. Did manage to rest a bit listening to a podcast though. Just thinking about what to have for lunch seeing as I couldn't nap.

Pi.R^2 18-08-2023 02:32 PM

Afternoon all! Hope you made it to confession tamo and that sleep will arrive for you soon Jen. Sounds like a productive start to the day Lindsay; how are you feeling?

I have just driven 139 miles. 136 more to go…

long road 18-08-2023 02:34 PM

Has anyone warned the south you are coming Jenna? XD

Safe driving!

Cacoethes 18-08-2023 02:40 PM

I volunteered to come in at 10:30am instead of 12, so that is why i disappeared!
Popped shopping away, got changed, went to get E some baccy on the way and came straight here. Was on my own until 11am.
Which means i get a break. Which i forgot. Lol

I did get a corn plaster thing. Which is helping!

long road 18-08-2023 02:47 PM

Fair enough. I assumed you were just busy doing chores and then work. Yay for extra pay due to extra hours. Must be nice to have a break on a shift for once!

Glad corn plaster thingy is helpful.

Just found out my sister in law has come down with a cold / cough thing. She was here looking after me and in close contact on Wednesday and I am immunosuppressed right now. Weirdly hoping she picked up an infection from me, because then there wouldn't be anything extra for me to deal with but keeping a close eye in case I am about to be hit with a cold on top everything else.

tamobhuuta 18-08-2023 03:18 PM

Confession was good.

Happy journeying Pi.

I hope you don't catch anything new lr.

Enjoy work Cacoethes.

one_step_closer 18-08-2023 04:09 PM

I got a reduced price cute PJ top in Asda and a couple of books from The Works and a charity shop.

I couldn't be bothered driving for so long, Jenna. Have you got some good music playing?

Make sure you take your break, Beckie!

I hope you don't get anything on top of what's already going on, Jen.

Glad confession was good, Tamo. What are you doing now?

tamobhuuta 18-08-2023 04:17 PM

Nice purchases osc.

I've just had tea with Dad and N. Now I'm going to pray a bit. I should probably clean the outside table.

long road 18-08-2023 04:38 PM

Is the pj top nice and soft Lindsay ? I love a really soft PJ top to snuggle up in. What books did you get?

*crossed fingers I will be ok* trying to keep calm and carry on as the posters say.

Ooh tea! Good choice Tamo. I had a cup of tea and a salted caramel cup cake earlier this afternoon. A family member kindly gifted us cupcakes as a get well soon thing.

Zurg 18-08-2023 05:31 PM

Salty caramel cupcake???!!? Where has this been my entire life????

There’s a bun bun flashing his fluffy tummy and ditto booty at me. It's really hard to resist!!!

one_step_closer 18-08-2023 06:59 PM

I think it's soft. It's a button up shirt type one. The books I got were The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner and How To Kill Men And Get Away With It by Katy Brent.

Oh those cupcakes sound yummy!

Does Findus let you touch his tummy? Crookshanks also has a fluffy tummy which I am allowed to stroke.

long road 18-08-2023 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Zurg (Post 4361361)
Salty caramel cupcake???!!? Where has this been my entire life????

There?s a bun bun flashing his fluffy tummy and ditto booty at me. It's really hard to resist!!!

An English supermarket known as Tesco, also have some strawberry and chocolate ones but salted caramel looked the best so I chose that one for today.

Does he get snappy if you go for strokes and he is not in the mood?


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4361365)
I think it's soft. It's a button up shirt type one.

Ooh nice. I don't have any shirt ones at the moment but I am a fan. What colours?


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4361365)
The books I got were The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner and How To Kill Men And Get Away With It by Katy Brent.

Hope you aren't planning anything... XD

tamobhuuta 18-08-2023 07:22 PM

Ooo cupcakes!

one_step_closer 18-08-2023 07:56 PM

I might have to look for those cupcakes tomorrow. Just risking a walk down to my local Tesco as there's supposed to be heavy rain due to a storm. Is that happening with anyone else?

It's a blue top and it's got Disney characters on it.

I can't mention any plans I may or may not have. :laugh:

Cacoethes 18-08-2023 08:15 PM

I have kinda caught up but hello!
I am back and home and fed guinea pigs!

long road 18-08-2023 09:43 PM

Just had an ambulance out. They were good sorts gave me a nebuliser which fixed things, sat with me for an hour or so to check I stayed stable afterwards and have let me at home. We fed them ice cream and cups of tea.

Am exhausted but happy to have had the medication I needed and been monitored for a bit and then left at home. A&E on a Friday night is not a vibe. Sadly attack happened part way through my roast dinner so didnt get to eat much of it.

long road 19-08-2023 06:24 AM

Morning Everyone!

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 06:34 AM

That's grim jen!
At least you didn't have to go ro hospital again!
And I'm sure the medics were very grateful for their tea and ice cream break!
Hope you managed some sleep!


long road 19-08-2023 07:14 AM

Not having to go to hospital is one of my favourite things :p

It sucked but it was a less severe attack than previous 2 so progress??? Ideally no more ambulances would be best but you have to take what you can get.

I got around 5 hours sleep. Just done breakfast and meds that have to be done with food, am drinking a cup of biscuit tea and then will do other morning meds.

How are you this morning?
When do you have to leave to travel into London?

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 07:31 AM

Mine too :tongue2:

Sounds like things are going well so far this morning!

I'm ok.
I'll be getting the train at 11:30. Only takes about 30 mins to get into London, but I'm walking from the station rather than getting the tube to the meeting point so leaving extra time!

EyelinerAndCigarettes 19-08-2023 07:43 AM

Morning!! Yay for meet later! I'm so tired, I also only got 5 hours sleep :/ xx

long road 19-08-2023 07:52 AM

Shame we aren't as good as it as the average person Beckie XD

Yeah going alright getting things done fairly fast.

Fair do's. In London sometimes walking is quicker than tube anyway XD

Hi H, I too only got 5 hours sleep. Welcome to the wide awake far too early club!

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 07:54 AM

So excited!

Supposed to be a nice day too! Weather wise!

Indeed Jen! XD

I am also not a fan of the tube. Always need to save money too!

EyelinerAndCigarettes 19-08-2023 07:54 AM

eugh it's awful being in that club haha

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 08:05 AM

There are definitely better clubs to be in!

long road 19-08-2023 08:16 AM

The tube is not the nicest place (especially in summer when it's crowded) there is a whole song complaining about the tube which I have linked for you below. Warning there is a lot of swearing https://youtu.be/UHu_cfy33bY.

But is very convinient, trains ever 3 - 5 minutes to pretty much anywhere in the city is amazing. You wouldn't need to learn to drive if you lived in London!

When I worked in London I could get off mainline train and either walk ten minutes or take a tube between two stations and then a second tube as part of my commute. Unless it was absolutely chucking it down I always walked was much more pleasant.

Beckie and I are fairly regular members who wish we could cancel our membership

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 08:21 AM

I had that song on my ipod for many years XD

Bestie lives in london and complains if he has to wait anything over 8 minutes for the tube home XD

We are indeed jen!

long road 19-08-2023 08:25 AM

I did too! I also listened to it when going into work in London on a strike day XD

I have waited over an hour for a train down here in South west, I guess you can take such speed for granted after a while. And just expect the same level of service. I think it's a Londoner thing though, when my bro lived there he was the same!

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 08:29 AM

I can imagine most commuters listened to it too!

Trains are meant to be every 30 mins here. But with the overtime ban, they've been on the hour. They're actually every 30 mins today!
Buses however...every hour, if you're lucky. For that one bus. The other main bus is every 2 hours. Thankfully i never have to get that one.

EyelinerAndCigarettes 19-08-2023 08:33 AM

I too find the tube service etc here absolutely amazing! Over in Wales the trains and buses are just non existent, it's that bad!

long road 19-08-2023 08:38 AM

That sounds like the buses that ran through the village I grew up in. Buses here are generally better than yours depending on the route every 20-30 minutes, apart from Sunday or late when it's 1 an hour, but that's only because I live in a small city, in the villages it sucks some get a bus once a week or not at all. That said the buses have got more unrelaiable as they don't have enough drivers because they arent paying them enough, sometimes buses just don't turn up with no explanation. Depends where you are going on train for timings some are every 30 minutes, some every hour but because one of the trains I get starts the day in Scotland and ends it in Cornwall it can easily get delayed!

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 08:53 AM

Yeah wales can be a bit of a dead zone for public transport!

I've lived in villages where there are literally 2 or 3 buses a day.
Strangely, there was also one that went once a week in one village???

We don't have buses on sunday at all.
Our buses used to be every 30 mins. But stagecoach decided the route wasn't profitable anymore, so the most unreliable company took over and now they don't turn up sometimes, they'll leave early, they'll be late, they'll drive past stops that people are clearly waiting and signalling at.....

long road 19-08-2023 09:30 AM

Stagecoach are the ones who are getting unreliable down here! Don't think many, if any, of the bus companies are great. What buses need is improved government subsidies

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 09:41 AM

At least they are doing the fares for ?2 thing.
Our bus company decided to opt out of that one :plain:

tamobhuuta 19-08-2023 10:05 AM

Morning guys! I got up 20 minutes early in readiness for the meet. Got to leave the house at 10.40am

long road 19-08-2023 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4361419)
At least they are doing the fares for ?2 thing.
Our bus company decided to opt out of that one :plain:


Morning Tamo!

I have decided having this much morning is boring. Usually I get 2 or 3 hours of morning lately it been 4 to 7 hours. It starts to drag a bit.

tamobhuuta 19-08-2023 10:31 AM

Mornings are boring.

long road 19-08-2023 10:37 AM

I did have tea already though. Tea is a good part of the morning.

tamobhuuta 19-08-2023 10:39 AM

No time for official morning tea for me. But I did have an extra coffee.

long road 19-08-2023 10:48 AM

That's dedication skipping morning tea to hea dout to meet on time Tamo! Safe travels!

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 11:07 AM

I'm back from taekwondo and showered and changed!
Setting off soon. For some reason, i actually have to print the ticket at the station rather than a scan one???
I'm so used to having one i can scan. Idk why it's making me get it printed. Annoying!

Zurg 19-08-2023 11:13 AM

Whoop, whoop!! Have a fun afternoon all you meet'n'greet peeps :D
Remember, on this occasion it is totally okay to drink lots of tea/coffee, have cake and do silly things!!!

It's hot and humid here. And a bit foggy which i find very strange…. I am unable to trust fog of any kind since my ex played the first silent hill game more than 20 years ago. That was a freaky game!!!!
Possibility of very angry thunderstorm later.

Cacoethes 19-08-2023 11:50 AM

Thanks zurg!

That is very odd!
I haven't played or watched silent hill and i have no desire to!
Fog is freaky though

long road 19-08-2023 12:07 PM

Fog is unnerving especially middle of the day fog. How you get a thunderstorm later and it clears up things nicely for you Zurg.

one_step_closer 19-08-2023 12:17 PM

Have fun everyone who is going to the meet!

Sorry to hear you had an ambulance out last night, Jen. Hope you have a calmer day today.

I hope the bad weather clears up soon, Kat.

not_so_insig 19-08-2023 12:20 PM

Afternoon all. I have no buses on a Sunday/bank holiday or after 6.15 pm. My parents have one every 2 hours but they go up to 11 pm at night. They also have no Sunday service. There is talk of getting additional routes in my county so they might be changing sometime. Our buses go once every 30 minutes from 7 am however.

long road 19-08-2023 12:32 PM

I want to believe I can have a more peaceful day but I am finding it very hard to relax. As I felt ok breathing wise yesterday morning and yet still went downhill in the evening.

More public transport is always a good idea, hope the extra routes get approved Dawn!

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