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long road 28-05-2023 09:50 PM

Ah well that's the new DCI JohnBarnaby Season 15.

I am currently just watching the Season 12 and 13 ones which are the last ones with DCI Tom Barnaby.

I am not really a fan of John Barnaby.

As previously discussed in this thread brocolli is in my top 5 of vegetables

nonperson 28-05-2023 10:00 PM

Oh I meant season 15 of Taskmaster!

I've only ever watched a handful of Midsomer Murders that I now can't remember at all.

What else is in your top 5 vegetables?

long road 28-05-2023 10:11 PM

Parsnips, Sweetcorn, Butternut Squash and Carrots.
Although cucumber is a close 6th.

That makes sense NP! I got confused and thought Jenny Eclair had guest starred in midsomer murders for a minute there XD

nonperson 28-05-2023 10:17 PM

I think I might agree with you on your top 5. But maybe not carrots... Cucumber is definitely in my absolute bottom 5 though.

I mean, there's no reason why she wouldn't appear in it!

long road 28-05-2023 10:28 PM

What would you replace carrots with to make your own top 5? I considered red cabbage as braised red cabbage is amazing, but that involves sugar, onions, apples and vinegar whereas I will eat the top 5 unadorned. also am really fond of mushrooms but they aren't really veg

My least favourite veg are regular peas, leafy green cabbage like Kale, swiss chard, turnip and peppers. But only one I won't eat is peppers because I have a food intolerance to them. The others I will eat them I just not a big fan.

True they do have guest stars sometimes. But not often big names. Orlando Bloom's first acting job out of drama school right before playing Legolas in LOTR wa sin midsomer murders, his character was killed by a pitchfork!

nonperson 28-05-2023 10:43 PM

Hm, I don't know. I think I'd struggle to find a fifth! Peppers are ok, I'll eat them. Or onions? Mushrooms still count as five a day, don't they? Oh I know - my fifth would be aubergine!

Ahaha, poor Legolas. =P

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 10:51 PM

I'd say broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and corn. Also lettuce, does that count as a vegetable?

long road 28-05-2023 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4352968)
Hm, I don't know. I think I'd struggle to find a fifth! Peppers are ok, I'll eat them. Or onions? Mushrooms still count as five a day, don't they? Oh I know - my fifth would be aubergine!

Ahaha, poor Legolas. =P

Mushrooms do count for 5 a day I think but fungi are not veg in a strict classification answer I think.

Aubergine is great when cooked right but soggy aubergine is a bad vibe.


Originally Posted by Ahimsa (Post 4352970)
I'd say broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and corn. Also lettuce, does that count as a vegetable?

Lettuce is definitely a vegetable, just a salad vegetable.

Tomatoes though are technically a fruit... But a savoury fruit so I will let you have it because butternut squash is also technically a fruit and wisdom is knowing tomatoes don't belong in a fruit salad.

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 11:03 PM

Mushrooms are BIG BIG NO for me.

Also courgette, aubergine, carrot, parsnip, most of "root vegetables" I dislike.

I've just put veggie burgers on for dinner and put a wash on now I'm home.

long road 28-05-2023 11:05 PM

What type of veggie burgers are you having? Like what sort of veg? I find pretty much all of them have peppers in so I can't eat most.

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 11:08 PM

Errm, I'm not sure - they're from Asda :)

let me find a link, (I dont do online shopping so will try remember)


long road 28-05-2023 11:16 PM

So many types of peppers (green pepper, chipotle chilli, paprika, chilli powder )in those! Definitely not for me, I hope you enjoy them though! The combo of beans does sound good though I might have to make my own bean burgers some time.

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 11:18 PM

I live off things like this!!

long road 29-05-2023 12:00 AM

I do have cauliflower cheese grills in the freezer to try at some point. Which I am excited about.

I miss the heat of chilli and smokeyness of paprika but not how they made my stomach feel.

not_so_insig 29-05-2023 01:17 AM

Jen if you're interested Tesco have a bean and carrot burger recipe. There's no paprika or peppers involved. Sadly I can't post a link as it is against the rules but you can Google it and it will come up.

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 06:33 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 29-05-2023 10:02 AM

Good morning all. How are you Cacoethes?

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 10:21 AM

I'm ok thanks.

tamobhuuta 29-05-2023 10:43 AM

I'm ok. Having tea with the family. When I got dressed it was bright sunshine but now it's cloudy so I might have to change. What are you up to today?

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:06 PM

Morning all

tamobhuuta 29-05-2023 12:14 PM

Afternoon! How are you?

I've put all my meds in my dosette box and ordered the ones I'm running low on. And I'm going for coffee with Mum this afternoon :) time for mindfulness now.

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:19 PM

Busy day!

one_step_closer 29-05-2023 12:21 PM

Afternoon everyone.

I'm glad you're excited about trying cauliflower cheese grills, Jen. I hope you continue to be excited as you eat them. I found similar things in Asda but cheese and spring onion grills.

Hey Beckie, when are your family coming home so you can escape to normality?

You've got some good plans, Tamo. I hope you enjoy your day. It's sunny here. The sun might be on and off all day with you (and here) it's hard to know what to wear if you're going out.

Hi, Beth. How are you?

I put a washing on and Duty are going to phone me at lunch time although I don't know what time they consider that to be. I have no Pepsi max. So sad.

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:25 PM

BIG sadness at lack of Pepsi max. :( Will you be okay to get through this awful and traumatic time? We're here for you!

one_step_closer 29-05-2023 12:29 PM

I'm not sure. I may need a great deal of support. I might end up breaking down and crying my way to the shop if I really can't cope.

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:31 PM

Please post in serious if you need to. I feel your pain.

one_step_closer 29-05-2023 12:32 PM

Thank you for your kindness. I might do that. It's made worse by having to drink water but I will try my best to be strong.

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:39 PM

WATER??? What IS this madness?

nonperson 29-05-2023 12:41 PM

Afternoon folks.

I only drink water. =)

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 12:48 PM

Hello everyone!
I'm not really sure what happened to the last few hours XD

It's going between sunny and cloudly here. Slight breeze but not cold.

Just been to the co op. I have pepsi max!

That's so good np! I wish i could drink more water. Well, i *could*. I just don't like it XD

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:48 PM

Hey NP,

I'm going to put a hair mask on :)

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 12:48 PM

Ninja post Beckie!

nonperson 29-05-2023 12:53 PM

I don't like fizzy or tea or coffee so I have no choice! I have cherries and berries squash for work though (tastes better when warmish than just plain water) but I never drink squash at home! It is odd.

It is sunny and quite breezy here. I'm delaying going outside for today's round of weeding =(

Ahimsa 29-05-2023 01:06 PM

I think I'm going to go to HobbyCraft and have a crafternoon

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 01:15 PM

You probably have really good skin with all that water!

Ooh that sounds good beth!

nonperson 29-05-2023 01:19 PM

I guess all the water balances out bad skin from being in the sun all day? =/

Oooh a crafternoon! XD

tamobhuuta 29-05-2023 01:20 PM

Feeling your Pepsi max sadness osc.

Crafternoon sounds excellent Ahimsa.

one_step_closer 29-05-2023 02:04 PM

I wish I would just drink water. I have flavoured water for the evening when I stop drinking Pepsi Max. I like Volvic sugar free watermelon flavour or summer fruits flavour. Duty just called as I opened this page. They didn't say much except told me to try and go out and get a drink, and my antidepressant is being increased. I hope I can make it all the way to the shop so you can't rub your Pepsi Max in my face, Beckie!

Do you say you'll do the weeding for x amount of time or x amount of weeds or what, NP? Can you have a day off or is it better not to?

Crafternoon sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. You'll have to show us your creations.

How's your day going, Tamo?

nonperson 29-05-2023 02:10 PM

I hope you can go and get your pepsi max, Lindsay. It will be worth the walk.

It would probably be better to have a day off to be honest... I'm working all next week and the following weekend where I will also need to do more gardening for the inspection on the monday. I'm doing laundry currently and will do a bit of weeding later on this afternoon/evening, I think.

Also Sister Act is on so gotta watch that.

Pi.R^2 29-05-2023 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4353006)
I don't like fizzy or tea or coffee so I have no choice! I have cherries and berries squash for work though (tastes better when warmish than just plain water) but I never drink squash at home! It is odd.

chez'n'bez!!! I also don't like fizzy or tea/coffee, but I drink squash at home and also hot chocolate =D Only water at work so that my water bottle stays nice and clean.


Originally Posted by Ahimsa (Post 4353007)
I think I'm going to go to HobbyCraft and have a crafternoon

ooh, lovely! What will you craft? Or do you just turn up at Hobbycraft and buy something random based on the vibes?

Lindsay, I'm so late but thoughts and prayers for your lack of pepsi max.

tamobhuuta 29-05-2023 02:14 PM

I wish you the energy etc to go to the shop osc.

Enjoy Sister Act np!

I might not go for coffee, I've got a bit of a funny tummy :(

nonperson 29-05-2023 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by Pi.R^2 (Post 4353013)

When I saw this on LFV and did not know what this was referring to and my first thought was "wtf is she on about?". Cheese and biscuits? Bez from the Happy Mondays? And now I don't know whether I like this new cool name for cherries and berries squash or if I feel offended on its behalf :plain:

Oh I forgot about hot chocolate! I will drink that but only in winter.

Pi.R^2 29-05-2023 02:29 PM

Haha, I say it slightly ironically if that helps??
Also, here's the deal-breaker for us to be hot chocolate buddies - do you have it with water or milk?

Sorry you're feeling poorly tamo, I hope you'll feel better soon!

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 02:37 PM

Chez N bez XD

I prefer hot chocolate with milk but I don't buy milk so end up having it with water
I know you didn't ask me. I decided to answer anyway :tongue2:

nonperson 29-05-2023 02:53 PM

Water. Milk is too much of a faff.

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 03:06 PM

It is a faff. You have to get the microwave involved and everything!

one_step_closer 29-05-2023 03:09 PM

I now have Pepsi Max. The relief! I also bought sports mix sweets.

I hope your tummy settles soon, Tamo.

It's worth using milk with hot chocolate though.

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 03:17 PM

Yaaay! Pepsi max buddies!

I'm far too lazy for that

one_step_closer 29-05-2023 03:18 PM

*high five*

As long as you enjoy it with water that's all that matters.

Cacoethes 29-05-2023 03:29 PM

I never actually buy hot chocolate.
There's some here though. The cadbury one is for use with milk but i found some galaxy hot chocolate you use with water.

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