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Cacoethes 29-10-2021 12:25 PM

I usually get songs stuck in my head when I'm walking
Though I've had the theme tune to 'round the twist' stuck in my head all day because we were singing it at work last night

shadow-light 29-10-2021 12:38 PM

ha! I rememebr round the twist, and now I can hear it's theme in my head :laugh:

it's a bit odd in a way, I can't do visualisation on any level (much to the CMHTs annoyance as they keep attenmpting mindfullness with me) but I have super accurate recall for auditory stuff

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 12:45 PM


That's interesting!
I can see how mindfulness wouldn't be good for you!
I hate mindfulness

tamobhuuta 29-10-2021 12:48 PM

I do mindfulness every day but I don't know why because it doesn't do anything.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 12:50 PM

It is raining a lot

tamobhuuta 29-10-2021 12:54 PM

It's raining a little bit here.

I've put some washing on.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 12:56 PM

I hope it stops before I have to go to work!

That's good :)

tamobhuuta 29-10-2021 12:57 PM

Do you walk to work?

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 01:05 PM

Takes me about 40 mins
Which I don't mind
I just don't like walking home in the dark

tamobhuuta 29-10-2021 01:07 PM

I wouldn't like that either. Is there someone you can buddy up with?

nonperson 29-10-2021 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4312472)
What song is it?

Back Foot by Dinosaur Pile-Up =P

Also Round The Twist was amazing! I always thought that someone should do a punk rock cover of the theme tune.

Have you ever, ever felt like this... >.>

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 01:10 PM

Usually I can get a lift but sometimes I can't
I'm ok for most of the walk but there is a very long, dark alleyway that I have to walk down. That's the scary bit

Ninja post np!

I have never heard that song!

They should! That would be awesome!

nonperson 29-10-2021 01:12 PM

It's catchy: https://youtu.be/_7ZQytOqmCk

Never seen the video so dunno what it entails.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 01:17 PM

I like that!
Video is good too

nonperson 29-10-2021 01:19 PM

It's the only song of theirs I know at the moment. Just came up randomly on a playlist I was listening to.

I'll watch the video later when I get home! Don't want to do it at work where anyone might walk in.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 01:29 PM

I love finding random music in playlists

Yeah that would be a bit awkward!

one_step_closer 29-10-2021 01:52 PM

I refuse to let this talk put any songs in my head!

I saw my psychiatrist this morning and he wants to see me again next Friday and refer me to psychotherapy.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 02:02 PM


That sounds like you've finally met someone decent!

one_step_closer 29-10-2021 02:04 PM

Yeah, he's a really nice guy. I hope he stays and continues to work well with me. Psychs are always leaving here. He's Scottish too, we usually get people from foreign countries.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 02:09 PM

I don't know why cmhts have such a hard time holding on to their staff!
My psych is a locum but he's been there for about 3 years now
And god knows how many cpns I've had!

one_step_closer 29-10-2021 03:30 PM

You'll need to be extra charming to them if you like them so they feel like it's a good place to stay.

Cacoethes 29-10-2021 03:39 PM

Yes absolutely!

My current cpn just irritates me but I think that's more my issue than her!

one_step_closer 29-10-2021 04:19 PM

Oh, that must be annoying. She looks after your wellbeing though, right?

shadow-light 29-10-2021 04:47 PM

I've had 3 care coordinators since may, and went the second one left (after one meeting) I had to literally wait for the CMHT to hire a new one :laugh:

I agree that the CMHT seems to have one heck of a staff turn around

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 07:37 AM

Morning everyone

I have spent the evening/night in hospital.
Had several bad seizures on the way ro work apparently
So I've needed lots of IV medication and fluids and tests and scans.
Still got an IV going now
Apparently I was very confused
I hope I can go home soon
I have an amazon delivery coming today!

nonperson 30-10-2021 09:37 AM

Oh no! Do you know what caused it? Are you home yet? Sounds like they've been looking after you though. <3

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 09:40 AM

Not a clue!
Not home yet unfortunately
Still waiting on doctor
Nurse said hopefully i can go home today. Just finished an IV and I'm hoping that's the last of them!
They have been really good tbf

How are you?

nonperson 30-10-2021 09:45 AM

I wonder if the extra anxiety you've been having is playing a part in your increased number of seizures lately?

Hopefully you'll be allowed home soon. Best to stay where you are until the docs are happy you're alright.

I'm ok, tired... Had very disturbed sleep last night.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 09:50 AM

Most likely
Looks like I'll have to try and make a neurologist appointment

Yeah. I'm not going to discharge myself or anything
Just wish they'd hurry up!
I know they're very busy though
I just need to get back before my amazon parcel!

Ah that's not good.
Are you off this weekend?

nonperson 30-10-2021 09:53 AM

I think that would be sensible. =)

Will your neighbour take it in for you?

I'm off work for 9 days now!

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 11:02 AM

Good news!
I can go home
The doctor was like 'I don't know what to do'
(Very reassuring...)
And he asked me if I wanted to stay or go home and obviously I chose go home!

Ooooh lucky you!
Any plans

nonperson 30-10-2021 11:28 AM

Who would choose to stay in the hospital? o.O Unless they still felt unwell or something, I suppose.

Will it take long to get home? Did the doctor not even have any suggestions?

No plans other than getting my garden/house/life in order.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 12:00 PM


I am home now :)
Got an uber. Just couldn't be dealing with buses and trains
The doctor said they'd contact my neurologist i think
I got home to my neighbour cleaning
Which is nice but I just want to be alone!
I think she's nearly done now

Fun times!

tamobhuuta 30-10-2021 12:06 PM

Good afternoon everyone.

Sorry to hear about your seizures Cacoethes, I hope your neurologist has some ideas.

I hope you manage what needs to be done np.

nonperson 30-10-2021 12:10 PM

Does she just let herself in? o.O

How're you, tamo?

tamobhuuta 30-10-2021 12:15 PM

I am ok thanks np. At one point in the night I thought I needed PRN but then went right back to sleep! It's lovely weather here right now so I might spend some time in the garden.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 12:22 PM

Thanks tamo

Yeah she has a key
Which is useful sometimes tbh

It's sunny here
But my phone is warning of rain

one_step_closer 30-10-2021 01:04 PM

I hope things settle down for you Beckie. Had your delivery arrived before you got home or were you lucky?

9 days to get your house/garden/life in order sounds like a lot NP! I hope you can make some progress and feel good about it.

I hope you enjoy some peace in your garden Tamo.

It's just dull here so far.

Did any of you have flooding where you are?

tamobhuuta 30-10-2021 01:16 PM

No flooding, it's only rained a bit. Have you flooded?

one_step_closer 30-10-2021 01:17 PM

Lots of places in Scotland have and some near my area I think. A river in the place when my aunt used to live has burst its banks.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 01:18 PM

Thanks lindsay
Luckily I have not missed my delivery!

No flooding here
It hasn't rained that much

Oh no!
Where my mum lives is really prone to flooding

nonperson 30-10-2021 01:20 PM

No flooding here either, although I don't know what's happening in town where the river is. It often swallows the footpath when it rains heavily. We had loads of rain this morning but it's all sunshiney now.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 01:30 PM

My phone said it was raining but there were no Windows in the room I was in

nonperson 30-10-2021 01:32 PM

I think it probably was raining. According to my met office app a line of rain went right across the entire country in the early hours.

Exciting stuff, weather.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 01:45 PM

Tis indeed!

one_step_closer 30-10-2021 03:35 PM

Thunderstorms are exciting.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 03:35 PM

I love a good thunderstorm

one_step_closer 30-10-2021 03:37 PM

It would be scary to live in places where there are tornadoes and stuff though.

Cacoethes 30-10-2021 03:38 PM

Oh definitely!
Couldn't deal with hurricanes or earthquakes or anything

one_step_closer 30-10-2021 03:39 PM

I like watching them on tv but feel guilty at the same time.

Aren't you meant to be napping?

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