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Cacoethes 11-08-2021 06:33 PM

Hey np!
How are you?

Elmer 11-08-2021 06:58 PM

Hello :)

nonperson 11-08-2021 07:03 PM

Hey Beckie. I really don't know how I am and will leave it at that. How're you?

Hey Elmer =)

Cacoethes 11-08-2021 07:12 PM

Hi Lio!
How be you?

I'm good thanks np.
Just ordered some sugar free caramel syrup to put in my coffee. I can't really afford it but I'm hoping it will help satisfy my caramel latte addiction which costs me even more money!

nonperson 11-08-2021 07:20 PM

What I'm wondering is how caramel syrup can be sugar free?

Cacoethes 11-08-2021 07:22 PM

I don't know.
Science is a wonderful thing!

nonperson 11-08-2021 07:26 PM

Hah, yes it is.

I don't even know what caramel is if you take out the sugar? Just water?!

Cacoethes 11-08-2021 07:38 PM

I guess they just use sweeteners instead of sugar?

nonperson 11-08-2021 08:54 PM

And dye it brown? =P

Cacoethes 11-08-2021 09:05 PM

In that case I do not have a clue!
All I know is that it tastes good in coffee!

nonperson 11-08-2021 09:06 PM

That's all that matters!

pixiedust_11 11-08-2021 10:52 PM

Hey, have literally never posted in here before so hope I can hop on board and join the party!

nonperson 11-08-2021 10:57 PM

Absolutely. The more the merrier!

Elmer 12-08-2021 08:29 AM

Morning :) my cat is convinced I am starving him, but I fed him less than an hour ago. My other cat is angry because I got water on his paws while filling up his fountain.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 09:41 AM


Cats are so funny!

Elmer 12-08-2021 09:51 AM

They aren't very clever my two. They're lovely though, sometimes.

How are you? I'm about to log in to therapy. :thumbup:

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 10:11 AM


I'm good thanks!
Hope therapy goes well!

one_step_closer 12-08-2021 10:56 AM

Morning everyone, I hope you have a good day.

Cats are the best except when they're being naughty!

I hope your therapy session goes well Elmer.

Do you have much to do today Beckie.

I'm going for my second vaccine this afternoon and I know I will definitely be there way too early. I suck at planning times so I'm not having to hang around places for ages.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 11:13 AM

Morning lindsay!

I need to go to asda but waiting for my amazon delivery first

Good luck!
I'm the same, I always end up at places waaay too early!

tamobhuuta 12-08-2021 11:34 AM

Hi everyone. Cats are lovely, maybe because they are naughty.
My only plan for today is go for a walk.

pixiedust_11 12-08-2021 11:41 AM

Hi everyone. Hope everyone has a good day!

Came here to distract myself from work, and I totally should get back to it...

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 11:57 AM

Hello there!
Hope you have a good day too!

Elmer 12-08-2021 12:43 PM

I have abandoned the cats. They are most displeased.

Therapy was fun and games.

Hope everyone is having a pleasing Thursday

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 12:46 PM

Therapy is always fun and games :tongue2:

I got my caramel syrup so I am having a very pleasing Thursday!

Elmer 12-08-2021 12:49 PM

I do love a caramel latte.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 12:53 PM

Me too!
I'm hoping this will save me money from not impulse ordering costa!

not_so_insig 12-08-2021 12:55 PM

Did you get the caramel syrup from amazon Beckie?

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 01:00 PM

Yes I did!

not_so_insig 12-08-2021 01:05 PM

Afternoon all btw. I am going to the park at the bottom of the road today.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 01:10 PM

That's good dawn
Hope you enjoy

not_so_insig 12-08-2021 03:47 PM

I have been for my walk around the park at the bottom of the road.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 03:55 PM

I've been to asda and gp surgery.
It started to rain as soon as I left the house

one_step_closer 12-08-2021 04:15 PM

It was special rain for Beckie.

I didn't get my vaccine because the free bus that takes people there is no longer running and I didn't know this. Another bus has amended their route to take people there so I will try and go tomorrow as a drop in.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 04:22 PM

It was! Lol

Oh no! That's not very good of them at all
I hope you manage to get it tomorrow

one_step_closer 12-08-2021 05:35 PM

2 other people were waiting, it's not obvious the bus has stopped unless you search online and go through a few pages.

What's everyone doing this evening?

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 05:41 PM

That's terrible

I've just showered and put my clothes away
Nothing exciting

nonperson 12-08-2021 06:12 PM

Evening all <3

I might make chilli (and by typing it out it means I will do it).

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 06:13 PM

Hey np!

How are you?

Yesss dooo it!!

nonperson 12-08-2021 06:29 PM

Hey. I'm so-so. Cried at my supervisor again today so... totally winning life.

The chilli will be a bit experimental. Not cooked with this fake mince before.

How're you?

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 06:31 PM

Oh noo :(
It's good to cry sometimes though. Cathartic.

I hope it goes well!

I'm good thanks. Just watching a bit of big bang theory

nonperson 12-08-2021 07:09 PM

Yeah, I guess this was half cathartic, half embarrassing.

Think I'll do chilli tomorrow actually when I get home a bit earlier.

Big Bang is good. I haven't watched for a while. Think I might have another stint of Star Trek for a bit before cycling back to Big Bang Theory.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 07:17 PM

I get that.
I used to cry a lot at my old job.

Sounds like a plan!

I never got into star trek.

nonperson 12-08-2021 07:22 PM

I don't normally. =/

It's good! Voyager is my controversial favourite.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 07:25 PM

Maybe I need to try it again.
I do like sci fi type stuff

nonperson 12-08-2021 07:48 PM

You should. They're all on Pick and the Horror channel at the moment.

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 07:50 PM

Yes I've seen that they're on pick.
There seem to be so many different series of them!

nonperson 12-08-2021 07:58 PM

They're not all worth watching ;-)

Elmer 12-08-2021 07:59 PM

We should all cry more, if we need to.

I hope you're OK np. Alternative mince is the way to go!

I've never really got into Star Trek, but I kinda want to

Cacoethes 12-08-2021 08:01 PM

True Lio

I've heard that np!

nonperson 12-08-2021 08:03 PM

It wasn't entirely necessary tbh! Just kinda came out and then wouldn't stop... -.- But yeah, I'm ok, just bleh. I'm kinda excited by this mince as I did not enjoy the Quorn mince much at all.

I wonder what I'd think about Star Trek if I started watching it now. Maybe I wouldn't like it! =|

But everyone should give it a watch. Next Generation or Voyager.

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