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Buttons. 30-03-2019 06:00 AM

Apple crumble is one of the best things ever invented. Weirdly the Chinese buffet in town does one of the best I've ever tasted.

Thanks for all the support re Albus and Molly.

T a dermal piercing goes under the skin so you can't change it, you can only see the 'diamond' on top of your skin, maybe worth a google as I'm not explaining it very well, I think they look really good but obv there will always be those who disagree.

Eska 30-03-2019 07:01 AM

(early) Morning people!


Stellata 30-03-2019 07:29 AM

A Chinese buffet does apple crumble?! Strange!

I don't know, Eska. Morning! I'm awake because I'm off to see my parents again.

Buttons. 30-03-2019 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by Eska (Post 4215138)
(early) Morning people!


Morning Eska! How are you lovely? Apart from being awake at a ridiculous hour (welcome to my life :P)


Originally Posted by Stellata (Post 4215139)
A Chinese buffet does apple crumble?! Strange!

I don't know, Eska. Morning! I'm awake because I'm off to see my parents again.

Yeah, very odd! For dessert they have jelly and icecream and also apple crumble, no word of a lie!

Oh I hope you have a good time with your parents Katie :)

Eska 30-03-2019 09:30 AM

That is most peculiar, Buttons!

I hope you have a good time seeing your parents, Katie.

nonperson 30-03-2019 10:45 AM

Morning all. I was also awake early ish - before 7am on a non work day. But I have done the washing up and two loads of laundry and sorted some magazines for recycling.

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 11:51 AM

Morning early birds.

I hope you enjoy seeing your parents Katie.

What will you be doing today Eska and Buttons?

NP, that is very productive. What's your plans for the rest of the day?

I'm going to an event at the library where Professor David Wilson (criminologist) is coming to do a talk and promote his new book.

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 12:16 PM

Morning guys

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 12:17 PM

Morning Beckie. How are you?

Eska 30-03-2019 12:18 PM

I don't know what I'm doing today, I don't have anything planned.

Lindsay that sounds interesting!

How are you doing, Beckie?

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 12:19 PM

I hope you can have a relaxed day Eska but find things to occupy yourself with.

I really should be doing some housework right now but...

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 12:40 PM

Im ok thanks

How are you guys?

tamobhuuta 30-03-2019 12:50 PM

I am Ok, got up at 8 for church. Very early for me but worth it. Now I am going to bake a cake :)

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 01:06 PM

Sounds good!

not_so_insig 30-03-2019 01:41 PM

Hello all!

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 01:44 PM

Hi Dawn!

not_so_insig 30-03-2019 01:50 PM

Hello Beckie.

My bus/railcard holder came in the post. My old one fell apart so it was badly needed. Been as it was buy 2 get one free I had 3. So I should be ok for a while. Had 2 the same plus one with the Welsh flag on.

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 02:00 PM

Sounds good!

chinahorse 30-03-2019 03:48 PM

Hey guys. I've had a good day. Been to the zoo! Off out for dinner tonight too.

How's everyone?

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 04:01 PM

Glad you've had a good day Lillie!
I love the zoo

Im ok
Just chilling
Asda was mental today

Buttons. 30-03-2019 05:01 PM

Zoo sounds good Lillie! Dinner sounds good, where?

Hey Beckie-yeah Tesco was a bit mad as well-mainly fathers of toddlers/babies who had suddenly gone oh **** it's mothers day tomorrow need to get something- I actually ran into a guy trying to persuade his toddler to pick a mothers' day card and going 'well if it's the wrong one I can blame him' :P

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 05:10 PM

Yeah there were tons of flowers and balloons and stuff out

I really want a cheese toastie but I have no bread or cheese :(

Eska 30-03-2019 05:26 PM

Oh Beckie that is a sad state of affairs!

I just cooked myself some fresh food for the first time in I honestly don't know how long.

nonperson 30-03-2019 05:28 PM

I hope Asda isn't busy later tonight when I go.

Having a break from gardening for a bit. I want snacky food but don't have any... although I do have bread and cheese. =P

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 05:33 PM

Lots of people coming out of my local Tesco with flowers!

Sounds like a nice day Lillie, I hope you enjoy dinner.

Beckie, you always seem to want what you don't have in. Poor soul. :(

Well done Eska! What did you cook?

What have you been doing in the garden NP?

The criminologist event was good. I'm mega tired now after this busy week and still got lots coming up next week.

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 05:34 PM

It is very sad!

Well done eska!
What did you have?

thats a shame np!
You should have a cheese toastie :p

nonperson 30-03-2019 05:35 PM

Just boring weeding and deciding where to plant some trees.

Have you got some time to recover, Lindsay?

nonperson 30-03-2019 05:36 PM

I might, Beckie. I just might. =P

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 05:38 PM

Glad the event was good Lindsay!

I have chicken for dinner.
Also need to dye my hair at some point

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 05:38 PM

A cheese toastie must be had by all!

Tomorrow I don't have anything huge on but will need to catch up with housework and stuff. Got things on Monday, Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, and 2 things on Thursday.

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 05:39 PM

What kind of chicken meal will you be having?

Does dying your hair take long?

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 05:57 PM

Sounds like a busy week lindsay!

Im gonna have chicken, chips and veg

Dying my hair doesn't take long at all.
Just stick the dye on and wash it off after 30 mins

Eska 30-03-2019 06:19 PM

I had a kind of stir fry thing, and couscous.

That does sound busy, Lindsay!

How is the garden, np?

nonperson 30-03-2019 06:25 PM

Mmm, couscous is nice.

My garden is generally appalling but does look better in the small bit I weeded.

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 06:36 PM

I'm currently blasting the new soilwork album :-D

and since its a nice night I have the window open so the neighbours get to hear the new soilwork album too :-p

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 06:45 PM

Good news: I managed to peel a potato without injury
Bad news: My oven is not heating up for some reason

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 06:46 PM

are you making chips coco??

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 06:50 PM

Well, I was planning to but my oven has other ideas!

EDIT: Fixed it!! (I.e fiddled around with the knobs and buttons until it worked

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 06:55 PM

hehe you said knob :-p

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 07:00 PM

You're such a child :eyeroll:

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 07:01 PM

I know you are but what am I :-p

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 07:23 PM

Classic comeback Zombie.

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 07:26 PM

she started it :-p

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 07:28 PM

I know. It's very dangerous to use the word knob.

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 07:35 PM

hehe now you said knob :-p

one_step_closer 30-03-2019 07:39 PM

Oops. It's catching.


Cacoethes 30-03-2019 07:43 PM

I did think about it but thought 'well, we're all grown ups here so no one will point it out'
Oh how wrong I was!

zombiehunter 30-03-2019 07:44 PM

OSC did you just call me a knob?? :O

steak and chips for ****ing dinner tonight :-D

Cacoethes 30-03-2019 07:49 PM

Mmmm steak!

nonperson 30-03-2019 07:58 PM


I mean, hi!

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