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xxjuliexx 12-05-2010 05:30 AM

hey hun *hugs*

SoMuchMore 12-05-2010 07:49 AM

*tosses confetti everywhere* I didnt really get to celebrate yet since i'm one of the first ppl that i know that are done with finals... So i figured id celebrate in here.

*cleans up and retreats into a corner*

frenchhorn 12-05-2010 07:53 AM

*gives laura a congrats hugs*
*waves hello to noonesfool* I'm Oliver
*hugs Julie*
*hugs Helen*
*hugs Kahlia*
*hugs everyone else*

*hides in a corner* I've been awake all night and I have an exam in an hour and then a day of rehearsals through to tonight.

Doikers 12-05-2010 09:07 AM

*Throws some confetti for Laura* :)
*Hugs Laura*
*Hugs April* I missed you again! I have gotta start paying more attention :S
*SUPER HUGS OLIVER* I'm sorry your depression has increased , I hate it when that happens to me, I'm sort of in a bit of a dip myself so can relate. am willing to listen and try and help if I can :)

* Housing support worker is here ! * Hugs everyone*

Kahlia1981 12-05-2010 09:09 AM

*hugs everyone who wants/needs and can accept hugs*

So over the politics of just trying to get psychological and psychiatric help from the public system. They are putting so many blocks in my way. My lawyer will tear them all to shreds.

xxjuliexx 12-05-2010 09:25 AM

and i see u mark

Doikers 12-05-2010 10:04 AM

*Hugs Kahlia* I'm sorry you are struggling to get help , That must be so frustrating *Squishes*

Kahlia1981 12-05-2010 10:26 AM

*huggles Mark back* Thanks. Yeah, it's incredibly frustrating. *sigh*

xxjuliexx 12-05-2010 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by nicole94 (Post 2291395)
warns anyone who is allergic to cats, then brings a box of kittens in to play/cuddle

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look at the kittys

Scarletdreamer 12-05-2010 11:14 AM

I spy a Mark!! *cuddles*

Sorry for the lack of individual replies... am really cold right now and just got up so can't really think that well - the heat's still not on so we're relying on "alternative measures" for heat... heh... i.e., candles (they do put out quite a bit of heat if you get the big ones!!) and the oven. Heh. And, of course, Daniel (the cat). He's a nice toasty little heater if he's in a snuggly mood. :)

MammaMia 12-05-2010 11:14 AM

I spy a April && Mark :p

*cuddles everyone and then hides*

Doikers 12-05-2010 11:18 AM

*Finds and then Hugs Helen*

*Hugs April* I Spot you!

*Hugs JK* I spot you too :)

MammaMia 12-05-2010 11:21 AM

I know you feel re: no heat. It sucks. Especially when it's middle of winter & freeeeezing more than ever. :P But yes...I feel for you April *hugs*

jonikd 12-05-2010 11:55 AM

Thanks for the kittens Nicole, its hard not to smile with kittens around *smiles* Thanks for your pic too, its nice to know who we're hugging *hugs beautiful Nicole!*

April, honey, your hair looks awesome, and you look awesome. Jarrod is one lucky guy, I can see why you're so happy with the result. *squishes*

Laura, we are all so very proud of you hun, that's a fantastic achievement through what has been a time of ups and downs for you *hugs excitedly*

Thanks for the hugs Mark and Helen. I would take both your **** feelings off you if I could *hugs back*

Kahlia, we shouldn't have to fight for care, it sounds unbelievably bad over there, and whilst I have to pay for my care that's my choice to stay out of the MH system here, but I would have options. Hang in there, you've come this far you will make it. I believe in you.

Ally, why you always in your tent? It must be snuggly in there and have all sorts of magical things :)

Noones fool, is there something else you'd rather we call you? It does get very busy in here and I understand how you feel ignored. The peeps here are friendly and supportive, but it does move really quickly at times. hope you're doing a bit better than a few pages back. Is there anything we can do? *hesitantly hugs till I know if you're a hugger*

*hugs Oliver tight and keeps him safe*

*cuddles Crimson, Hayley & Lindsay plus the inevitable missed ones*

*sits next to Julie and takes her mind off the next dentist appointment* You ok sweet?

I'm off to bed now, be kind to yourselves ok?

Doikers 12-05-2010 11:57 AM

:( I've just got a letter from my GP asking me to make an appointment to "Discuss My Medication" . They refused to give me my Diazepam and when I contacted my mental health team I get this letter from my GP. They are going to want to quiz me about how and why I need Diaz , I am no good in meetings , under any pressure or stress I'm awful. Why The crap should I HAVE TO justify my need for Diaz , I take it responsibly , I don't abuse it and I am Presricbed it from my Psychiatrist why can't they just give me my prescirbed meds , I can't talk to Yet another person ( Pysch Dr , SW , Houseing support worker , Nurse , different nurse , Psychologist (Ued too)) I feel like a public ****ing one guy freak show ugh

I can't do this , I can't , I can't , I can't :(

SO Triggered now , This letters wound me up with anxiety to the extent that I feel I Need a Diaz . :(:(:(:(

jonikd 12-05-2010 12:01 PM

*hugs Mark until he's calmer*

Go talk to your GP, its good that your team are all talking, though I can understand it may feel overwhelming. They just care about you hun, like we do here.

You can do this, ring the doc and get in as soon as you can and explain to him how you're feeling.

Stay strong, you will get through this *hugs again*

MammaMia 12-05-2010 12:04 PM

*cuddles everyone*

xxjuliexx 12-05-2010 12:20 PM

oooo *leans into helens cuddles*

Scarletdreamer 12-05-2010 12:24 PM

I spy a Hels!! *cuddles* How are you doing, love? People DO care that you're not fine, and it's okay to say so... (replying to your post a few pages back) Any plans for the day? :)

*curls up next to Mark and hugs him* Love, it'll be okay. I promise. You can make it through that meeting and whilst I don't know why they found a need to justify your using it, it is an addictive medication and maybe that's why? I don't know. Sorry if that offended in any way - really didn't mean to. :( I'm sorry that we missed each other in chat last night, maybe today we'll run into each other. :) I like talking with you especially if it helps you through the SI urges, anxiety, etc. But it WILL be okay. Just keep telling yourself that. And worst case scenario (don't we all love those? :-/) if you are so anxious in the meeting without your diazepam then that WILL justify your needing it. I hope that made sense... and didn't offend. :-S And you are NOT a one guy freak show... you're not a freak at all!!!

Oliver *cuddles* Please stay safe, sweet. You are worth so much more than you think you are. I promise. And you would be so missed... I know that the ward would miss you here so much... :( I have been wondering why you haven't been posting as much, guess it had to do with the fight a few pages back? (that is currently in the mod forums and why I refuse to talk to...) Anyway... hope you're feeling a bit better this morning... :)

JK, how are you? hope you sleep well... *cuddles*

So my NP thinks that Mercy Ministries would be a good thing for me to go to now that I'm almost done with uni and don't have a job. I don't know. What do you think? It's a free, Christian, all women's (13-28 y.o., in different locations) residential treatment organization. There is a long waiting list but... I don't know. What do you guys think? :-S I'm scared to commit, because it can be an up to 6-month stay... and it's states away from Jarrod and me... :( so I would miss him terribly.

Anyway. Any thoughts? :-S


Doikers 12-05-2010 12:25 PM

[quote=jonikd;2292604They just care about you hun, like we do here.

You can do this, ring the doc and get in as soon as you can and explain to him how you're feeling.


THEY DON'T care , they just want to mess with my head or at the very least avoid messing up their budget with my meds .

I really don't think I can do this JK it's too much , I am SO Freaked out and I don't feel safe at all
*Hugs back* Thankyou for the hugs :)

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