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Serendipity. 04-04-2020 03:47 PM

That does sound good!

nonperson 04-04-2020 04:04 PM

It's so hot outside. =/

tamobhuuta 04-04-2020 04:28 PM

It's just pleasantly warm here, the sunshine is beautiful.

one_step_closer 04-04-2020 04:43 PM

As is mostly usual there is no warmth or sun here.

Serendipity. 04-04-2020 04:51 PM

It's fairly grey and miserable here!

nonperson 04-04-2020 06:04 PM

In avoidance of going into the garden I have made cookies. In the oven now.

tamobhuuta 04-04-2020 06:47 PM

Was that fun np? What flavour?

nonperson 04-04-2020 06:58 PM

Not fun as such, it was more the need for something sweet and chocolatey that made me do it.

They're a very simple sort of chocolate shortbread biscuit. Bit cocoa powdery but sweet and warm and soft in the middle. =)

tamobhuuta 04-04-2020 07:01 PM

Oo delicious. L made us a non-roll swiss roll.

one_step_closer 04-04-2020 07:10 PM

I want cookies!

Did you just not roll up the sponge Tamo?

tamobhuuta 04-04-2020 07:15 PM

Basically yes!

chinahorse 04-04-2020 08:23 PM

Sounds good no.

Lol non roll swiss roll sounds odd.

nonperson 04-04-2020 08:30 PM

Like a Victoria sponge that didn't rise.

one_step_closer 04-04-2020 08:48 PM

Does upside down cake have a pineapple ring in it?

nonperson 04-04-2020 08:53 PM

Hmmmm, yes..?

*goes to ask Google*

Serendipity. 04-04-2020 09:00 PM

I really want cake now!

one_step_closer 04-04-2020 09:02 PM

I'm wondering if it's ok to go out tomorrow to stock up on cake mix. I do need other things too.

chinahorse 04-04-2020 09:06 PM

If it's part of a food shop for things you need for meals then yeh.

one_step_closer 04-04-2020 09:07 PM

I could probably wait until Monday though when I'd already be out to go to the chemist. I guess I should wait.

one_step_closer 04-04-2020 09:12 PM

I've just ordered a Nutella pizza. It's all your fault talking about cakes.

tamobhuuta 04-04-2020 09:37 PM

Nutella pizza??? Ew. I've taken to making myself curry pizza - a kind parent makes curry then I put a thin layer on a naan bread (instead of dipping the bread into curry). It makes sense to me!

nonperson 04-04-2020 10:20 PM

Nutella pizza sounds amazing. I've had chocolate pizza before (soooo good) but it wasn't nutella.

I'm not sure you can call your dinner "pizza" though Tamo. =P

chinahorse 05-04-2020 09:46 AM

Morning :-)

Blumming cat jumped off the sofa and put his paw in my fresh cuppa. So had to clean it up make a new one. and

tamobhuuta 05-04-2020 10:04 AM

Naughty kitty!

I slept really badly, turns out I forgot my meds. Duh. So facing the day much earlier than usual - been up a half hour already. What does one do before 10am? At the moment I have coffee.

chinahorse 05-04-2020 10:18 AM

I've been up since 7. Which is an hour lie in for me. I've watched half a film. Washed up. Stripped the bed and put it on to wash. Eaten food and drunk lots of tea.

Would it be worth setting an alarm to remind you to take your night meds?

one_step_closer 05-04-2020 10:21 AM

Morning everyone.


I had to try my best to keep Crookshanks away from a friends cup of tea once because every time she put it down on the table he was up at it. She finally gave up and he kept sticking his paw in it then licking his paw.

I got up at just before 8am. Just did the usual morning dressing and breakfast etc and then came online.

Don't know if I'll go out later.

Hopefully you'll sleep well tonight Tamo.

nonperson 05-04-2020 11:05 AM

Morning. I've been up about half an hour. All I've done is move from bed to the sofa though.

Cat disappeared outside without breakfast! The sun must have been too tempting for him.

chinahorse 05-04-2020 11:24 AM

Haha bertiedoeathe paw dip and lick thing. He likes tea a lot. Have you got anything to go out for?

Slow morning are what sundays are for np.

I've now cleaned downstairs and hung up the laundry. Need to repot my house plants and not murder the cat who is wailing at me.

nonperson 05-04-2020 12:05 PM

Every day is a slow Sunday morning at the moment. =/

I have some house plant repotting to do as well. What have you got to repot, Lillie?

chinahorse 05-04-2020 12:40 PM


A cactus and I think it's a gerbera? Like a big pink daisy shaped flower.

nonperson 05-04-2020 01:38 PM

Sounds like a Gerbera. They're nice and cheerful. =)

Failed big time at growing them at work once though, haha. =P

one_step_closer 05-04-2020 02:40 PM

I have some shopping to do but I'll be out getting my meds tomorrow so I should probably wait. I've seen lots of people pass my house today.

How do you know when you need to repot a house plant?

chinahorse 05-04-2020 03:07 PM

The roots grow outthe bottom of the brown pot is when I do it. Also Bertie knocks them over so there is minimal soil in the cactus.

I bet the idiots going out this weekend make ushaveeven stricter rules next week.

I'm sat on my armchair in the garden.

one_step_closer 05-04-2020 04:27 PM

That sounds nice Lillie. Are you just enjoying the sun or are you reading or something?

chinahorse 05-04-2020 05:40 PM

I mainly just dozed, have come in now to nap some more.

nonperson 05-04-2020 09:19 PM

Hope your inside nap was good , Lillie.

It's still quite warm out. I'm sitting on the back step listening to geese and watching a star twinkle.

tamobhuuta 05-04-2020 09:19 PM

Hope you had a nice nap China. I'm watching Travel Man but going to bed soon.

chinahorse 05-04-2020 09:24 PM

Thanks guys, nice enough but not enough. Having a fibromyalgia flare so yeah no sleep is enough.

That sounds lovely NP.

Never heard of that tamo.

nonperson 05-04-2020 09:24 PM

What's Travel Man?

I haven't even had dinner yet. Bed is a long way off.

tamobhuuta 05-04-2020 09:44 PM

It's really good. Richard Ayoade and a celebrity guest go for weekend mini breaks.

chinahorse 06-04-2020 09:07 AM

Morning all :)

Cat let me sleep till half 6 today yay!

Ophiuchus 06-04-2020 09:54 AM

One of mine woke me up at just before 6am, China.
By throwing my glasses case on the floor and yelling at it.

chinahorse 06-04-2020 10:00 AM

The case obviously wronged him.

My glasses case is only the 3rd thing my cat has ever chewed. He doesnt scratch furniture either. He prefers to launch himself on me while I'm sleeping and wind me and wake me up.

Ophiuchus 06-04-2020 10:03 AM

I don't know what the case did, but boy was she annoyed about it!

I have a couple of cats that do that, China. Usually when I've just eaten or when I'm lying down and comfy, it becomes time to use me as a launchpad.

chinahorse 06-04-2020 10:09 AM

Cats sure are strange silly creatures.

Ophiuchus 06-04-2020 10:11 AM

They really are.
But a house isn't a home without them (or any companion animal, really) and mine pretty much rule over everything.

chinahorse 06-04-2020 10:34 AM

Yep. Mine too!

Ugh. I'm being bitched and moaned at by work people for doing something that follows the correct procedure dictated by the frigging manufacturer.

one_step_closer 06-04-2020 10:39 AM

My cats are currently quiet, don't know how long it will last.

That sounds like no reason for them to be bitching and moaning, Lillie.

chinahorse 06-04-2020 10:46 AM

Take the peace while you can get it!

Apparently head nurses moaning at them so they have had a go at me. Like the correct procedure is on the bloody bottle. Read it. Her ignorance is not my fault. Nor is we haven't done that before. Ignorance is not an excuse.

nonperson 06-04-2020 10:58 AM

Try to take some reassurance in the fact that you are right, Lillie, and that it's their problem, their failing so whatever they say to you doesn't matter.

Speaking of cats, mine doesn't tend to wake me up in the morning. If anything I wake him up by rolling on him or booting him out the bed by mistake because I don't know he's there. >.>

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