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Cacoethes 11-01-2020 10:32 AM

Going to see Jasmine today np so getting the bus.
Which has broken down so got to wait for the next one!

Sorry to hear that Lillie.
Can you nap today?

nonperson 11-01-2020 10:34 AM

Ah well that's a good reason to be up early! Rubbish about the bus though.

Hope you can take it easy today, Lillie.

chinahorse 11-01-2020 10:35 AM

Oh no beckie. Is it a long wait? Be worth it to see jasmine though.

Maybe. Depends if dad comes over. Need to think up a way to keep the cat downstairs when he wakes up so he doesnt then wake me up by destroying my stuff.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 10:37 AM

About 20 mins now so not too bad
It is worth it!

Naughty Bertie. Does he destroy stuff often?

chinahorse 11-01-2020 10:43 AM

He has his favourites,I have plastic shoe storage that he likes to take the corners off. He knocked the radio down the stairs this morning. He likes to pull the long fibres out my rug because he knows it gets an instant reaction from me. He chews the back of the mirror and I have one of those storage cubes he likes to try to get stuff out the boxes. I know hes doing it because when I get up he gets fed but it's getting ridiculous. And I cant shut him downstairs in the other room like I used to because the stupid house is completely open plan, dont even have a bedroom door.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 10:50 AM

Oh that's awful

chinahorse 11-01-2020 10:52 AM

I despise this house.

one_step_closer 11-01-2020 12:06 PM

Morning everyone.

I hope you have a nice time with Jasmine, Beckie.

How are you NP?

Cats can be really annoying.

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 12:52 PM

Morning all. Almost afternoon! I slept well, I'm lucky. I think PRN last night helped.

I hope you enjoy seeing Jasmine Cacoethes.

Why don't you like your house china?

How are you, np and osc?

chinahorse 11-01-2020 12:55 PM

Glad you slept well tamo.

Hey Lindsay.

Well my house has no heating, is completely open plan, the bathroom is very old and the carpet upstairs is threadbare, itsexpenaive to run too. Oh and the loo is broken and theres 9 single plug sockets in the whole place.

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 12:57 PM

Fair enough china, that's frustrating. Any plans for today?

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 01:14 PM

That sounds awful Lillie :(

I have arrived at mum's and no one is here
Called her and they are going to be about 25 minutes so I'll just stand here in the cold!

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 01:30 PM

Ooh no! It's not good weather for standing outdoors.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 01:37 PM

It is not!
So windy. And I've only got my hoodie, no coat. Bad idea!

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 01:49 PM


Cacoethes 11-01-2020 01:57 PM

Still waiting...

one_step_closer 11-01-2020 03:05 PM

And Sum 41 Still Waiting is in my head again.

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 03:16 PM

I hope they get to you Cacoethes.

What are you up to osc?

not_so_insig 11-01-2020 03:17 PM

Afternoon all. I had trouble getting up today. Feel low on energy. Anyway I noticed that this thread has had a million and one views!

chinahorse 11-01-2020 04:09 PM

It is very wild outside today!

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 04:39 PM

I went for a walk and the weather was ok.

one_step_closer 11-01-2020 04:51 PM

I just finished reading my book.

There are road closures for lorries here because of the wind.

not_so_insig 11-01-2020 04:52 PM

It's very windy here. It's also very dark so much so that when I woke up I thought it was around 7 pm!

one_step_closer 11-01-2020 04:54 PM

Yeah it's so dark a lot of the time now. I don't like it.

Are you feeling a bit less tired yet Dawn?

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 04:54 PM

What book were you reading osc?

not_so_insig 11-01-2020 05:05 PM

No I am feeling very low on energy still Lindsay.

nonperson 11-01-2020 05:15 PM

Y'ello. I've been out dog walking and have done a food shop. Time to relax now.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 06:58 PM

Hey guys
I'm back home

nonperson 11-01-2020 07:25 PM

Did you have a good day, Beckie?

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 07:37 PM

Yes thanks!

How's your day been?

nonperson 11-01-2020 07:46 PM

Ok, got shopping done and went for a short dog walk which was nice. Watching Doctor Who now and pondering dinner.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 07:48 PM

Sounds good

one_step_closer 11-01-2020 08:08 PM

I was reading All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews.

What might you have/are you having for dinner NP?

I'm glad you had a nice day Beckie.

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 08:31 PM

It's cold and windy here now.
We had weird curry for dinner, I didn't like it.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 08:36 PM

Thanks lindsay
How was your day?

That's a shame tamo
Have you got anything you can snack on if you didn't eat it?

It is very cold

nonperson 11-01-2020 08:39 PM

I had tortellini. Quick and tasty.

Was your curry homemade, Tamo?

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 08:50 PM

I had pasta...with sauce this time!

chinahorse 11-01-2020 09:15 PM

Mmm tortellini is so tasty!

tamobhuuta 11-01-2020 09:15 PM

My mum made it. I finished my bowl but definitely won't be having leftovers tomorrow.

nonperson 11-01-2020 09:19 PM

That's a shame. Hopefully she won't use that recipe again.

Cacoethes 11-01-2020 09:29 PM

What was in the tortellini np?

chinahorse 12-01-2020 09:54 AM

Morning all :-)
Still cant believe it's not even 9 yet. Been up for ages.

nonperson 12-01-2020 10:29 AM

It was aubergine and tomato and some sort of cheese. One of those Rana ones which was on offer.

Morning Lillie and all!

It's gone 9 now. I've been awake since 7:30.

tamobhuuta 12-01-2020 10:33 AM

Mmm tastey np.

I'm just deciding whether to get out of bed.

nonperson 12-01-2020 10:36 AM

It really was. I wish I'd bought two! *will stop talking about pasta now*

I'm assuming getting out of bed would involve a cup of tea afterwards? No rush though.

tamobhuuta 12-01-2020 10:49 AM

I think I will start with coffee.

nonperson 12-01-2020 10:59 AM

Yuck. =P

tamobhuuta 12-01-2020 11:07 AM

You don't like coffee?!?!

Cacoethes 12-01-2020 11:23 AM

Morning everyone
You guys were all up so early for a Sunday!

chinahorse 12-01-2020 11:26 AM

I'm huuungry

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