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Kathryn_Anna 27-03-2016 02:39 AM

I feel the same way Mark. I just wish I could text and not actually be face to face. Writing is so much easier for me.

Why do you fear your mind?

Drewbles 27-03-2016 04:26 AM

I've never been in here, but it seems like a nice place.
I'd been kind of inactive on the site for quite a while but hoping to find a better community than last time. Since I'm not 13 anymore I thought I could try vets :p
and stuff sucks lately so I could use the support.. so hi

*waves to all and settles under a blanket*

Kathryn_Anna 27-03-2016 06:07 AM

*waves* hey ribbonoflight, I'm sorry to hear stuff is sucking lately. <3

Doikers 27-03-2016 11:21 AM

Hi Ribbons!

I don't really know time it is . . . .

Kathryn_Anna 27-03-2016 02:13 PM

Sleep is so over rated. *yawn*

Drewbles 28-03-2016 12:09 AM

Thank-you <3
I don't expect anyone to remember until when/if I get my username change but I prefer to go by Drew.

My job is really messing with me lately. It's this terrible balance of "I honestly don't think I can handle this" and "I cannot afford to quit and look for a new one right now."

Trying to get myself into college this fall but everything is painful and overwhelming already. I can't imagine how I'll manage it when I'm taking classes and working :(

Doikers 28-03-2016 01:02 AM

Hi Drew :) IDK what time you have in Canada , are you able to take a day or two holiday from work to rest your mind?

Drewbles 28-03-2016 01:10 AM

Unfortunately no. I'm one of only 2 people trained to work the laundry room at a very busy hotel, and my boss is not very considerate. I haven't had 2 consecutive days off in over a month, and I don't have a set schedule where I work the same days or times. I just get told when to be there and I have to stay until the work is done. I get holidays but I have to book them at least a month in advance an if it happens to fall in a busy week I won't get them approved.

The past two days have been very chaotic because we had a power outage and fell behind in laundry, and then people without electricity all came to stay at the hotel to wait it out so.. Sudden full house. We can't catch up. I've been starting at 7 and finishing at 5 the past few days.

I'm just.. exhausted. I can't wait to get out of there. With everything else going on it's just too overwhelming. I want a 3 month long vacation where I don't leave my bed.

Kathryn_Anna 28-03-2016 01:19 AM

Hey Drew!

Is there a way for you to get a more set schedule? Like Mondays you'll open and Tuesdays you'll always have off or something like that. I've done the crazy schedules and it definitely adds more stress than necessary.

How are you doing Mark?

Drewbles 28-03-2016 01:34 AM

I might try something like that. *nods*

Eir 28-03-2016 05:16 AM

Hi all. Feeling a bit broken and panicky. First day back at work jitters, on top of general crappy triggery stuff. Gonna leave my emotions on here so I can do the shift.

Doikers 28-03-2016 11:40 AM

I'm just up. Too early to really tell.

How are you guys n gals?

I wonder if the MH advocate is off this Easter Monday . . . .

Hope you all are well.

Kathryn_Anna 28-03-2016 01:38 PM

I'm not ready for the day. No school for the older one today since he's on break all week. So much to get done. And cranky little one already. *yawn* I really want to curl up and go back to bed. Well, go to my actual bed for the first time. The couch is not the best sleeping places. Hubby says I need to try to be productive. Meh.

Doikers 28-03-2016 02:12 PM

*Offers Hugs to Kathryn*

Kathryn_Anna 28-03-2016 03:10 PM

Thanks Mark. *hugs*

I really need some coffee. And a nap.

Eir 28-03-2016 03:24 PM

Survived the shift. Several mini panic attacks. Feel awful over everything and nothing.
Need sleep.

Doikers 28-03-2016 04:41 PM

Well done on getting through your shift , Eir.

I don't know how I'd cope with a Job , I want a couple of hours to ease myself into work as my MH is fragile and show's no signs or anything different for years and years . Thing is as the volunteer buero is gone I cannot even volunteer as I am on benefits and the DWP ( Department of Work and Pensions ) rules say that if I am able to volunteer for like 2-3 hours a week without support I am able to work full time . Benefits Stopped straight away. This happened to my friend , Hannah , She lives in a flat owned by her parents do they waived the rent . Somehow I don't think Wales and West Housing Association would be so kind . . . . Kinda stuck untl the next DWP Medical because yes, I have to be seen by a Body Dr to assess if I should get benefits despite claiming on psychiatric grounds , I've been poked and prodded and reflex tested but none of that is even relevant.

I am sorry to rant , I didn't set out too.

Hope you sleep well Eir :)

Kathryn_Anna 28-03-2016 10:50 PM

Glad you made it through Eir :)

It's okay to rant Mark. That's what it's for. Maybe it's just me but I can't see 2-3 hours of unsupported volunteer work as equal to 30+ hours for full time work. 2-3 hours is giving you a little more purpose without a ton of added stress. Full time is an entirely different ball game. I'm sorry :(

Drewbles 29-03-2016 12:02 AM

Glad you made it out the other side Eir. Rest well.

And ah, that's really unfair Mark :/ Lot of broken nonsense systems everywhere, unfortunately.

Eir 29-03-2016 06:50 AM

2-3 hrs isn't even considered part-time here. Our government set the bar at 15 hrs/week for DSP. The system there seems rather dumb. :-/
Back at work again. Slept ok. Better today because rhythm and routine. Ignore the triggers but gotta do something about them soon.
I don't like this responsible part of adulthood. It's firetrucked. But someone's gotta do it. The man isn't capable. I'm great at burying the crap to get sugar-honey-ice-tea done. But I'm sick of it being my responsibility alone. Sick to death of it.

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