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Doikers 01-07-2010 01:52 PM

*HUGE Holding hugs for Jill*
Please try and be safe not not do anything "stupid"

CrazyHayley 01-07-2010 04:08 PM

*pops in and whizzes around ward to see all her fellow wardies, being careful to not disturb those sleeping in different time zones!*

hey guys... I would ask how you're all doing, but its a bit of a silly question when we hang out in here....so I'll ask everyone..."whats your favourite sound?!"

Sorry I've not been in much, to be honest I've needed to come in here and update my journal as things have been crazy and wierd recently but I was scared that I relied on RYL too much and now that I'm 'sane' that i shouldn't need it. But hey ho, I think I've got through the blip, well I'm telling myself that...oh I'm going to shut up as I don't want to start thinking again...

Anyhoo, I've had my hair chopped off and lightened up a bit ready for summer. Eoghan wasn't too pleased, haha!! Reggie is still being an adorable nightmare and chewing all the things that he's not meant to and ignoring all his toys!

I think of you all lots and wish I could do more for you all. Sending love and positivity your way in HUGE amounts!!

Huggles all round!!!!

Doikers 01-07-2010 05:28 PM

*Huggles Hayley*

shadowedsoul 01-07-2010 05:43 PM

Thanks mark, I'm trying to it's really hard I know what I want to do. And if I did I wouldn't chicken out like last time. Had enough really have feel very unsafe. Curls up

PoisonedApple 01-07-2010 05:58 PM

*hugs everyone and hides in the hardest to find place in the garden*
Hayley I must see the new hair cut! I demand before and after pictures! And you don't have to only be here when you're feeling "crazy".

Sorry everyone no real advice in me today but thinking of you all.

SoMuchMore 01-07-2010 07:51 PM

*hugs helen* I'm sorry you are feeling badly still.

*hugs mark* It is good that you are trying, that is very important!

*hugs hayley* its good to hear from you! And like Crimson said, you don't have to stay away b/c you are 'sane' unless you need to stay away to keep sane, then we understand.

*hugs jill* please try to stay safe.

*finds crimson hiding the garden and hugs her* Don't hide, we'd miss you.

So... I got a call earlier this morning from a friend (S) who said that she needed to talk. The problem is that she lives with the girl my ex cheated on me with and is now dating (T)... but S said she couldn't leave her apartment so I went over there b/c that is what I do... I'll drop anything for anyone. Luckily, when I got there only S was there. Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes my friends got sick and was in the bathroom, i was waiting in her room when T came home. VERY awkward situation as T doesn't like me in their apartment and S wasn't there to defend anything. My friend came out after a few minutes and said sorry that I had to walk over to their place only to have to go home after a few minutes. I'm home now, but I feel so Weird. Awkward. Bad. Angry at T again. Unsafe.

Sorry, i needed to vent.

risenfromperdition 01-07-2010 10:50 PM

*hugs laura* <3
that sounds awkward :(

i gotta go for a bit but try and take care all of you :) <3

MammaMia 01-07-2010 10:56 PM

Sooooooooo anxious, been hanging round for days on/off :'(

Scarletdreamer 01-07-2010 11:50 PM

i'm anxious too, hels. it really sucks. especially as i've already had all of my meds that i usually take. and i really don't want to take another klonopin as i'm running out - need to reorder. gahhh. :'(

it's been kinda quiet in here today, don't know why. or maybe not, maybe just my imagination. dunno.

feel really out of it at the moment. so tired. have spent most of the day on wow, which has been nice, but my eyes are tired of looking at wow-screen, hah. my druid on silvermoon is now nearly level 47 though, and my priest on silvermoon just dinged 63 a bit ago. dungeon-running for the win... heh. surprisingly i wasn't too anxious to do it today, either, with two of the guildies i met irl in january.

*cuddles everyone* sorry not many individual replies... i feel really selfish for not but i feel quite like **** at the moment... sometimes more than others. thinking of you all though.

MammaMia 02-07-2010 12:13 AM

I can't cope :'(
Another night gone wrong, neither to blame on this occasion.
My ex boyfriend (sorta dumped him, but he doesn't know) is being a PRICK.
You wouldn't believe that spending time with my sister stopped the anxiety & suicide stuff temporarily.
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH just least take my anxiety away :'(

SoMuchMore 02-07-2010 12:41 AM

*cuddles everyone* sorry for lack of individual replies.

*goes away*

MammaMia 02-07-2010 12:42 AM

*cuddles Laura*

Sorry for my lack of them too.

katnovia 02-07-2010 01:14 AM

*huge huggles for everyone who wants them and a big plate of freshly home baked sundried tomato and olive bread*

I really wish I had more to offer, but its quarter past midnight and I should have given in and gone to bed hours ago. I'm so gonna regret this in the morning. Especially as I have to make decisions and I dont want to, I just ant to spend time with Jack and not worry about visiting other people and work and sh*t.

New alters again. tiring of this now. oh and infection in surgical wound for operation that doesn't seem to have worked.. sucks.

MammaMia 02-07-2010 01:31 AM

*huge hugs for Kat* If it's okay. Hope you get some much needed sleep soon sweetheart.

xxjuliexx 02-07-2010 01:33 AM

*sits in a corner hiding under my purple blankey*

MammaMia 02-07-2010 01:41 AM

You okay Amy?

xxjuliexx 02-07-2010 01:49 AM

*nods* fine...
very tired
and we feel bad because we havent exersised at all this week

MammaMia 02-07-2010 02:23 AM

It's okay to not exercise every single day. So you shouldn't feel bad about not doing some. Can you have some more sleep if you're so tired?

xxjuliexx 02-07-2010 02:27 AM

i cant go back to bed i spent half of yesterday in bed:plain: not good *rubs forehead* i think i need some water

risenfromperdition 02-07-2010 06:01 AM

*gives water*
eat something?

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