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PoisonedApple 17-06-2010 12:32 AM

i prefer when you say so april... lets me know when to check. like now :)

PoisonedApple 17-06-2010 12:36 AM

hmmm... anything else tipping you in that direction regarding jarrod, april?

Scarletdreamer 17-06-2010 12:44 AM

how irritable he's been... how impatient with me (although most guys would've given up a long time ago)... how he's expressed that he doesn't feel like he has a direction for his days now that he's on furlough... *adulty* issues... ummm... there's more stuff but that's the main bits. :(

i feel awful. just want to cut and cut and cut... :crying:

risenfromperdition 17-06-2010 12:57 AM

take care hun... what would cutting actually help? [long run]

PoisonedApple 17-06-2010 01:10 AM

you're probably right. but i have no idea how to approach the subject with him. sorry *cuddles*

I'mJustMe 17-06-2010 01:26 AM

Hi April.
I'm sorry you feel so bad. I don't really know what to say that could help, which is odd because I am usually full of words. Just think about everything you have held on for all this time, and at the risk of sounding like some nancy off Titanic, never let go.

You're worries aren't fruitness, if they're making you feel bad, they are important.

Smile- it makes people think you're up to something.

P.s why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead.

Sorry about the stupid joke, but my English teacher told me it and it made me laugh so much, so I thought I would share to try and make people laugh to make up for being such a misery before.

*Hugs to whoever wants them.*

Scarletdreamer 17-06-2010 01:51 AM

crimson - i've already talked with him about it and he does think he's depressed. it's just that... well, i don't know if he plans on talking to anyone about it. he's just waiting now to go back to work (he took a 3 month furlough to keep from being laid off, no pay but still have health insurance). he says that even though he hates where he works at least it gives his days some sense of purpose. i don't know though. i guess he just plans on "toughing it through" the depression? whatever it is, it's not too bad yet... but i'm worried about how bad it'll be before he's called back. :-S

thanks for the joke, lia. :P it actually made me laugh really hard and when i told it to my husband he put it as his facebook status... "a joke from april..." lol. so thank you. :) *hugs* and you weren't a misery before, no worries, love.

i really don't feel good mentally... want to cut so ****ing badly... know right where it would be... and i'm listening to a somewhat triggering song too. not wise but i really like it... not because it's triggering but because it has a good ending. :-/

*hides in the warren*

PoisonedApple 17-06-2010 02:04 AM

for some of us we just won't ask for help until we see no other way. on the bright side he acknowledges how he's feeling.
i'm doing the same thing song-wise... what are you listening to?

lolz @ lia's joke.i like that one

MammaMia 17-06-2010 03:37 AM

Having a really bad night :'( Nobody's around to talk to though.

recoveringrobin 17-06-2010 03:49 AM

mama mia:
i hope your night goes better. PM me if you need to talk.*hug*

MammaMia 17-06-2010 03:53 AM

Thanks honey.

SoMuchMore 17-06-2010 09:01 AM

*hugs helen* im sorry you had such a bad night hun. Always around if you need...

Sorry for the lack of replies everyone.. long couple of days. SI stuff is getting pretty bad *sigh* I wont waste ppl's time.. sorry. (and I know you will all say that it wouldn't be a waste of time.. but i just feel like a broken record sometimes so yea)

risenfromperdition 17-06-2010 09:03 AM

it wouldnt be a waste of time :P
poke me on fb :)
<3 [and yes i did say 20 min ago that i was getting off :P]
take care <33

mouse in darkness 17-06-2010 09:40 AM

*Offers hugs to those that want or need them, and waves to those who don't*

Hiya hope everyone is ok. I am nervous as all buggery I am going to do a speech infront of over 100 people. I hate crowds, bright likghts and public speaking. Oh bugger what did I get myself into?

*Runs to nearesr corner, hides under and invisibility cloak and cries*

Doikers 17-06-2010 09:54 AM

*HUGS MID,Heather,Laura,Helen,recovoningrobin,Crimson,Ap ril,I'm just me,Lia , Kahlia and all else whom I must have missed sorry*

Kahlia , My Rent goes straight form the Benefits people to my landlord , I don't touch it , I don't even know what it is exactly , so they seem to have sorted out the problem themsevles :)

Waking up triggered just sucks beyond beleif , I'm not fully triggered but then I'm not fully awake . I have an appoinment with my nurse this morning , is gos a little like a counsellors appoinment at the begining even though that not her role, she is good at it and I like her. Then onto more detox nurse stuff.

MammaMia 17-06-2010 10:54 AM

Last night didn't get much better heh =[ I was in such a bad mood. Not so much now I've had some sleep :D But I do have a wonderfully shitty cold & hayfever on top. Plus my ear ****ing hurts (all that blowing I think!!) Ugh. Anyway today should be good, but I won't be around for a few hours now so...

*leaves hugs for all who need them* :)

katnovia 17-06-2010 11:36 AM

*gently cuddles everyone who sent her cuddles* thanks everyone. reading and thinking of you all. wish i could do more. back off to sleep again, i ache.

Scarletdreamer 17-06-2010 12:32 PM

good morning/evening/afternoon everyone...

*cuddles all*

i really do not want to go in to work this morning... i am probably having a "hissy fit" but i am sick of doing grunt work, sick of not applying psychology as much as i could be had i been more well - or had i not confided in professors as to my mental state - when they decided where to place me. less than 2 weeks and i will be done, but still, i am so ****ing sick of being there. i love the people but i hate not really doing anything with my nearly-earned degree!! :'( anyway...

i really need to work on applying for res. i don't know. i'm just really, really scared about it... :(

i'm so tired of life. just... so over it. can't it be done? can't i go "home"? :'(

played wow for a bit this morning, got a few quests done and a few achievements accomplished. my little blood elf hunter is now halfway through level 13. :) but anyway.....

*hides in a corner in the warren and cries*

xxjuliexx 17-06-2010 01:25 PM

:snoozle: :snoozle: :snoozle: :snoozle: :snoozle:

one_step_closer 17-06-2010 04:45 PM

How are you now April?

How is Julie?

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