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Kahlia1981 28-04-2010 11:21 AM

*offers hugs*

*battens down in a fort made of pillows and quilts in the hope she can get some decent sleep and stop feeling so crappy and will be able to stop crying*

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 11:25 AM

*shakes head* sorry i it looks good but i cant eat that icecream
*pushes everyone little pocket size boxes filled with hugs threw the hole*

katnovia 28-04-2010 11:26 AM

*takes away icecream and pushes through a small cuddly bunny toy* cuddle jemima white rabbit.

*leaves a super soft teddy outside the fort for Kahlia*

*cuddles mark on his way out* take care

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 11:29 AM

i wants to eat the ice cream but.... i....

katnovia 28-04-2010 11:31 AM

*puts hand through hole for julie to hold if she wants* you what sweet?

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 11:34 AM

food... stufff...
i is stupid it dont matter

katnovia 28-04-2010 11:38 AM

you're not stupid Julie. You're special and you matter, so it matters. If you want to talk about it, i'm here. If not, i'm here to just be company if you want that.

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 11:43 AM

*thinks hugging knees*

katnovia 28-04-2010 11:44 AM

*sits next to box, hand still in hole and starts gently humming a soft tune*

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 11:57 AM

i talked ur rosie shes really sweet

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 11:59 AM

*takes kat's hand rocking a little back and forth*

katnovia 28-04-2010 12:01 PM

I know, she said. Rosie i can keep tabs on, she's fairly active. Amy on the other hand *sighs* I don't know what to do with her. As for the others, who rosie knows, I've no idea who they are and why they are, they're fairly quiet i think. *squeezes julie's hand gently* I'm here

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 12:03 PM

i have an amy to

katnovia 28-04-2010 12:07 PM

How old is your Amy hun?

Scarletdreamer 28-04-2010 12:17 PM

*peeks in*

Lots of posts... I spy a Kat and a Mark. *cuddles, and cuddles everyone*

Julie, you are special, as Kat says, and you're not stupid, and you do matter. So there. ;) *offers a mug of calorie-free hot chocolate through the hole in the box*

Lindsay (? one_step_closer), how are you doing? *hugs*

Kat, how are you? *squishes*

Kahlia, I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy :( wish there were something I could do that would help... but know that I'm here if you need someone to talk with, okay? :)

Hels, I hope that you're having a splendid time with your mate(s). :) Sounds like it should be fun!! I hope you're enjoying yourself & getting out of your head a bit, seems like it's been difficult to get out of your head so maybe this will help? *holds you*

*cuddles everyone that she hasn't replied to, and also those people* Cuddles are good and healing. :)

I'm so tired... got up at 5:35am today... silly me, after going to bed at nine last night (lateish for me)... :( And I have a night class - Women & Spirituality - tonight... at which I present... so yeah. :( Am nervous. But the rest of my day should be easy, after I score up my client's papers. *sigh* That's going to take awhile... probably about an hour.

Played WoW for awhile and managed a quest with my level 15 rogue (who is now level 16 :D) that I have never done without the help of a higher level before. So I was/am proud about that. As silly as it sounds, ANY achievement, even in-game, is better than none. Right?... :-S

I'm so close to end of semester... when I told a guildie/friend on WoW that I had gotten through the semester without being hospitalized, she typed out "LMAO" ... which I thought was rather insensitive, then realized that some people might say what I did as a joke!! Not me... as some of you remember, I came very close this term (and last) to being hospitalized. :-/ So yeah. That's definitely another accomplishment/achievement. Heh.

Now I just have to call the person in charge of where I want to do my internship. :) I'll do that this morning... we need to get stuff set up for that... looks like it will be a possibility after all. I just really, really need to buckle down and call her. I hate making phone calls but she's really quite nice.

Anyway, enough rambling...

*hides in a corner with pillows, her stuffed ape that her hubby got her, some books, and a mug of hot chai*

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 12:17 PM

amy's 11 kate's 15 i think and O(owen) is 9 nearly10

katnovia 28-04-2010 12:21 PM

*squeezes Julie's hand* hard to keep track of sometimes arn't they?

*squishes scarlet dreamer back* I'm doing okay. Rosie wants to come out, but I wont let her, so feeling headachy and all meh. What's your name hun?

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 12:24 PM

*frowns* theres no such thing as calorie-free hot chocolate
*invents calorie-free hot chocolate*
tada magic
now there is

Doikers 28-04-2010 12:28 PM

*Hugs April*Way to go leveling up and completeing that quest without any help from a higher level , an acheivment is an acheiment on WoW or IRL or any place else :) Good luck with your presentation at your W&S class. you did really well on your last presentation and I'm sure you'll do well on this one too :-)

*Hugs Kat and Julie and everyone else who wonders into my hug radious*

xxjuliexx 28-04-2010 12:50 PM


Scarletdreamer 28-04-2010 01:08 PM

Kat, my name's April. :) That sucks about Rosie... why don't you want her to come out? *hugs*

Julie, in the ward there IS calorie-free hot chocolate. :) Moreso now that you've invented it!! :D Hehe.

I'm really tired... still. I automatically put my contacts in this morning but am going to have to take them out as my eyes are already getting dry and gluey. GRRRR. I hate wearing glasses, but my friends say they "make me look smarter" so yeah... :-X not sure if that's a compliment or not!! lol.

*cuddles Mark* Did you get the paracetamol for your aches/pains? and enjoy the weather whilst you were at it? (is it good weather there or not?) Here it's kinda crappy looking out... not raining, but cloudy... and cold... I wish it would warm up to what it was last week. *pouts* Heh...

*cuddles everyone else who wants a cuddle*

frenchhorn 28-04-2010 01:17 PM

I'm falling apart, I just want to die, why can't i just die now.
*hides in far away dark corner*

Doikers 28-04-2010 01:19 PM

I got a phone bill for 126.06 *sigh* I only made 6 phone calls and one of them was free , they are going to put up my direct debit by almost 20 a month .

April I got my paracetemol but my back still hurts :( I might go and get something stronger , not Ibuprofen as I can't mix that with my Lithium but I don't know what else is stronger , I'll ask at boots ( Chemists ) The weather here is warm , it's nice , I am not a hot weather person , never have been plus my meds make me light and heat sensitive .hmmm*Hugs April*

*Spots Oliver and Julie*

Doikers 28-04-2010 01:20 PM

*Hugs Oliver* Whats up , do you want to talk ?

frenchhorn 28-04-2010 01:43 PM

life is falling apart, i cant cope anymore, might have to get extensions for all my work, to sept. had a talk with tutor after tutorial, cos she could see i wasnt good, really stressed and low

Doikers 28-04-2010 02:23 PM

*Hugs Oliver* It's ok to ask for extentions if you need them , thats better than letting all your work gang up on you right now , it would help space it out . I hope that makes sense.

Doikers 28-04-2010 02:28 PM

I went out and they let me buy some paracetemol and codeine pills , I've took a couple , lets hope they work .
My housing worker took away the E-ON bill to deal with it but they won't talk to him without me being there so it's gonna drag out for another week :(
And ....
I don't know what to do about this phone bill.:(

The pressure is building up inside me , I feel like I'm gonna crack , grrrr

Scarletdreamer 28-04-2010 02:51 PM

*cuddles Mark* I'm sorry that you are struggling so much right now, what with the stuff in your head, your back pain, and the bills etc. :( That really sucks... I know that "sucks" doesn't truly cover it, but my brain is muzzy and that's the best I could come up with. I hope that things get sorted and sorted quickly so you don't end up getting extremely stressed. *curls up next to*

Just got off WoW again; my rogue is now nearly level 17 thanks to some help from my husband with some quests... :) And I put together a collexion of things I need for senior sem today, which is good - postings that I did online for the class - he wants a hard copy of all of them. So yeah. I think - HOPE - that I did all of them so I can get a full good grade on it... grrrr.


I'm meeting my bestie for lunch at 11:30am... it's coming up quickly, nearly 10am now... and I have to make sure that I'm dressed appropriately for the dinner tonight (scholarship dinner) - I'm currently wearing khakis and a deep purple thermal/hoodie thing that is kinda dressy. However, I have NO idea how dressy I'm supposed to be... :-X GRRRRR again.

Oh, and r/v thread is updated. :-/

*cuddles everyone*

Doikers 28-04-2010 02:57 PM


I hope that things get sorted and sorted quickly so you don't end up getting extremely stressed. *curls up next to*
Too late , I'm already stressed , ugh , I've made me some tea,try to calm me , thanx for curling up near me April *HUGS* I'm gonna take a Diaz I think , I think I need it.

Doikers 28-04-2010 03:04 PM

Oh and Enjoy your time with your best mate April and don't get too stressed about your scholarship dinner if you can help it :) I KNOW pot/kettle/black hmmm

CrazyHayley 28-04-2010 03:11 PM

*eyes pop out of head*
*pokes them back in*

Oh my goodness, there have been 8pages since I went for my nap on monday! Gosh I think I must have got lost down a corridor in the ward for me to miss all that activity going on!!
I've got to leave for a doctors appointment shortly regarding my PMDD - I am telling them that they are putting me on the contraceptive injection to stop my periods. I've had enough of only having 7-10sane days out of each 28. I can't do the emotional rollercoaster and feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness each month any longer. I've HAD IT!!!! (And this is me having a sane rant!!!!)
Anyhoo....just wanted to pop into the main hub of the ward and show my face as I've been hiding the past 48hours....actually I escaped, LOL. After circle on monday night (only shed a few quiet tears this time) I went and stayed at Eoghan's. Today I went from Eoghan's to I've citizens advice, I was there all morning regarding my housing situation and I've got an appointment to see the council about it tomorrow.
Eoghan may not have to be deployed to Afghan in september *jumps for joy* BUT that would only be because he would have accepted a 2year posting to america *selfishly doesn't want him to do either*

As for individual replies and the latest goings on with my fellow inmates, I haven't yet read up on all the posts, that'll have to be put on hold until I return from my GP's this evening. But I'm thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts all of your ways, into every hiding place and corner of the ward.

*group huggles!!!!*

*takes some proplus and prepares for the 30min hobble to the doctors*

Doikers 28-04-2010 03:18 PM

*Lends Hayley an arm to hang onto while she hobbles to the Dr's* . You TELL them Dr's what you need , I think it's a perfectly reasonable and sane request *Hugs ya*

Doikers 28-04-2010 03:56 PM

*waves madly* anyone about ?
I've also had a letter asking me to contact them about my application for incapacity benefit/ National insurance benefits , it arrived last Friday and said to ring them within 2 days . It's Wednesday now ,I've called 4 times and don't get through , the letter basically wants me to arrange a medical , I am NOT happy about that . I didn't even know I was applying for those benefits :S


I don't know if I can cope with all this ......

CrazyHayley 28-04-2010 05:32 PM

*huggles Mark* thanks for the support. I'm back and now munching on some soup and toast whilst I go back and read through the 8pages of posts I missed. Sorry but I don't have any words of wisdom on the benefits thing, I've got to try and get through to them myself - despite having a medical with them and being signed off until 2014, I've just recieved letter telling me I need to attend a work focused interview!! bloody idiots. *extra huggles for stress they cause us*

Scarletdreamer 28-04-2010 05:47 PM

I spy a Hayley & an Oliver!! *cuddles*

Just had lunch with my bestie, really didn't talk a lot and I didn't finish my lunch cos I was so anxious. :( I hate being this way, I really really do. It sucks so badly. :(

Wait Hayley, why would Eoghan be deployed to America?? That makes no sense to me, sending UK people over here... :-/ Sorry if I've missed something, it just doesn't seem to be that sensible. But that is better than him going to Afghanistan, isn't it? *cuddles gently* At least he'll be out of the combat zone... but I can understand how stressful and all that would be. *more cuddles*

*cuddles Mark and then remains curled up next to* I hope that you feel better soon - has the diazepam kicked in yet? Please try not to abuse that... I know you wouldn't do it on purpose but it can feel so great to be relaxed and everything, so difficult NOT to abuse benzos. Anyway... uhmm... sorry, can't offer advice on the benefits stuff as I'm not a UK'er. :( Wish I could help more... *offers more cuddles?*

I'm really exhausted... still... I know that I keep saying that, but I am seriously droopy right now. All I want to do is go to bed... but I have two classes and a dinner left and I can't stand it!!! *wants to rip hair out... oh never mind, it's already falling out!!* (why I have no clue :-/ ... a little worrisome ... but anyway)

I had this really weird dream last night about the younger brother of my bestie falling in love with me, and I with him, and with me still married to Jarrod. It was bad... :( I hate dreams like that. More like nightmares... :'( I love Jarrod so so much, it's just that lately with the depression/anxiety, I haven't been FEELING "in love" ... if that makes any sense.

Anyway. Best stop waffling. :'(

*hides in a hole*

nicole94 28-04-2010 05:48 PM

*walks in, looks around and waves* hi guys. i made it through cooking today. it was so scary. i managed to get her to agree to letting me keep my jumper on, with my sleeves rolled up, so i cou;d quickly roll them down if i got too uncomfortable. was still scary but not too bad.
*hugs everyone then curls up and has a nap*

Scarletdreamer 28-04-2010 05:55 PM

*hugs Nicole* Glad you got through the day okay. :D That's definitely a positive. Keep hanging in there... :)

*spies a Crimson, Mark, and Hayley* :D

PoisonedApple 28-04-2010 05:59 PM

OMG <a href="http://www.lewhif.com/">this</a> is awesome LOL. Now I want one. Stupid email group...

Doikers 28-04-2010 05:59 PM

*Hugs Hayley* Darn that benefits system , so stressful :(

*Hugs April* I'm sorry about your dream , how are you feeling now ?

*Hugs Nicole* Yay you for getting through the cooking class , what did you make? , do you at least get to eat it after all that ?

My Dad popped round unannounced (I hate that) just *Doorbell* and he was there , showed him the phone bill and he totally took over so I'm completly lost now , well I didn't understand any of it in the first place anyway.

With regard the benzo's I have been popping them more than I should , I got so stress because I coulden't cut while my dad was here that I took 2 10mg Diaz , I'm only prescribed 20 a month *sigh*

I need to harm , I'm SO Freaked out I haven't planned out a meal and I usually eat at 6pm which is now , but I eat so much yesterday that some cereal and fruit would be ok today I guess.

I NEED to hurt myself but I am trying so hard not to ......:(

PoisonedApple 28-04-2010 06:01 PM

*waves at Nicole, April and Mark* I was trying to get the link to be under the word this in that last past... anyone know how to fix it? :(

nicole94 28-04-2010 06:05 PM

*hugs april, mark and crimson* i'm proud of myself for getting through it, but very stressed and triggered. i made 3 different cheesecakes mark, one chocolate, one vanilla. and one lemon. and yes mark, i do get to eat it :D (well, with my mum, brother and sister.

Doikers 28-04-2010 06:05 PM

*feels pathetic asking this * Can someone hold my hand please?

nicole94 28-04-2010 06:07 PM

*hugs mark and holds his hand* not pathetic hun. we all need a bit of comfort sometimes. whats up?

PoisonedApple 28-04-2010 06:08 PM

*holds mark's other hand and sits to listen*

Those sound yummy Nicole. :)

Doikers 28-04-2010 06:12 PM

E-ON demanding all that money.
BT stressing me by putting up my Direct Debit by almost 20 a month and I don't know why .
Benefits people sending me confusing letters.
Thats whats up , and I'm scared and confused.
*hugs Nicole and holds her hand*

Doikers 28-04-2010 06:14 PM

Sorry this whole thread seems to have been taken up by my complaining and whineing recenlty.
I really want to cut or be out of it so I don't have to think about all this , I don't know if I'm allowed to say what I did:S

Doikers 28-04-2010 06:15 PM

*Holds Crimsons hand tight*

nicole94 28-04-2010 06:19 PM

they were very yummy crimson :D and mark sweetie, we all have our moments where we take up god know how much space whining, its what this place is for, we just wanna help you get through it. and if you not sure about saying something, it might be better not to, although my PM box is always open. *hugs*

frenchhorn 28-04-2010 06:22 PM

i'm falling apart, tutorial today was bad, usually its me on my own but someone else joined us today, we were in the tutors office, I was shaking like a leaf, I ended up sitting there harming myself to stop myself having a panic attack and walking out, I wasnt concentrating, then at end tutor told other person to go so she could have a chat with me, she just sat there and went your not good are you? it was awful, she said i should think about getting special circumstances, so essays not in until sept, and maybe defer recital as well, but then what do I say to my mum, cant cope, want to die, please can i.
well after tonights concert I can, playing my friends piece which is amazing and have to be in costume as well, but after that can I please just die.

*crawls under the floorboards and crys*

SoMuchMore 28-04-2010 06:23 PM

*hugs mark and sits with him since his 2 hands are already taken* I'm sorry that everything is stressing you out so badly. Money stuff is so hard sometimes. Dont feel bad about taking up the ward by complaining.. that is what it is here for.. Its not whining.

*hugs oliver tightly* Im sorry that tutorial was bad. I hate when I feel a panic attack coming on. And not you cannot die, before or after the concert. Hang in there hun. I know its hard. Sorry i dont have more advice *more hugs*

*cuddles everyone else* I'll do more individual replies later. I don't really have the capacity right now. I've got so much stuff to do. Sorry i'm not being very supportive.

*sits in corner with a backpack full of work to do*

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