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Casper_Fading 05-08-2008 11:52 PM

ahhh, that's alright then. I thought it was like... late... id idn't realise it was only afternoon :P

risenfromperdition 05-08-2008 11:58 PM

*snuggles with jess*

risenfromperdition 05-08-2008 11:58 PM

blah im bored but its 7 here so no way can i take a nap ><

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 12:02 AM

heather! *snuggles back* awww... it's 9 am here... you are all in the past!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 12:05 AM

lol hows youuu

~*forever_broken*~ 06-08-2008 12:07 AM

*joins the cuddle session before heading to the shower*
Ugh, it is SO hot and having to change that tire... I'm disgusting :pinch:

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 12:08 AM

*cuddles ally lots*

have a nice cool shower then :) you'll be okay!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 12:09 AM

its actually a bit cool here O.o
like 70s?

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 12:09 AM

i'm alright heather! how are you doing? part from ebing tired!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 12:09 AM

so bored

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 12:10 AM

eh, full :\
and dreading clothes shopping/writing paper
but other than that, ok
*curls up*

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 12:16 AM

read a book? *pets heather* clothes shopping will be okay! *nods* *cuddles*

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 12:18 AM

*cuddles back and attempts to believe*
i'll be back in a bit
love yaaa

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 12:26 AM

*pokes* you WIll be okay :)

love you too :)

i'm tiiiiiired... can i go back to work and start work tomrorrow...

blondiebear 06-08-2008 01:38 AM

Ally, good for you to change a tire on your own. I've never done it, though helped husband a few times.

Jess, it is okay if you are not perfect at supporting others. I used to be a supporter and it wore me out. I was expected to keep up with more of the forums. Now, I pick where I'm best. I hang out in vets, check substance abuse cause it takes one to know one and I am one. Then last year when the first aid people were on hiatus, i checked there too to see if common sense would help, so now i'm in the habit of ot.

Dwat, no jeans in husband's size.

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 01:44 AM

argh parents shouldnt exist *scowl*

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 01:48 AM

*cuddle susan* thank you sweets!

why shouldn't parents exist heather?

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 01:53 AM

cause i had a kids size ice cream after walking 1.5 miles, and then i got home and my dad was like 'omg you had ice cream?!' go walk around NOW... even though i convinced myself i didnt need to =\
meh =(

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 02:01 AM

awww *pets* ignore them!!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 02:03 AM

but... =\

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 02:11 AM

ignooooooooore them!!!!!!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 02:24 AM

*curls up*
i doesnt feel good =(

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 02:30 AM

*cuddles* what's up?

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 02:31 AM

food's dumb. and yuckkk.

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 02:36 AM

i know sweetheart i know *pets lots*

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 02:37 AM

*ish petted*
*purrs :P*

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 02:42 AM

*giggles* it'll be okay sweetie, it will get easier!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 02:46 AM

hmm kay...

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 02:54 AM

it does! truly!

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 03:04 AM

thanks love <3
appreciate it

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 03:08 AM

it's truuuuuuuue!

*glomps and snuggles*

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 03:13 AM

*snuggles back*
*curls up and ignores world*

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 03:29 AM

awww what did the world do to get ignored... it's a sad world now :P

i'm so tired my brains are addled >.<

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 03:31 AM

*weak smile*

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 03:37 AM

*gives heather a puppy*

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 03:46 AM

haha can i has a kitten insteadddd?
my doggy's enough work *nod*

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 04:01 AM

You can have a kitten!

Here you go:

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 04:04 AM

awh thankies :)

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 04:04 AM

ozzy says hi :P

and so does izzy

hehe <3

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 04:12 AM

ozzy and izzy? cute! ozzy looks like he's been drinkin g:P

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 04:19 AM

haha totally. he's a naughty kitty O:)

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 04:25 AM

my kitten was ghengis khan in another life.... she's evil :D

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 04:27 AM

*pets kitty*
*giggles slightly*

blondiebear 06-08-2008 04:30 AM

I love kitties, even our 19 year old monster, who can't tell time any more.

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 04:31 AM

kitties =)

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 04:47 AM

They're wonderful animals! Event hough my little one is evil, she's still one of the brightest things in my life :)

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 04:55 AM

hows youu

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 04:57 AM

tired. my brain isn't working properly... but i've finished following up on once case load.... i just made roughly.... 50 phonce calls >.<

risenfromperdition 06-08-2008 05:10 AM

eww lol

Casper_Fading 06-08-2008 05:19 AM

something like that. i have some really stupid ass kids on that case load! anywho, i'm offnow. meetings this afternoon. toodles! be safe :)

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