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SoMuchMore 05-05-2011 11:49 PM

*hugs charlie and lia* congrats you two.

*hugs crimson and everyone else*

PoisonedApple 05-05-2011 11:51 PM

eh... ranted for an hour yesterday in my blog... I think i can hold off another rant so soon.
*hugs Laura, Lia n Charlie*

Cazki 05-05-2011 11:54 PM

Congratulations Lia and Charlie! I'm very pleased for you :)

*Hugs Lia, Charlie, Laura and Crimson*

FlyingNy 05-05-2011 11:54 PM

*Hugs Laura, Ian and Crimson*

Thanks Laura and Ian :) How are you both?

I should really leave...I left here and this isn't healthy, but I only realised now how much I've really missed being here.

PoisonedApple 06-05-2011 12:00 AM

That's okay Lia. We missed you too :)

FlyingNy 06-05-2011 12:02 AM

I should sleep now. Night night guys. I love and miss you. I'll visit again someday.

Sefka 06-05-2011 12:56 AM

Well done Lia and Charlie xx

I'm so so so so sorry, I don't want to hijack... but it's late, I'm desperate and I've run out of distractions :crying:

Antebellum 06-05-2011 01:37 AM

Im here and listening Sarah *hugs*

Antebellum 06-05-2011 01:40 AM

If you have facebook and want to talk on facebook chat you can add me to facebook. The link to my facebook is in my profile hun.


Sefka 06-05-2011 01:44 AM

Thanks. I'm really sorry. I don't even know why I'm trying not to do this.

Had a look at your facebook. I know it's weird, but I just think if I share my facebook here, people will see who I really am and will hate me.

I'm so messed up this evening.

Sorry again.

Antebellum 06-05-2011 01:46 AM

Dont be sorry! Do you mean you dont know why your trying not to si?

Sefka 06-05-2011 01:52 AM

Yes. I mean - I know if I do it, I'll immediately feel better. And I know if I don't, I'll eventually get off to sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling worse and more likely to do it tomorrow.

Sorry, I don't want to be all self-pitying and pathetic. I'm horrible.

Antebellum 06-05-2011 01:59 AM

your not self pitying, pathetic or horrible.

The battle to stop self harming is hard. But eventually you will feel good for not doing it. Try to think about something else.

Have you ever played http://www.seenandshared.com/circle-the-cat.htm ???

I find it distracting.

Sefka 06-05-2011 02:05 AM

Thanks :)

I've caught the cat a few times. I think I'm going to try and get some sleep. Thanks so much for talking with me - means a lot xx

Antebellum 06-05-2011 02:07 AM

I love catching the cat!

I hope you can sleep, it always makes me feel better!

I'm always around if you want to talk, :-) I think I'm going to go to bed too, I've been mindlessly eating sweets and Its just dawned on me I've eaten way too many and feel quite sick 0.o


Sefka 06-05-2011 02:11 AM

Ah, thanks again.

Feel better tomorrow xx

Doikers 06-05-2011 06:30 AM

*Hugs Lindsay* Thanks :)

*Hugs Lia*
*Hugs Charlie* Congratulations to you both!!

*Hugs Crimson*

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Ian*

*Hugs Sefka*

*Hugs Rhi*

It's Early o'clock here , Want to be awake for my psych appointment.

SoMuchMore 06-05-2011 06:39 AM

Hi Mark.

Its 12:39am here... just got home from work. Hope you appt. goes okay today.

Doikers 06-05-2011 08:12 AM

Thankyou Laura , Sleep Well *Hugs*

Doikers 06-05-2011 11:19 AM

Well, The Dr increased my Anti-depressants when I really wanted to be put on different ones , But he is going to refer me back to my old Psychologist for my Self Injury .

Thankyou everyone for your support :) *Group Hugs*

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