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FlyingNy 13-12-2010 11:30 PM

*Hugs Kitty and co* What's the matter?

I'm glad it's going alright Sarah :) I hope it continues to.

*Hugs Helen* I don't have a lot to say, I just didn't want you to feel ignored.

I'm alright still, but my best friend is driving my stir crazy, shes's always on my back for not talking to her and being so closed off, saying that it's hurtful and all this other stuff and I don't think she means to but she's making me hate myself even more. But I don't know what to say 'I'm sorry I'm useless'? 'Sorry I'm so hard faced'? She just makes me feel as if I am doing something wrong, like I'm not good enough and just like a total cow :(


Still, it'll soon be Christmas :)

PsychoKitty2010 13-12-2010 11:49 PM

-hugs Lia back and blinks her stinging eyes- Glad you are doing arlight still. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your friend. I hope things go better soon.

-snuggles up in the corner with blankets and pillows and rocks herself back and forth and just stares-

FlyingNy 13-12-2010 11:53 PM

*Snuggles up beside Kitty so she's not all alone and finds a blanket and pillow to settle down to sleep.*

PsychoKitty2010 13-12-2010 11:57 PM

-watches Lia as she snuggles up to sleep and continues rocking back and forth-

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 12:21 AM

Finished paper on time :) lol. Feliciaa sowwy your exams all is on friday o.O sucky.

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 12:28 AM

Laura- go you :) sorry for the stupid comments. That said, accorfing to father my friends send me blades in the mail (errr?) because i wouldnt tell him where i bought them... And my 'not making myself look presentable is 'an excuse to make ppl not want to hang out with me & i am depressed ABOUT something' o.O wthhh haha

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 02:58 AM

Thats why I hide my blades and only pull them out when I'm alone.

-continues rocking in the corner-

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 03:16 AM

I was alone- long story short.. Tried on shirt at mall, mum saw arms, dad came home and got talked at for about an hour.. Awkward

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 03:17 AM

*sits with and offers teddy*

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 03:38 AM

Awwww I'm sorry. Sounds awkward. My mom saw my scars on my legs once and asked me about them. I said it was the cat. I knew she didn't believe me, but I still to this day convince myself that she did so it's not as awkward. Now that I'm married, I spend the majority of my time trying to hide the scars from my husband. He gets all freaked out when he sees new ones and well I dissociate and when I do I harm and don't remember it and most of the time it's late at night when he is sleeping but I cannot sleep. And he is not wake able when he's sleeping. So that's awkward, too. Sorry, rambling, and not being very helpful.

Thanks for the teddy. -accepts the teddy and squeezes it and rocks with it- My eyes sting so bad. They want to cry. They want to cry... -rocks faster-

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 04:34 AM

Crying is ok sweetie <3

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 04:49 AM

I know it's ok...but I physically can't cry. There is only one way to get my emotions out... -squeezes the teddy harder and rocks even faster-

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 05:01 AM

*offers hug* try not to hun <3 and figured would emphasize it, cuz i know i slways feel like crying isnt kay and stuff so *shrug*

Sorry am useless atm. Sleep maybe.. Night xox

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 05:07 AM

-hugs back- It's ok, I understand. Thanks for sitting with me. I can't sleep. -shrugs- If you are going to sleep, sleep well. xx

risenfromperdition 14-12-2010 05:12 AM

Night <3 hope you can sleep soon =[

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 05:15 AM

Me too. Doubt it, but I can always hope. <3

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 05:26 AM

Horrible flashbacks...he's coming... -throws a blanket over herself to hide and squeezes the teddy as hard as she can-

misskitty112 14-12-2010 07:10 AM

*hugs Kitty*

PsychoKitty2010 14-12-2010 07:41 AM

-hugs felicia back- thanks. how are you?

xxjuliexx 14-12-2010 08:13 AM

*sits banging the back of head against all hugging knees*

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