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SoMuchMore 16-07-2010 06:09 AM

*hides in the corner and cries*
sorry, i cant do individuals.. thinking of all of you.

misskitty112 16-07-2010 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by Fallinstar0317 (Post 2404066)
*hides in the corner and cries*
sorry, i cant do individuals.. thinking of all of you.

It's alright. Take care of you.

As for me, I'm just popping in to say goodnight. It's 1 AM and I am going to go reread The Awakening (my go to when I've had a rough time book) and sleep.

Doikers 16-07-2010 10:26 AM

Have fun everyone who is going to London :) Citys make me anxious but I hope you both have a good time.

Good luck with your Dr's appointment today Jessica :)

*Group hugs *

I'mJustMe 16-07-2010 11:20 AM

Morning all. Eventully went to bed at around 4am. Mangaged to keep the nightmare away.

*HUgs all*

*Extra cuddles for Laura* What's the matter sweetie?


Doikers 16-07-2010 11:31 AM

*Morning Hugs Lia* I'm glad you slept well and kept the nightmare at bay :)

*Spots Kahlia and Hugs*

Scarletdreamer 16-07-2010 12:00 PM

I spy Mark!! *glomps* Hehe... :) How are you, big bro?

*cuddles Laura* What's up, sweetie??

*cuddles Lia* I'm glad that you managed to keep the nightmare away. I had nightmares again last night, people trying to kill me again - it gets really old as that is basically what all my nightmares are about. :( Scary as hell but somehow I always make it through alive, if not because I wake up before I get killed. :-X Anyway... How are you doing, love? Any plans for today?

*cuddles everyone else that she's stupidly missed* I know there haven't been a ton of posts but I am too tired atm to do individuals... sorry. :-S

I'm going to do bloodwork today. I'm a bit nervous about that, for whatever reason... am not usually nervous, guess I'm afraid they'll find something bad. :-S I don't know. Guhhhh. :( Stupid stupid stupid. But that's really all the plan(s) that I have for today. Maybe I'll play WoW a lot, maybe I'll try to find some jobs to apply to (I'm terrified of doing so, though!!), maybe I'll do an epic paper journal entry (am getting good at those >_<). I don't know. And I will probably exercise in some way, shape, or form, and eat healthily. Blah.

Am so exhausted. Per usual of course. :( ARGH.

*extra cuddles for those who needs them, then goes & hides in the warren*

Doikers 16-07-2010 12:07 PM

April Hi!!*Hugs* I'm ok just about(Makes a nice change) , waiting for my Dad to pop by this lunchtime , I am just noodling about on my computer , listening to The Bathroom girl on youtube and Flyleaf / Dixie Chicks (Weird combo) on my stereo .
I'm sure your bloods will be fine , and exersising and eating well is good ( if tiresome from time to time) :) DAD's HERE

xxjuliexx 16-07-2010 12:22 PM

night all

Doikers 16-07-2010 12:31 PM

Night Julie :)

shadowedsoul 16-07-2010 01:07 PM

Hmm =\

Doikers 16-07-2010 01:42 PM

Hi Jill * Hugs* Good Hmm or Bad Hmm?

I'mJustMe 16-07-2010 01:52 PM

*Hugs Jill* You alright sweetie?


shadowedsoul 16-07-2010 02:02 PM

Thanks mark it's a bad hmm. Hugs lia back no not really (shrugs shoulders) don't know how to explain. to much stuff going around my head.

I'mJustMe 16-07-2010 02:09 PM

Explain on your own terms. You don't have to at all if you don't want, but we're all here for you sweet.

shadowedsoul 16-07-2010 02:21 PM

Thanks Hun. Just feel very low today, kind of want to give up. Hmm =\ it's 2.30 here and I'm still inky pj don't really feel like going for a shower,just want to go back to bed and just stay there.

I'mJustMe 16-07-2010 02:34 PM

Well you're not allowed I'm afraid. We'd all miss you here and you must have something to hold on for as you have done all this time. If you give up now, everything you have done so far would be for nothing. So please hold on Jill, we're all here and you'll never be alone. *Hugs*


shadowedsoul 16-07-2010 02:38 PM

Thanks you very much Hun.

I'mJustMe 16-07-2010 03:09 PM

I don't know what else to say right now. Is there anything you want to talk about? You can PM me if you don't want to post it.


shadowedsoul 16-07-2010 03:30 PM

Thanks lia I'm not even sure what to say or explain what's going on. Sorry I know that's annoying. =(

I'mJustMe 16-07-2010 03:34 PM

Don't worry, I'm the same. Ice Queen, that's me. But if you ever find the words, I'm only a message away. :)

Hugs for now, and I'll leave a TARDIS full of them. A little compact one so you can carry around in your pocket, but it's huge on the inside just bursting with all differnt kinds of hugs. Sorry, I'm weird.


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