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NoOnesFool 10-05-2010 03:34 AM

Can i have a hug please?

Slightly concerned i might end up doing something.

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 03:43 AM

*hands Em the coffee and adds more good stuff to the tray for Kahlia*

*hugs NoOnesFool*
What's up hun?

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 03:47 AM

*pokes NoOnesFool*

NoOnesFool 10-05-2010 03:50 AM

I can't breathe. Panic attacks are attacking every part of my body. I can't stop crying.
Definately in a black hole. Only a matter of time..
It's all gone Pete Tong. I'm screwed.
Thanks for the hug Ally, i appreciate it.

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 03:55 AM

I'm sorry, it's gone who???
Wow, panic attacks seem to be the thing of the night. *hugs* I'm really sorry hun, I truly wish I could help. All I can do is say 'breath' and a load of good that does *pets*

NoOnesFool 10-05-2010 04:03 AM

Sorry, it's just a saying here in the UK - pretty much means it's all gone f*cked up. heh.
I have an anxiety disorder, i used to never go a day without constant panic attacks, then they went with the meds (with the occasional one..) and now i'm unmedicated they're back to kill me i swear.

And mixed in with my already screwed up emotions is anger, some people really need to watch there backs, i'm not stable enough to be patient with people anymore - especially whiney pathetic lying teenagers who act way below there age. *Headdesk* Patience..breatheee....
I shall not stab people.

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 04:12 AM

*hugs* Just breath hun. I understand, though my problems tend more toward major depression (unmedicated :pinch:) with an OCCASIONAL panic attack. I do wish I could fix it. But I suggest focusing on the tent *nods*. It's purple with pink polka dots (you two better be happy I am nice because it's the ugliest tent i've ever seen) and has EVERYTHING you want in it...

NoOnesFool 10-05-2010 04:19 AM

Heh, i have BPD/Depression/Anxiety Disorder/BED (Binge Eating Disorder). Fun times. I'm a mess, really, which is why i shouldn't be here. *Hugs* Thanks for the hugs and..erk, i know how horrid depression is..if you ever want to talk my PM box is always open.

And..the tent is beautiful..it's unique..!
*Noms on chocolate*

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 04:24 AM

Thanks hun, same goes for you.

Mmm, chocolate sounds good *goes to her actual kitchen to get some*. Oh! Or Ice Cream!! *sigh* but I don't have any of that. Rats.

NoOnesFool 10-05-2010 04:27 AM

I have Ben & Jerrys caramel chew chew here if you want it? I can't stomach it..

Why do you always listen to sad songs when you already feel incredibly sad?! Crazy.

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 04:35 AM

Oh my lord that sounds SO good *makes a mental note to run to the shop for some ice cream tomorrow... and the liquor store for some booze*.

As to that I have NO idea... I do it all the time, it's ridiculous *shakes head in wonder*

xxjuliexx 10-05-2010 04:40 AM

*sits grumbling*

MammaMia 10-05-2010 04:40 AM


Originally Posted by xxjuliexx (Post 2288509)
*sits grumbling*

Everything ok Julie?

NoOnesFool 10-05-2010 04:42 AM

Ally - Stock up on booze for the tent, we're running a little low..i got a bit *too* thirsty *hiccups* ahum...

I feel so emo, and that word makes me smile everytime.

xxjuliexx 10-05-2010 04:45 AM

no stupid teacher spilt my hot choclate all over me and my top and my jersey and my hand bag
*kicks things*
stupid stupid stupid
i should have got the hot chocolate i didnt need it but no i had to get one

sorry i is a downer

MammaMia 10-05-2010 04:55 AM

Julie, it's okay to be sad etc. I'm sure most people would get upset at that, I know I would :( Hopefully your stuff will dry out soon *offers cuddles*

xxjuliexx 10-05-2010 04:57 AM

i have to wash it or it'll stain it's kama i should have got the hot choclate
*leans into helens hugs*

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 04:59 AM

VERY lame, Julie, I'm sorry.

lol NoOnesFool, will do. You might want to drink some water now though.

MammaMia 10-05-2010 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by xxjuliexx (Post 2288525)
i have to wash it or it'll stain it's kama i should have got the hot choclate
*leans into helens hugs*

I don't think it's karma. Just annoying :( Hope washing it helps keep stains away *cuddles lots*

~*forever_broken*~ 10-05-2010 05:02 AM

*crawls back in to her tent as it seems whenever she appears the ward clears* lol, I made a rhyme. *cries quietly in her tent*

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