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Mary Anne 16-01-2009 01:12 PM

*nips in and leaves cuddles for everyone*

will read more later, on lunchbreak just now.x.

MammaMia 16-01-2009 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by Kuwairo (Post 1361125)
Focus on how you felt better hun...don't let anything drag you down from feeling good...
Who told you you'd get sectioned?

I am trying to, but it's just really depressed me. She's family. She was there and then turns into a massive massive bitch and some of what she said I believe came from messages that people had apprantly sent her because they were worried about me. I don't know who the hell would, and she was taunting me over a situation that happened on Saturday that only ONE person could have told her and that was a family friend, who I think would have gone to my sister or even another of my cousins instead, rather than cousin T as she shall call her. So in the argument cousin T turns around (well on facebook chat) in taunting way saying stuff like "I'll get them to take you away then." and "Next time you overdose I'll just ring an ambulance" and stuff like mental hospitals and shizz. It's pathetic. Because One) I don't overdose anymore, Two) The reason she was using wasn't good enough and she got the wrong end of the stick about it and possibly the person who told her got the wrong end of the stick too (well unless she read something I wrote to another mate) :wow:


Originally Posted by wildly insane (Post 1361394)
*hugs Mamma Mia* unfortunately we can't choose our family, but we believe in you.

Thanks sweet :) Unfortnately we can't, I just don't get why she didn't at any point say look I don't want to listen to your moaning o r something and I would have just accepted it!!!


Originally Posted by Louise (Post 1361547)
i am struggling so much to today

sends everyone hugs



Originally Posted by ravynsoul (Post 1361574)
Helen - sorry to hear you've been having trouble with your family

Thanks hun, cuddles, I hope you're feeling better soon!!!

realflifefaerie 16-01-2009 01:56 PM

*hugs everyone*

Im really drained today, had a really bad night and still made myself go to the gym, all i want to do is sleep but so much to do.

Will pop back later maybe.

zowie 16-01-2009 05:01 PM

*Hugs Helen* Don't let her bring you down, she obviously doesn't know what she's talking about.

Secrets - Well done for going to the gym, and I'm sorry you feel so drained. Get some rest maybe, then you might feel a bit perkier.

I'm feeling a bit better today. Slept well last night and am going to my friend's house for beers and films tonight. Not the friend who is avoiding me, or any of the friends who have clearly ditched me. But some of my mum's old friends who I go to the pub with. Should be nice, looking forward to it :)

Hope everyone's doing okay.
Love love love

MammaMia 16-01-2009 05:38 PM

*hugs Arwen back* I'm trying to not let her get me down, I think she may be on facebook trying to pretend to be my nephew, but I've done a test which shall maybe prove me right or wrong, or it still might not >.< We shall see.

Glad you're feeling a bit better and have fun tonight :)

wildly insane 16-01-2009 06:29 PM

Wow, all I can think of doing is giving everybody a hug. Maybe we should try a group hug?

and tell those people who are being nasty to go away *except I was thinking of being much ruder*

good luck with sleeping, job hunting, revising, working, coping and I hope Friday night goes well, tis a tricky one friday night. I'll think I'll have the kettle continually on the boil for anyone who wants a cup - I have proper tea, green tea, rooibos, jasmine, chamomile......

*hugs* Hannah

Eclectica 16-01-2009 08:01 PM

*Hugs everyone*

Oh wow. What an advert on tv. For a general itch relief cream... And it just showed some woman scratching her hand with her nails, then it 'zoomed in' and showed the detail of the scratches.... Now Im triggered :[ And dual consciousness.

Ileana 16-01-2009 08:41 PM

Ugh, I just woke up...I had plans today and yet I think I'll end up staying here.

Auburn Shadow 16-01-2009 09:34 PM

*hugs everyone*

*sigh* Went out to youth club tonight. Was really tired while I was there and everything, and now I'm back at home, I'm as wide awake as ever. It's stupid though, youth club used to be the place I went to just have fun and relax and forget about everything with normal life and all that, but now, no-one seems to be able to get along anymore, and urgh, it just seems like everything I try and do to help just doesn't work anymore and is completely pointless. The place just stresses me out more now, and I almost have to go home to get the relaxation youth club once gave me. It's just not the same anymore. Like, I went today, and, despite being slightly tired and that, I was in a good mood. Get out and I'm stressed as hell, slightly triggered, and just... well a bit crap really.

Sorry, kinda long and ranty :/

Kahlia1981 16-01-2009 10:28 PM

Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around. Our landlord's son switched off the modem before going on holiday. We won't have proper connection back until at least Tuesday. I'm at my mother's house at the moment making a gallant attempt not to punch either her or my father - my dad is fixing my car ... now that he actually believes that the noise I am/was hearing exists and not just a hallucination it is apparently my fault. But meh. Sorry this is a bit rambly ... Anyway, my knee is back to hurting after not worrying me for several hours last night. Despite that, and also despite my seriously weird sleep schedule at the present time, I actually feel okay at the moment.

Hope everyone is okay, or that things get better for those who aren't.

*leaves hugs for all*

Damnation. 16-01-2009 11:03 PM


I hate it when a sentence starts off with 'I wasn't sure if I should tell you...'

The guy from the housing association phoned my housemate today. He's not been contacted by any private landlords yet, and even better, doesn't seem to think that the council actually has an obligation to rehome us. We have a week on Tuesday until the bailiffs come to throw us out, and we've been shown one. ****ing. House. My housemate is still confident - now that she's calmed down - that something will come up. I just wish I shared her optimism.

She's going to the Citizens Advice Bureau on Monday to see what they have to say about it. Ugh, and I still have my doctor's appointment on Monday, too ;-;

Can I just give up and die yet?

Eclectica 16-01-2009 11:14 PM

kats mum has said in the past that the cirtizenz advice bureau is very good and well yea, they shouldnt be able to throw you out without you having at least somewhere to go

Damnation. 16-01-2009 11:17 PM

I know, I don't quite understand how the **** they can just go 'LOL WE'RE GONNA MAKE YOU HOMELESS COS WE CBA TO GET OFF OUR ASSES =DDD' either, but that's what the guy said.

I also remember Linda suggesting a B&B, but as I mentioned a while back in here, Eve outright refuses to go in one because of Candy. I think for the moment, we'll just have to wait and see what the CAB has to say on Monday -__-

Eclectica 16-01-2009 11:20 PM

hope it goes well but the CAB are very good they helped mum with lots of extreme things in the past

ravynsoul 16-01-2009 11:28 PM

*hugs everyone*

Jem - Glad to hear you're doing well! Hope you have a good night too :)

Katrica - stupid adverts! that's crappy; hope the triggeredness passes, along with the antisocialness and lack of sleep. doesn't sound fun at all *hugs*

Mary Anne - *cuddles back* how'd work go today?

Helen - *cuddles back* hope things get sorted out with your family situation; doesn't sound nice at all.

Secret - hope you have a better night tonite; good for you for going out.

Arwen - hope you have lots of fun tonite; sounds like it should be a good time. What film are you watching?

Hannah - Group hug sounds great! and tea.. mm.. jasmine please? How are things going with you?

Ileana - how are you doing? sounds like you've had a rough day.

Hana - that's too bad about your youth group... i hope things get sorted out soon; it's hard when a relaxing and safe place changes.. *hugs*

Kahlia - hope your visit with your mom and dad ended ok; glad to hear that you're feeling well -- hope it lasts!

Dayna - *cuddles* sorry about your house troubles; that's gotta be incredibly frustrating and upsetting. I hope that the Citizen's advice Bureau is helpful; good luck with that and with your doctor's appointment.

*leaves hugs for everyone else who hasn't checked in yet today*

Damnation. 16-01-2009 11:34 PM

Kat and Ravyn: Thanks. I'll keep you all updated, both with the docs and the CAB

MammaMia 16-01-2009 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Katrica (Post 1362433)
*Hugs everyone*

Oh wow. What an advert on tv. For a general itch relief cream... And it just showed some woman scratching her hand with her nails, then it 'zoomed in' and showed the detail of the scratches.... Now Im triggered :[ And dual consciousness.

I've seen that- used to trigger me!! :(

*sends cuddles around for everyone*

Things have been sorted with my cousin :D

Mary Anne 17-01-2009 12:12 AM

Hi everyone,

*hugs Helen* glad you have sorted things :) I have not seen that advert, it does not sound fun!

*hugs Dayna* really hope things go well with the CAB

*hugs Ravyn* how are you? work was okay, day passed quite quickly as I was busy

*hugs Kat* hope the triggering has faded

*hugs Kahlia* hope the knee feels better soon, is you car all fixed?

*hugs Auburn Shadow* well done for getting out

*hugs Ilena* if your plans can wait take some time to yourself, we all need that sometimes

*hugs wildly insane* group hugs sound like a great idea :)

*hugs Zowie* was it a good film? Hope you had/have a good time.

*hugs Secrets* well done on going to the gym, it really can help make you feel better

*hugs Jetforce* how you doing?

*leaves hugs for anybody else coming in*

Had the best night I have had in months, went to a friends house for dinner and watched dvds of ourselves doing burlesque dancing, had the first laugh I have had in I can't remember how long. She has a voodoo doll which we stuck sticks in, took a picture of and sent it to the he-devil!!!!!!
Doctor also deemed me safe enough to be allowed 2 months medication (was only allowed 1 month at a time before).
Going to mum's tomorrow and to ride my horse which is always good (I forget all about my sad life and focus on him when I am riding, he is also very good for cuddles).

Fraggle my cat sends hugs and purrs to everyone (she is actaully on the keyboard right now - typing is a little akward).

*thinking of everyone*

off to bed (it is 12.20am here).x.

MammaMia 17-01-2009 12:18 AM

Mary Anne, I'm so happy about it too and trust me, you don't want to see the said advert. I'm so glad you've had the best night in ages, sounds like you had fun :)

Ileana 17-01-2009 12:26 AM

I did have a kind of rough day...slow, down day I would say...but yes, I changed plans and went shopping. Got wet while walking back home but it was alright. Now I'm tired so I'll go sleep in a corner of the ward (o_o).


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