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taz35 30-05-2010 12:33 AM

*cuddles April* Read your r/v, I'm sorry you feel so alone :( It's a horrible feeling, and I wish I could make it better :(

*hugs Hels* Why so tired? Didn't sleep well I'm guessing?

*hugs Mark* How was your day?

*takes stuffed animal from Kahlia & hugs her* I love stuffed animals :) thanks :) Gotta love when your parents help you get your chores done!

*hugs Lindsay* How are you doing?

*hugs Julie* Sleeping in sounds lovely :) I haven't been able to sleep in, mostly just because I keep waking up ridiculously early for no reason...

*hugs Jill* Never a pointless post in here. I know exactly how you feel, not wanting to hurt those that care. It's tough. I'm still fighting through it, so unfortunately I don't have any words of wisdom to offer :(

*hugs Laura, Jk, Hayley, Heather... and anyone else I might have missed or that needs hugs*

*spies Oliver & tackles him* How have you been?

Scarletdreamer 30-05-2010 12:35 AM

*cuddles everyone*

am still feeling utterly ****, ate too much at supper and so now am panicky over a full stomach, how stupid is that?! :'( plus, jarrod got upset with me for continuing to cut...

i'm so pathetic.

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 01:07 AM

*huggles april* i dont no how to help hun but i'm thinking of u

Scarletdreamer 30-05-2010 01:17 AM

Thanks Julie. *cuddles*

It has been a quiet day on the ward, hasn't it? Wow... don't think it's been this quiet for quite some time.

I'm still very anxious... been reading so that's helped some, and am helping a girl that I know from church... so yeah... I don't know. I feel really stupid. :( And pathetic. And... well, yeah. :-S

*shuts up and hides in the a/c'd warren*

risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 01:37 AM

*snuggles everyone*

SoMuchMore 30-05-2010 05:00 AM


risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 07:11 AM

hey you <3

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 07:17 AM

heather y r u awake it's late

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 07:45 AM

yuck yuck yuck girlly stuff is here yuck
ew i want it to go away

risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 07:52 AM

aww that doesnt sound very fun =[

and im up because i cant sleep =p

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 08:42 AM


risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 08:45 AM

hey owen =]

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 08:58 AM

-yawns and curls up-

silentgirl 30-05-2010 08:58 AM

"curls up and cries" "hides under a blanket"

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 09:15 AM

-shuffles over to silentgirl-

Doikers 30-05-2010 10:54 AM

*Hugs silentgirl*

*Waves to Owen*

*Cuddles Heather*

*Hugs Julie*

*Hugs Laura*

*Squishes April* I'm sorry I missed you on FB last night :(

*Super Group Squishes for the rest of the ward*

Yesterday I went the whole day S.I. Free despite being triggered a bit , not a HUGE acheivment I know , lets hope I can make it 2 days running , it seems petty to mention just 1 day hmmm.

one_step_closer 30-05-2010 10:59 AM

Well done Mark! That's not petty at all.

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 11:09 AM

-sits- got cut triggered the other day for first time in ages

Doikers 30-05-2010 11:13 AM

*Hugs Lindsay* Thanks :)

*Waves to Owen* I have to pop out to pay some bills you gonna be ok?

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 11:14 AM


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