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MammaMia 28-05-2010 12:49 AM

Thanks Kahlia. I wrote part of that post wrong, when I was talking about wondering if it was me, I meant to say wonder if she'd feel the same way if it was me. Or something like that annwyay. I didn't even know her at all. But people don't realise how far suicide affects people. they really don't.

Scarletdreamer 28-05-2010 12:56 AM

*hides in her hole and cries because IRL she'd rather self-destruct than cry...*


PoisonedApple 28-05-2010 01:25 AM

*climbs in April's hole and cuddles her till she feels better*
*hugs Kahlia and Helen*
*runs through the ward huging and waving to everyone*
I spy you April, Helen and Oliver!
*runs away* Time to head home and try to get the youngun done with her reading and some of her art work so I can start turning stuff in next week. On the up side I don't need to cook since I assembled the chili in the crock pot last night. *nods*

Scarletdreamer 28-05-2010 01:38 AM

Thanks Crimson... *cuddles back* I was beginning to wonder if I had been forgotten... or worse. :-S I know, selfish of me... but we all know I'm a selfish person. :'(

*cuddles Kahlia, Heather, and Crimson, since I spy you all!!*

I just... don't know anymore. :crying: Want to cut/die so ****ing badly.

Kahlia1981 28-05-2010 01:40 AM

Hels: As a survivor - what they call here an "intimate survivor", the guy was my boyfriend when he did it - I can recognise how far reaching what I call the "blame/shame/pain" issues go. It's a hard situation for anyone and everyone if you want to look at it in reality. I wish I could offer you more than hugs. *hugs you tightly*

Crimson: *big hugs*

April: Sorry, just out of words at the moment. All I can offer is *hugs* and letting you know that you are in my thoughts. I just wish I could do more.

MammaMia 28-05-2010 01:41 AM

*cuddles April & everyone*

risenfromperdition 28-05-2010 01:56 AM

*curls up in corner*

Scarletdreamer 28-05-2010 01:57 AM

*cuddles everyone*

r/v updated........... :crying:

taz35 28-05-2010 02:06 AM

*hugs Mark* Have a good night <3

*hugs Hels* I know how you feel... I think it was 3 or 4 years ago, my best friend's friend committed suicide, and it was all I thought about for weeks, pushed me awfully close to the edge. People WILL miss you and be heartbroken if you did it though... so just, don't. :) Easier said than done, I know...

*hugs April* I'm alright. I just feel... blah. Like not in a bad mood, but not in a good mood either... just kind of there. I've really adopted the "we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we talk" saying IRL. I've been super quiet and I think people are just assuming I'm depressed at the moment, when I actually feel okay. I'm sorry you're feeling unsafe right now, I wish I could make all the pain go away :( *crawls into the hole to hug April* You're not a selfish person at all, from what I gather.

*hugs Kat* Good to hear things are going alright :) Or that there hasn't been any nastyness. I'm not sure what it's like to switch like that all the time, so I don't know if I can tell you anything helpful or not =/

*hugs Kahlia* I can't stand Windows either. I'm glad I changed over to Mac. Planning on buying a Mac desktop at some point; right now I just have the Macbook Pro. But I love it :)

*hugs Crimson* Yumm, chili :) Sounds wonderful.

*offers hugs to Heather*

Kind of nervous about my doctor's appointment tomorrow =/

risenfromperdition 28-05-2010 02:08 AM

*curls up under blankies*

Kahlia1981 28-05-2010 02:11 AM

*cuddles everyone*

Taz: I had a MacBook Pro but I wanted to be able to boot from USB and with Mac OS X Leopard you can't - probably because they don't want you to use another O/S with it. I hate proprietary crap. The MacBook was good though. Graphics far superior to anything else on the market - but not surprising given it's starting point. Apple originally started with the idea that the graphics were it's selling point - and they definitely are. M$ definitely had to run to catch up and didn't really get too far until Vista with it's Windows Aero. Sorry, just realised I started giving an "O/S through the ages" type lecture. Many apologies.

taz35 28-05-2010 02:16 AM

No worries, I got a good laugh out of that comment. :) I'm not good at all the technical jargon, but I'm computer-knowledgeable enough.

What do you mean by being able to boot from USB? I'm assuming more than just plugging in a USB and accessing files from that, right? Because I'm able to do that :/

Kahlia1981 28-05-2010 02:22 AM

Booting from a USB is basically plugging it in, then cold rebooting or just restarting your computer/laptop so that you then are booting into the USB device. Like when you use a Live CD you aren't really using your harddisk and can't make modifications to your computers set up but are able to rename files for use with a different file system? Kind of like that so you are using a "guest" O/S that resides on your USB stick. I don't know if that made sense.

taz35 28-05-2010 02:24 AM

It makes a little bit of sense. I've never done it, so I wouldn't know =/ But sounds like an interesting concept. I may have to get one of my computer geek friends to come over and show me on our Windows desktop :P

risenfromperdition 28-05-2010 04:07 AM

*yawn* im exhausted >.>

SoMuchMore 28-05-2010 04:29 AM

*offers hugs to kahlia, mark, april, helen, taz, heather, julie, oliver, JK and kat, jill, and lindsay*

Sorry I just cant do individual replies right now and i have been having computer problems all day... but if i missed u in my hugs list i'm sorry.

*sigh* Ready to give up... i cant wait to go back to uni

taz35 28-05-2010 04:57 AM

I know that feeling all too well Heather. Get some sleep hun <3

*hugs Laura* When do you head back? In September, or are you taking any summer courses?

SoMuchMore 28-05-2010 05:08 AM

taz - i have a job out there this summer so i'm going back next tuesday, im just back in my hometown for my sisters high school graduation. Being here is not going that well tho

How r u?

risenfromperdition 28-05-2010 05:09 AM

*cuddles laura* lucky re going back to by uni... wish i was :/
here if you wanna chat :)

/ dyou have fb? cuz i like cant get on here now cuz of being on dads laptop ><

SoMuchMore 28-05-2010 05:22 AM

^I do have fb. I'll PM u a link since i dont put it on my profile on here.

*cuddles everyone*

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