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Jetforce 27-01-2010 01:02 PM

*hugs* the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is only a scale used by health professional, mainly psychologists to give them a guide to level where to start treatment. It is also used in trying to see whether there is any differences after therapy, hopefully an improvement.

Anyway, u need a health professional to assess u and come up with a diganosis, which does not happen in just one session, rather numerous sessions with that health professional. On another note, depression is just merely a label to give the health professional an idea of what types of treatment may benefit u.

Anyway, enuf about the lecture. Go see somebody, a health professional and seek assistance. Hopefully, he or she may help u feel less depressed.
Take care there :-)

MammaMia 27-01-2010 01:04 PM

*cuddles April* Jem has very good points there :)

I'm feeling okay, I think. Going out in a few minutes, so I have to be really...

Scarletdreamer 27-01-2010 01:07 PM

I know that it's used by health professionals & all, and I'm not using it as a diagnostic tool - I've already got diagnoses, plenty of them, don't need or want any more!! heh. It's an assignment - I've got to do the BDI as well as a bunch of others then discuss in a paper how I scored on them, what my psychological/social weaknesses/strengths are. It's kind of an interesting assignment but kind of stupid at the same time, I dunno. :(

I'm so exhausted!!

Helen, where're you going out to? :) *hugs*

[Awakening] 27-01-2010 02:23 PM

*hugs all*

I'm so triggered right now. I don't want anything except self destruction :-(

I might have a nap to try to take my mind off it but I really want to ruin myself right now. I've just had enough and want to crumble completely :-(

Scarletdreamer 27-01-2010 02:42 PM

Awh Joc... *gentle cuddles* Why are you so triggered? is there anything that I/we can do to help? I understand the urge to self-destruct, have it at the mo myself, but can't/won't do anything to give in to it... it's so difficult.

I think a nap would be a good idea... *more cuddles* ♥

I'm working on uni stuff... an assignment on ethics. Have to post about it in a moment... not looking forward to that as it bends my brain a bit and I hate that!! I emailed my health psych prof about the SF-26 so hopefully he'll respond in time for me to do it prior to lab... eek. :-X I don't want my first lab assignment to be lacking but I'm afraid that it will be... :(


Imaginary_friend 27-01-2010 03:02 PM

*hugs everyone*
I'm so sad everyone's feeling rubbish :(
I hope you all feel better soon.
I'm still really tired, despite a fab night's sleep...I need to do some work but I always end up doing the stuff I like first. 's probably a bit of a mistake because I'll end up with a massive pile of stuff I hate/don't understand, and not enough time left to do it.
*hides in a corner with a blanket*

Scarletdreamer 27-01-2010 03:05 PM

*hides with LauraFriend*

Have a ton of stuff to do myself... don't want to do any of it!!!! so sick of uni. Just want to up & quit but can't as I am so close to being done with it...


*disappears for a bit into her mind* :(

Imaginary_friend 27-01-2010 03:09 PM

same! *hugs april* i tried sorting out what i'm doing after uni yesterday....and it's scary! i'm kind of excited but i dunno what's gonna happen really which makes me worry about it, and then i cant concentrate and it's all a vicious cycle. *sighs* it WILL be ok. it WILL be ok....*hums to herself, rocking back and forth* lol

Scarletdreamer 27-01-2010 03:23 PM

*more cuddles for LauraFriend* I feel so stuck... I hate uni so much, heh, but I will get this stupid assignment done!!! :( I just won't get the best grade on it as I am missing one assessment & it's a pretty major one I think... dunno... it's the first assignment & I'm feeling rubbishy so yer. Going to have to talk with my profs about how I'm doing... which is not so well.

Am still angry at my therapist... don't want to see her but will be going back on Monday. It's just not fair!! that she can be so "mean" but be intending to challenge my "cognitive distortions" - how is it cognitive distortions if I am actually having flashbacks & urges to purge and cut?!??!

I think I need to post in my R&V thread... :(

shadowedsoul 27-01-2010 04:19 PM

curls up in corner under a blaket. i feel so numb, and completely lost, no idea how i should be feeling, sad angery he is my granda, but he a complete arsh. **** cant do this . cyrs

[Awakening] 27-01-2010 04:32 PM

hows the work going april? any progress? *squishes* sorry this is so bloody tough right now, be gentle with yourself. In future could u pretend to do it about urself but actually base it on someone elses answers so its not so personal and difficult for u?

I'm sorry ur so angry as well :-( did ranting help? could u try destructing something? like a piece of paper or a plate or something to get the rage out?

*hugs shadow* sorrry my brains mush and i cant remember ur name sweetie. I'm sorry ur feeling like this. I can relate to how ur feeling though :-( Family members are still human and therefore can be arseholes like the rest of us. Idk what happening or anything but im sorry and you can do this! You are stronger than u feel, u can get through this patch *wipes tears and offers chocolate* x x

MammaMia 27-01-2010 04:39 PM

*sends everyone cuddles*

Am back, getting annoyed, they haven't activated my new phone and it's already been 24 hours, hurry up you bastards :(

SoMuchMore 27-01-2010 06:09 PM

*cuddles everyone* sry there have been a lot of posts since yesterday.. and i dont have capacity to respond to everyone.. but i read them all and am thinking of u all.

I just want things to get easier.. It feels so dumb that they aren't

Scarletdreamer 27-01-2010 06:38 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Jill, I agree with what Joc said. Family members are still human & can still be arses. I'm so sorry that you've been through so much lately, though... is there any way that you can take a little bit of time for "me time"? just to relax & treat yourself to something special?

Joc, I got everything done (almost) that I had to get done... urgh. I hate uni... heh... I know I keep saying that & I also know that I need a better attitude about all of this, but it's so ****ing hard!!! I am still angry & destroying something might help, but I'm not sure what. My NP was not impressed with my therapist's way of viewing me at the mo. Ugh. I definitely need to post in R&V. I'll do that after this post.

Helen, that sucks about them not activating your phone sooner... but it's cool that you got a new phone!! Which one is it/what does it look like? I have the "old" flip-phone, got it in Sept. 2008 so it's a bit old but still works like a charm. :)

LauraStar, I wish that I could do something to make things better for you... :( I really do. IS there anything that I/we can do? what's so bad? anxiety? *gentle hugs*

'Kay, going to my venting spot... :-X

shadowedsoul 27-01-2010 08:40 PM

sorry guys, but iam i wrong for feeling this way. my granda in hospital he has caught some viris and his kiddneys are not working and he has a bad heart, my anuite has said he getting worse, but i dont know mabye he needs to get worse before he gets better. but i feel noithing but anger, he treated us like **** for months and months, god i sound like a cold hearted bit*h, curls up in corner and crys

MammaMia 27-01-2010 08:50 PM

It's Samsung S5600, had to ring them twice before they'd help and it's finlly working now :D

Imaginary_friend 27-01-2010 09:13 PM

hope everyone is feeling a little bit better *hugs*
I'm not going out. i have no distractions and i can't talk to my friends. I want a drink so bad and I swear i'm not an alcoholic. i want to hurt myself and i don't want to feel like this. sorry.
*hugs everyone and sits down to cry*

AMCarmody 28-01-2010 03:51 AM

I had stopped harming for 6 years.

Today, I relapsed. And I'm still ...

Kahlia1981 28-01-2010 04:38 AM

i'm back from hospital ... in the same shape that I went in. They did jack-diddly-****ing-squat and sent me home suicidal. Isn't our health care system great.

SoMuchMore 28-01-2010 05:41 AM

*cuddles kahlia* im so sorry that they didn't help you. Try to stay strong hun.

*hugs annie? (is that ur name?)* don't think of it as a relapse. 6 years is amazing. It was just a slip up. Try to learn what triggered it and move on if u can. Hope you are alright.

*hugs laurafriend* sorry that you are having such a bad time right now.

*hugs helen* glad that ur phone is working now. I love getting new phones :-)

*cuddles shadowedsoul*

*hugs april* i read your venting spot. I'm sorry that you are so angry right now. Try to relax, do something nice for yourself.

So my friend that i had the spat with over the weekend is speaking to me again.. sort of... We are very very cheerful to each other (too many smiles... it feels fake) i think we are both trying not to upset each other. Still tho, my boyfriend has been trying to "fix" her situation.. and it just can't be fixed.. and he is spending all his time on that.. and i dont want to be selfish.. but ive seen him a total of maybe an hour in the past 3 days.. and they are getting to talk to him 24/7... idk maybe im still being stupid.

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