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Doikers 14-02-2011 03:23 PM

*Hugs Louise* I'm sorry about that , how are you now hun?

Louise 14-02-2011 03:47 PM

Still a bit so so but I have to go back to the hospital tomorrow for a check up

Louise 14-02-2011 03:47 PM

How are you Mark?

Doikers 14-02-2011 04:03 PM

I'm flat Louise . A bit Bleh :S

Louise 14-02-2011 04:05 PM

*hugs mark*

Doikers 14-02-2011 04:12 PM

*Hugs Louise*

shadowedsoul 14-02-2011 04:36 PM

hugs everyone.

Doikers 14-02-2011 05:16 PM

*Hugs Jill*

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 06:01 PM

*hugs everyone*
Happy Valentines Day!
*sends everyone a bunch of their fave flowers and candies with a plushie*

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 06:11 PM

*sigh* why do so many people listen to and spread rumors?

Doikers 14-02-2011 06:47 PM

*Hugs Crimson* Happy valentines day to you to hun . Whats your problem with rumours?

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 06:50 PM

I just typed it up in my r/v...
my sister in law's friend really knows how to make other people miserable...

FlyingNy 14-02-2011 06:51 PM

*Hugs Louise, Mark, Jill and Crimson*

Happy Valentine's Day.

Ta Crimson :) What's up?

Two words (actually, three. I am going to add an adjective): My ****ing Mother.

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 06:55 PM

on the upside (i'm trying to not keep being grouchy and upset and pissed off) my hoopnotica stuff should be here today or tomorrow!!!

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 06:59 PM

*hugs Lia and Mark and Felicia and Solo*
What did she do Lia?

ˈsäləˌterē 14-02-2011 07:03 PM

Thanks Crimson! ~Hugs ya back~

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 07:03 PM

How're you?

ˈsäləˌterē 14-02-2011 07:15 PM

Rough day! You?

FlyingNy 14-02-2011 07:20 PM

*Hugs Solo*

She just said people with mental illnesses are weak. Naturally it sparked debate, but I'm not the losing it and screaming at someone typed. It just pissed me off.

Doikers 14-02-2011 07:22 PM

*Hugs Solo* Sorry you are having a rough day:(

*Hugs Lia* Whats she done?

*Hugs Crimson* Wow all that stuff looks ...excausting ....lol , go you ! :)

ˈsäləˌterē 14-02-2011 07:29 PM

Hey Crimson, the flowers n plush n such are great, but do ya have any chocolate? I'll share!

ˈsäləˌterē 14-02-2011 07:41 PM

Thanks for the hugs Lia n Mark! ~Hugs ya back~

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 07:42 PM

*hugs Solo* Eh, my day is slightly improved now that I've talked to D and gotten the back story on why Beth was trying to start ****... (see earlier and r/v though that rumor isn't why Beth hates him)... *offers chocolate dipped strawberries*
*hugs Lia* not weak just struggling!
*hugs Mark* Yeah it probably will be but I think it'll be good for me... fun, good exercise and comes with glow hoops/mini hoops for me to take with me to raves and a travel hoop to take to work or the park... :)

FlyingNy 14-02-2011 07:49 PM

I told her they (well, we) aren't weak, but I could hardly tell her about you lot or myself. So I just had to have a heated debate rather than and out and out row.

ˈsäləˌterē 14-02-2011 07:50 PM

Oh, thank you! I'm glad you're feelin a bit better.

Doikers 14-02-2011 07:52 PM

GO Crimson *Raves*

*hugs Lia*

*Hugs Solo*

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 07:57 PM

Yes better is good... just wish people didn't like so much to start ****, ya know?
*hands mark some glow sticks and raves with him*
did you win Lia?

FlyingNy 14-02-2011 08:05 PM

Glad you sorted things Crimson :)

Well kinda. I got my point across, but it didn't turn into a huge debate. I just got annoyed because she was being so judgemental, but my sister was on my side.

Doikers 14-02-2011 08:29 PM

*Valentines hugs y'all*


PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 08:32 PM

G'night Mark!
(that still feels odd to 'say' since it's only 1130 am here lol)

PoisonedApple 14-02-2011 09:51 PM

*sits and cries from frustration and loneliness*

Kahlia1981 14-02-2011 10:08 PM

*huggles all*

so over this.
can i go back to bed and pretend this life never happened?

Doikers 15-02-2011 09:21 AM

*Hugs Crimson*

*Hugs Kahlia*

one_step_closer 15-02-2011 10:32 AM

*hugs everyone*

Doikers 15-02-2011 10:33 AM

*Hugs Lindsay* Hey :)

one_step_closer 15-02-2011 10:45 AM

Hi, Mark. How are you?

Louise 15-02-2011 10:45 AM

Hi everyone

Doikers 15-02-2011 10:52 AM

Hi Louise :)

Louise 15-02-2011 11:02 AM

how are you mark

Doikers 15-02-2011 11:40 AM

I'm feeling okay , a bit tired , How are you Louise , Have you been to your check up?

Billy! 15-02-2011 04:01 PM

*Hugs everyone*
So last night, at 10.43pm, we were sat watching 'one born every minute' and then my mum goes 'Oh my god, I think Claire has gone into labour!' (Claire is my cousin) She had a baby boy at 2.43am, and called him Harry :D He weighed 8lb13oz. (That is one big baby!)

Doikers 15-02-2011 04:13 PM

Hey cool Charlie *Hugs*

Billy! 15-02-2011 04:18 PM

*Hugs* Yeah. It was a bit upsetting for me, but she went through so much to get pregnant that I can't be jealous of her, she Had an early menopause and only conceived through IVF, which they wouldn't give to her on the NHS.

Doikers 15-02-2011 05:50 PM

*Hugs Charlie*

Billy! 15-02-2011 06:01 PM

*Hugs Mark*

Billy! 15-02-2011 06:43 PM

:O We have no milk! I need a cup of tea. :/

frenchhorn 15-02-2011 06:46 PM

*hugs all*

having no milk is a disaster, I can not survive without it

Billy! 15-02-2011 06:49 PM

*Hugs Oliver*
I know. I don't actually like milk, but I love tea. And tea without milk is DISGUSTING!

frenchhorn 15-02-2011 06:50 PM

*hugs Charlie* I don't like tea, but I love milk, I drink lots of it, only when its nice and cold though

Doikers 15-02-2011 06:51 PM

Awh Charlie hun is there a garage around that you could possibly get milk from ? *Hugs*

*Hugs Oliver* How are you?

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