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not_so_insig 18-10-2023 11:00 AM

Hello all. I am going wild swimming today. First time I have been in over a month.

Elmer 18-10-2023 11:05 AM

Wild swimming sounds amazing Dawn, I hope you enjoy it

long road 18-10-2023 11:17 AM

Well I almost fell asleep on th sofa listening to music...

Wintery wave watching may still happen but a little later in the day I think as still pretty groggy. Might have fish and chips but more likely not.

Glad your housemate is ok Lio, how are you doing? I know after waking up to a shock like that even if things turn out ok it can take a while for your system to calm down.

Hope you enjoy your dad's visit and whatever type of latte he brings you Tamo.

Good luck with your appointments Beckie.

Enjoy your splash Dawn, hope it's not too cold!

not_so_insig 18-10-2023 11:42 AM

Thanks Lio and Jen. Jen i have been in water that's 5 degrees in the middle of winter so I doubt it will be that cold.

one_step_closer 18-10-2023 12:06 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Hope you all have a good day.

Hope your appointments go well, Beckie.

I think I'm too much of a wimp to go wild swimming.

tamobhuuta 18-10-2023 12:18 PM

I hope you enjoy your wild swimming insig.

Good luck with your appointments Cacoethes.

Dad brought me a Costa latte. My sister came too :)

long road 18-10-2023 01:40 PM

Arrived at the seaside it's incredibly rainy so we have taken refuge in a cafe. I am having a latte and a cheese and pineapple Panini

one_step_closer 18-10-2023 03:48 PM

I have never heard of anyone having a cheese and pineapple panini.

tamobhuuta 18-10-2023 03:55 PM

That sounds delicious!

one_step_closer 18-10-2023 03:56 PM

I like cheese and ham paninis. How is your day going, Tamo?

tamobhuuta 18-10-2023 04:03 PM

I've had better. I'm in the staff's bad books because I tried to take scissors out the store room. Then they insisted on weighing me so they're in my bad books.

one_step_closer 18-10-2023 04:04 PM

Sorry to hear that. I hope something good happens that improves your day. Do you have any visitors later on?

tamobhuuta 18-10-2023 04:06 PM

Yes :) L is coming to see me at 6pm

How are you? Up to much?

long road 18-10-2023 05:21 PM

Cheese and pineapple panini are awesome. It's not a common thing but I always order it if the cafe has it on the menu.

Hope you enjoy your visit with L Tamo.

not_so_insig 18-10-2023 05:23 PM

Tamobhuuta did you know that they axed Doctors? Last episode is in December 2024. I am guessing that you don't know. I know you like that programme.

Cacoethes 18-10-2023 05:37 PM

Hey guys

long road 18-10-2023 05:43 PM

Hey Beckie

Good to see you about.

I had a nap and am trying to come to.

not_so_insig 18-10-2023 05:46 PM

Hello Beckie hope you're ok.

tamobhuuta 18-10-2023 05:47 PM

I did not know that!!! What am I going to watch??? I am probably the only viewer.

Cacoethes 18-10-2023 05:50 PM


Was it a good nap jen?

Hi dawn, thank you :)

not_so_insig 18-10-2023 05:53 PM

No problem Beckie.

Tamobhuuta you have over a year until it's finished for good.

long road 18-10-2023 05:55 PM

It was an ok nap, got around an hour then spent about half a hour zoned out trying to wake up and occasionally nodding back off.

Sad times about Doctors I saw it was being cancelled on BBC news. At least it's got a while year and 2 months o episodes left. That is hopefully enough time for you to find a new show Tamo.

Anyone got plans for the rest of the day? I should be roleplaying tonight between 8 and 10:30pm but I might be too tired.

tamobhuuta 18-10-2023 06:07 PM

L will be here in a minute. Then it's a matter of how early I can persuade them to give me my night meds and go to bed!

Cacoethes 18-10-2023 06:29 PM

I too have been zoned out a lot today

I'm not doing a lot
Just watching disney films

Hope you have a nice visit tamo

Weather is awful tonight. Rain, wind, cold.
Apparently a storm is coming. It's in Ireland at the moment. That's what the radio in the waiting room said.

long road 18-10-2023 07:27 PM

Hope you can get to bed at a reasonable time Tamo.

Understandable Beckie.

What Disney films if I may ask?

It was proper stormy at the coast today.

I am still undecided about roleplaying tonight. My lungs are playing upa a bit, I am tired and my mind is unsettled. Role-playing might be a good distraction but not sure I am up to it physically. Hmmmm....

Cacoethes 18-10-2023 07:32 PM

I watched live action aladdin and also live action cinderella.
Now bingeing prison break again.

That's a tricky one jen!
Could you tell them you will try but may have to duck out early?

long road 18-10-2023 07:59 PM

I haven't seen live action Aladdin I am very fond of the animated version and didn't want to 'ruin' it but it did look good.

I have tried a couple of times to get into prison break, but never got past episode1.

Partner has logged onto game / group call and said to the others I am taking 10 -15 minutes and then will decide. Talking to partner for a few sentences left me short of breath so an evening if talking is sadly unlikely to be a good plan. Going to try to see if resting and taking inhaler sorts it out.

Cacoethes 18-10-2023 08:03 PM

It is very good! And different enough from the animated version to not feel like it's replacing it. If that makes sense.

It's a bit slow to start, but once you get into all the conspiracy and elaborate escape plans and get to know the characters, it gets you hooked!
It did me anyway.

Rest and inhaler sounds like a good option

long road 18-10-2023 08:27 PM

I have Disney Plus so I might check it out.

The clips later from later in the show look so good but I am not the kind of person to jump into a series part way through. Maybe I will try again.

Feeling a little better might do a nebuliser if it doesnt improve much more.

Cacoethes 18-10-2023 08:30 PM

Yeah i can't do that either!

Just do what you need to do!

long road 18-10-2023 09:48 PM

Lungs appear to be behaving now! Taking nightime meds and going to attempt to sleep.

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 07:47 AM

Morning everyone

long road 19-10-2023 09:04 AM


Cacoethes 19-10-2023 09:20 AM

Hey jen!
How are you?

tamobhuuta 19-10-2023 09:27 AM

Hi people, how are we?

long road 19-10-2023 09:28 AM

Struggling a bit tbh.

Just finished my coffee and trying to work out what to do with my day

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 09:39 AM

Hey tamo
How are you?

Sorry you're struggling jen

one_step_closer 19-10-2023 09:58 AM

Morning everyone.

I hope you can all have nice things in your day.

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 10:04 AM

Morning lindsay

I'm getting my nails done today
Sooo excited because i missed my last appointment because of hospital

Have you got anything fun lined up for today?

tamobhuuta 19-10-2023 10:09 AM

Sorry you're struggling lr. Look after yourself.

Are you up to anything osc?

Enjoy getting your nails done Cacoethes.

long road 19-10-2023 10:10 AM

Ooh shiny nails! How exciting!

I decided to do some work on my health passport template. I finished mine and sent a copy to my OT on Monday. Now creating a template others who have FND can use. It's keeping me busy and it feels positive doing something that could help others

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 10:10 AM

Thanks tamo!

Do you have much on today?

That's good jen

one_step_closer 19-10-2023 10:22 AM

You always choose such cool designs for your nails, Beckie. I hope you're going to post them on Fb!

I'm supposed to go to the gym on my own but really can't. Have been to the chemist and local shop and done a washing. Don't know if this Storm Babet is going to cause havoc in my area but it's wet and windy right now.

That's nice, Jen.

Do you have anything on today, Tamo?

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 10:30 AM

Of course i will!

Weather isn't great here either.
Makes it hard to get motivated

Zurg 19-10-2023 10:41 AM

Hi all :)
We're at the beginning of a storm that will last almost 3 days here. There's actually a warning for people to leave certain areas as there will be a serious flooding around the coasts. I have never experienced that before!!! It's oddly exciting and scary at the same time.
Oooh, new nails. I wish i could handle long nails. But i feel so utterly disabled when i attempt and i Think i'm just at the point in my life where i give up on that adventure…..
I say today is a perfect excuse to stay at home and have cake and coffee, Lindsay!!!
I hope your day will be less dominated by various health issues, Jen <3
Hope you get a visit today, Tamo :)

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 10:47 AM

Ooh that does sound a bit scary!

Yeah i was like that when i first got long nails, but you get used to them quickly!
I don't have them super long anyway.

I agree zurg, it's a cake and coffee day!

not_so_insig 19-10-2023 11:56 AM

I have actually nice weather. Dry and not raining. No wind either. Unlike last night when I actually had a free shower :angry: .

tamobhuuta 19-10-2023 12:14 PM

Dad came to see me. He originally brought me coffee from home but it spilt everywhere so he had to go to Costa. God works in mysterious ways.

Cacoethes 19-10-2023 01:00 PM

It's brightening up here now!
And not really that cold

Yay costa!

long road 19-10-2023 01:08 PM

I think we got the worst of the storm yesterday. A little bit of rain and wind here but not much.

Well done for your chores Lindsay. I hope that if you decide to go to the gym you enjoy it.

Storms are cool until they have consequences. I hope your basement room will be ok Zurg! I know it floods sometimes. Thanks for the good health wishes, still having some issues but doing ok I think.

Wet, dark, cold days are the best days for coffee and cake.

The lord works in mysterious ways indeed Tamo!

I have finished a first draft of my health passport template and sent it across to chair person of local FND charity. A little calmer than earlier having channeled some of my energy into that

Now considering going out for lunch/ the afternoon with partner depending on what the weather forecast says at the coast

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