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one_step_closer 01-10-2022 12:30 PM

Hi everyone.

I hope you enjoy the last day of your holiday, Dawn.

I hate shopping with other people, can Jasmine not just have the squishmallow? Does she want to spend all her money? Lol!

I hope you get some good rest, Tamo.

The weather is nicer here at the moment although it was raining earlier but not as bad as yesterday. I've washed my hair and cleaned the kitchen. Going to try and reply to a pen pal letter in a bit.

one_step_closer 01-10-2022 12:31 PM

Ninja Tamo!

I'm glad you're feeling more awake and had an enjoyable visit. Nice to get everything tidied too.

tamobhuuta 01-10-2022 12:44 PM

Well done on being clean osc :)

one_step_closer 01-10-2022 12:53 PM

Thanks. Well done with everything you've managed too. Do you feel a bit better for it?

tamobhuuta 01-10-2022 01:32 PM

No! But it will be OK. Everything is OK in the end.

Cacoethes 01-10-2022 02:04 PM

My nanny spent 64 on stuff for jasmine in the toy shop!
They came out eventually and we went to costa.
Then i got dropped off in the city so i could get some trainers. Then got the bus back.
Going out for a late lunch soon! I got my nanny some flowers from M&S.

It's 18 and sunny here! Lovely today!

Well done for doing your tasks lindsay!

one_step_closer 01-10-2022 02:06 PM

Are you managing to occupy yourself, Tamo.

Lucky girls Beckie and Jasmine!

tamobhuuta 01-10-2022 02:07 PM

What a lovely day Cacoethes (but expensive!) :) where are you going for lunch?

I'm not doing very well at distracting, all I can focus on is flying. The nurse said to listen to music.

one_step_closer 01-10-2022 02:11 PM

Distracting can be hard. Please try though. The urgency of your feelings will lessen with time.

Cacoethes 01-10-2022 02:27 PM

We are very lucky! Its always expensive when we come to nanny's! She treats us!
We don't know where we're going for lunch yet.

Listening to music is a good distraction!

tamobhuuta 01-10-2022 02:34 PM

It's improved things enough to be able to ask for PRN.

tamobhuuta 01-10-2022 03:42 PM

The obsession with leaving has turned into anxiety which I know how to deal with.

one_step_closer 01-10-2022 04:59 PM

It's a shame you're now feeling anxious but I'm glad it's something you can handle, Tamo. I hope you can get some relief from it though.

You have a good Nanny, Beckie. :-)

Cacoethes 01-10-2022 05:34 PM

My nanny is amazing!
We went to an american diner type restaurant.
Me and nanny both had huge steaks! Best steak ever!
And Jasmine had a burger.
And i had a purple rain cocktail!

not_so_insig 01-10-2022 06:21 PM

I am back in Wales. It's cold and rainy. I get to pick up my cat tomorrow from the cattery. Apparently she has been eating well.

tamobhuuta 01-10-2022 06:44 PM

I'm glad everyone has been eating well lol.

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 07:24 AM

Morning everyone

not_so_insig 02-10-2022 09:04 AM

Morning Beckie how are you?

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 09:06 AM

I'm ok thanks
How are you?

not_so_insig 02-10-2022 09:09 AM

I am ok apart from a little bit stiff. But I get my kitty back today so am looking forward to seeing her (she's been in a cattery).

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 09:11 AM

Ah that will be good!

Me and Jasmine are going home today.
Hoping it won't rain again!

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 10:16 AM

Morning everyone x

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 10:17 AM

Hey tamo!
How are you?

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 10:23 AM

I'm ok. I took all my permitted PRN and I think that helped me sleep better.

How's your morning going?

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 10:31 AM

That's good!

Me and Jas are going for breakfast with some friends in a minute! Friends from here lol
Don't wanna mention names in case they aren't happy with that!

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 10:36 AM

Aw that's really cool, I hope you all have a good time.

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 01:06 PM

We had a lovely time thanks!
I had avocado eggs benedict. Very yummy!

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 01:26 PM

Sounds revolting!

I have had a shower. My posh razor has gone missing so I had to use a scabby ward one.

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 01:38 PM

Things always go missing in hospital!
And the ward razors suck

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 01:48 PM

I didn't trust it with my legs so I've got hairy legs.

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 02:08 PM

Doubt anyone cares in hospital!

one_step_closer 02-10-2022 02:36 PM

Hey everyone. Look at all the stuff you've all been doing today!

When are you heading home, Beckie?

I always have hairy legs. I hope your shower made you feel good, Tamo.

I got up mega late, just because I got up at 9am yesterday. My body is an idiot. I got all my housework done though but I had scheduled a time to watch Hocus Pocus but had no time for that now. Will try again tomorrow. I also fell down the stairs when I was carrying the hoover down. Big scrape on my arm and probably other places. Plus will likely have bruises tomorrow.

not_so_insig 02-10-2022 02:59 PM

Oh dear Lindsay. I fell over on the beach (it was pebbles) and had 2 sore knees whilst on my holiday. I have a mark on my right knee.

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 03:01 PM

Owie osc! Sometimes you are even sorer the day after so have fun with that... but well done with the jobs.

not_so_insig 02-10-2022 03:04 PM

Also I am home and have my cat back. Just the horrible task of washing all my clothes and putting them away left to do now. I have put all my fridge magnets on my fridge.

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 03:11 PM

What fridge magnets do you have?

not_so_insig 02-10-2022 04:15 PM

One from my holidays tamobhuuta. 2 are piers and one is a castle.

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 04:19 PM

That's cool. The best mementoes I got from a holiday was a bow and arrow and sword and shield when we were kiddy winks. We'd been to some castle or other.

one_step_closer 02-10-2022 04:53 PM

Did you enjoy your holiday, Dawn? Is your cat happy to see you? Do you collect magnets?

When I was a child and we went to visit our aunt, me and my brother spent most of the time spending the money we had saved and more from our Dad!

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 05:48 PM

I'm back home and jas has been picked up!
I enjoyed my weekend but it's good to be alone again!
Just started watching Hocus Pocus 2

tamobhuuta 02-10-2022 07:31 PM

When I watched Hocus Pocus as a child I thought it was a horror film! Enjoy number 2!

Cacoethes 02-10-2022 07:40 PM


I really enjoyed number 2!
And I'm glad they did a sequel rather than remaking it.

crazykat 02-10-2022 10:52 PM

I just watched hocus pocus 2 too as well, l loved it

Cacoethes 03-10-2022 08:26 AM

Me too!
Lots of people are saying it's awful but i disagree

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 03-10-2022 01:31 PM

Good afternoon! How's your day going?

not_so_insig 03-10-2022 02:11 PM

Afternoon all.

one_step_closer 03-10-2022 02:47 PM

Hey everyone.

I had planned to watch Hocus Pocus 2 today but I got up late and had to rearrange it for another day. I know I could watch it now but I have a very strict schedule and some things are scheduled for the same time every day so I need to stick to them. In other news I've got a sore back after falling down the stairs yesterday.

How is everyones day going?

Cacoethes 03-10-2022 06:51 PM

Hey guys
Just back from work
Straight into PJs!

tamobhuuta 03-10-2022 07:36 PM

Good call Cacoethes.

Cacoethes 04-10-2022 05:38 AM

Morning everyone

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