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zowie 01-07-2008 03:41 PM

Spent the night in hospital. Dad caught me trying to OD as soon as I got home and is now trying to call my cpn and get me sent back to hospital.

blondiebear 01-07-2008 04:00 PM

*hugs Jess*
*hugs Helen*
*hugs Zowie*
*hugs Jem* You may thing you're boring but what you really are is nice and good!

*stumbles off to clean eyeglasses*

MammaMia 01-07-2008 04:17 PM

Anybody around?

blondiebear 01-07-2008 04:30 PM

Hi. Here. Not awake.

MammaMia 01-07-2008 04:53 PM

*jumps on Susan*

You okay?

Auburn Shadow 01-07-2008 06:30 PM

*hugs Helen, Susan, Jem, Zowie and anyone else I've missed*

MammaMia 01-07-2008 07:19 PM

*hugs Hana*

Auburn Shadow 01-07-2008 07:23 PM

how you feeling sweetie?

Detour. Derail 01-07-2008 09:49 PM

*sits quietly*

1ofmany 01-07-2008 09:59 PM

Howdy people any one want a cusion to squish?

Auburn Shadow 01-07-2008 09:59 PM

you ok there?

1ofmany 01-07-2008 10:01 PM

Todays been a better day. Not totaly back up yet but not as low as i have been!
How about yourself?

Auburn Shadow 01-07-2008 10:10 PM

I'm getting there. Just rather tired for no particular reason. Starting to freak out about driving test on Thursday though :S

Glad today's been better for you :)

1ofmany 01-07-2008 10:15 PM

Whats werid is i started my summer job today and was up at 4 this morning! Will have to go and lie down and try to sleep soon.

Its all we can do though isnt it? take the days as they come.
(ps i think me and my friends are sorted again :) and my paranoia isnt so bad at the mo)

Auburn Shadow 01-07-2008 10:26 PM

4am? Rather you than me!

Yeah, all we can do, take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute if we have to.

Good you and your friends are sorted again :) and that your paranoia isn't so bad :)

1ofmany 01-07-2008 10:29 PM

Thanks! I am so glad i joined! Think this has been a big help.
Pillows for all! *hands out pillows*

Auburn Shadow 01-07-2008 10:36 PM

*takes a pillow*

*hands out hot chocolate and blankets*

MammaMia 02-07-2008 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by Auburn Shadow (Post 889991)
how you feeling sweetie?

Well I've cheered up a tiny bit, but I think I'm losing it :pinch:

Good Luck for Thursday

Casper_Fading 02-07-2008 01:15 AM

it'd geting worse. ****.

MammaMia 02-07-2008 01:16 AM

*snuggles Jess*

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