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Kahlia1981 06-06-2010 05:36 AM

*huggles/waves at all*

Firstly, welcome and welcome back to the new faces and to those who haven't been in here for awhile.

Secondly, sorry for the length of the post in my thread that I linked to - but you can see why I didn't try to repost as much of it as was relevant in here ... would have made it way too long.

Thirdly, I'm just stopping by for a quick read so my apologies for not giving you all individual replies, but I want you all to know that I have been reading and am thinking of you all.

anarchistl0ve 06-06-2010 07:51 AM

Aww thanks for thinking of us even if it isnt deeply personal. Just knowing I am cared for means alot to me lately<3

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 07:54 AM

hi anarchistl0ve i'm julie

Kahlia1981 06-06-2010 08:09 AM

How are you doing Becca? *offers hugs if that's okay*

Hey Julie, how are you doing hun? *big hugs*

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 08:22 AM

i'm f--e.... just f--e :notsure:

anarchistl0ve 06-06-2010 08:57 AM

Kahlia hugs are always welcome. I am a little better not perfect but better

Kahlia1981 06-06-2010 11:32 AM

Julie: *hugs*

Becca: Sometimes all we can wish for is to be a little better. A little better today than we were yesterday. *huggles*

Just dropping in quickly to say that I got my assessments back and I have successfully completed both of the subjects I attempted. I have therefore passed Stage 1 which I only started on Wednesday last week lol. Woot!!

*leaves hugs and safe care packages for all on the table*

Doikers 06-06-2010 11:44 AM

*Plops into computer chair*
Good morning , afternoon , evening everyone :)

Way to go Kahlia!! Congratulations on completeing your first 2 sections :) Proud you should be :)

*Hugs Anarchitsl0ve*

*Hugs Julie*

*Hugs Wolfos*

Hugs Heather*

*Hugs Shadowedsoul*

Hmm I don't know how my day is going to go yet today, optimispic smiley face !! :-)

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 11:51 AM

thanks for the hugs guys

frenchhorn 06-06-2010 11:55 AM

*cuddles all who want cuddles*
wow there has been 12 pages since I was last in here, I've been away on an orchestra course with no internet for a week. I shall catch up with stuff at some point, but atm I am too sleepy to concentrate.

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 11:57 AM

OLIVER!!! welcome back man *hugs super tight* i missed u *hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**h ugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs**hugs*

frenchhorn 06-06-2010 12:12 PM

*hugs Julie back* I've missed everyone in here too,

I've sort of skimmed read through the pages I have missed.
Nice photos April, looked like you had a good birthday and that certainly is a beautiful cello, have fun learning it.

Doikers 06-06-2010 12:50 PM

HEEE *hugs Oliver* Welcome back !! :-)

katnovia 06-06-2010 01:40 PM

good to see you oliver, missed you! *Huggles*

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 01:47 PM

kat who r the new alters on ur sig

katnovia 06-06-2010 01:55 PM

Search me hun! I just opened myself up a few months ago and I've been leaving things open..and these two have appeared.. I think Lotty is something to do with Rosie, she's mentioned her before and I think she was out last night talking to jack. Jess is an older girl, quite sensible, very clued up about the system, but really impulsive... I'm not sure but she's mentioned being friends with Amy..

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 02:00 PM

*nods* jess talk to me seems nice

xxjuliexx 06-06-2010 02:03 PM

we gots new as well *points* hannah...

shadowedsoul 06-06-2010 03:44 PM

sorry guys need to vent.

okay how stuiped do you think iam, did you think I would
belive that for a sec. What after 2 months, yeah right you
only said that because you knew I would end up being
told. What were you expecting me to jump for joy,say
oh okay that's all right then, what you put me through
is all forgiven. The thing is I don't think you have been
and saying sorry means noithing, like my mum says
saying sorry is easy, it's so easy to say sorry, but I don't
think you ment it, I think it's what you want me to hear.
I hate you, you messed me up even more than I was.
sorry long rant

katnovia 06-06-2010 04:27 PM

Well say hi to hannah for me amy. I'm going to let jess back on later, but she scared off one of my friends on Msn, so she's in trouble at the moment.

*huggles jill* (hope i have your name right, sieve brain)

I spy wolf. Sorry, do know your name but I forget... anyway, we havn't met. Hi, I'm Kat, and that lot vvv are my alters...all nice enough i guess, except shadow.

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