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risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 08:11 AM

hey you <3

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 08:17 AM

heather y r u awake it's late

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 08:45 AM

yuck yuck yuck girlly stuff is here yuck
ew i want it to go away

risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 08:52 AM

aww that doesnt sound very fun =[

and im up because i cant sleep =p

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 09:42 AM


risenfromperdition 30-05-2010 09:45 AM

hey owen =]

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 09:58 AM

-yawns and curls up-

silentgirl 30-05-2010 09:58 AM

"curls up and cries" "hides under a blanket"

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 10:15 AM

-shuffles over to silentgirl-

Doikers 30-05-2010 11:54 AM

*Hugs silentgirl*

*Waves to Owen*

*Cuddles Heather*

*Hugs Julie*

*Hugs Laura*

*Squishes April* I'm sorry I missed you on FB last night :(

*Super Group Squishes for the rest of the ward*

Yesterday I went the whole day S.I. Free despite being triggered a bit , not a HUGE acheivment I know , lets hope I can make it 2 days running , it seems petty to mention just 1 day hmmm.

one_step_closer 30-05-2010 11:59 AM

Well done Mark! That's not petty at all.

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 12:09 PM

-sits- got cut triggered the other day for first time in ages

Doikers 30-05-2010 12:13 PM

*Hugs Lindsay* Thanks :)

*Waves to Owen* I have to pop out to pay some bills you gonna be ok?

xxjuliexx 30-05-2010 12:14 PM


one_step_closer 30-05-2010 01:24 PM

How are you today Owen?

jonikd 30-05-2010 01:53 PM

Wanders in, reads 10 pages of posts and sits quietly to digest it all.

Seems a bunch of ward members are suffering right now, big hugs and strength to you all

MammaMia 30-05-2010 02:00 PM

*jumps on JK and gives a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig cuddle* Are you okay sweetie? :(

*hugs/waves everyone else*

Doikers 30-05-2010 02:11 PM

*Hugs JK*

*Hugs Helen*

*Spots Kat and hugs*

katnovia 30-05-2010 02:19 PM

*hugs mark back* caught me lurking! Well done on keeping SI free for a day! I know you've really been struggling with it recently, so i'm proud of you! How are you?

Just attempted to read through all i've missed, but there must be about 12 pages there, and I just don't have the mental capacity to handle it right now. So, i'm going to be really lame and give everyone who has posted a great big cuddle

*runs around the ward and warren cuddling everyone who wants cuddles and waving at everyone else and giving out boxes of safe love and blessings*

phew. now i'm worn out.

I have a post to reply to, that was directed at me, but i've gotta go back and read it before replying because it's gone completely outta my head!

one_step_closer 30-05-2010 02:23 PM

I wish I had never been born in the first place. *hides*

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