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shadowedsoul 28-05-2010 10:32 PM

Hey April you about, just had a massive argement with
brother mum and dad, walked out of the house,now walking
about with a t shirt on and it's really cold . Not sure were I'm
going just angery and numb

MammaMia 28-05-2010 10:37 PM

*cuddles you both tight*

shadowedsoul 28-05-2010 10:44 PM

Thanks Hun, holds on really tightly. It's getting dark and is
so damn cold, allready manged to hit my head of somthing
I should go home just don't want to, can't stay out here all
night .

MammaMia 28-05-2010 11:01 PM

Could you stay at a friend's hun?

shadowedsoul 28-05-2010 11:07 PM

Nah no freinds live near me, it's all okay tesco stays open
24 hours will be okay, wish the cafe was open I'm kinda
cold.my heAd hurts.sorry

taz35 28-05-2010 11:27 PM

*hugs Crimson* You're not a fail at all <3 I hope your shift went alright.

*hugs Laura* My brother graduates next Tuesday! So exciting for them... but I know how you feel - my brother is graduating with the little siblings of a lot of people I went to school with. Haven't decided if I'm going or not yet...

*cuddles shadowedsoul* I know the numb feeling :( Sorry to hear that... but I'm really happy to hear you managed to keep yourself from cutting! That's awesome!

*hugs Mark* Hope you sleep well tonight <3

*huggles April* Sounds like you're in a tough spot :( I don't know Jarrod at all, but you sound like an incredible person on RYL, and he should consider himself lucky to have you :) You're caring, and respectful, so NOT self-centered and not a bitch at all!

*hugs Hels, Lindsay, Julie, Heather, and anyone else I might have missed*

Doctor's appointment went alright. He hadn't talked to my counselor yet, but was going to call him today. Basically he just checked my cuts, bruises, etc. and then changed my meds, which sucks... because I have to decrease one, then I'll be one two for a few days, then increase the new one.

*tackles Kahlia* How are you?

Kahlia1981 28-05-2010 11:32 PM

Jill (shadowedsoul - did I get that right?): That doesn't sound good sweetness. Please try to stay safe. *wraps you up in warm and safe hugs*

Hels: How are you doing at the moment honey? Are you feeling any better? *cuddles you tightly*

April: Sorry you've been so sick. I hope you continue to improve. Also sorry that you have to work at your internship on your birthday and therefore have to cancel/reschedule with your bestie. I hope you manage to reschedule. *offers hugs* Sorry it's not more.

Laura: I can understand the mixed feelings with regards to your sisters high school graduation. The feelings for her and her future, and the feelings about seeing all the "old crew". *offers hugs*

Mark: I thought that I was seeing things with that mistake in your signature. In a way I'm glad I wasn't. At least it was an easy one hey! Please take good care of your wound. *big hugs*

Sorry I haven't mentioned everyone. There were more than four pages since I was last in here and I'm just not managing to remember everything. Even if I haven't mentioned you I am thinking of you. I'm sending all of you *big hugs and cuddles* or *big packages of tender loving care in any way you can accept it*.

Kahlia1981 28-05-2010 11:34 PM

Taz: Very tired, and the day will get worse lol. Have to completely clean the flat then go buy everything for dinner. My housemate is working this morning and I'll probably end up cooking as well. Damn my parents coming over. lol. Also my mood has bottomed out. Really low with strong SI and SU urges. *sigh* When it rains . . .

shadowedsoul 28-05-2010 11:44 PM

Thanks kahlia, it's my own fault i ran out of
the house crying and smaked my head straight off a wall, nearly
knocked myself out. Iam trying to stay
safe it's hard at the sec,yeah you got my name right, it's jill

Kahlia1981 28-05-2010 11:49 PM

Jill: No wonder you have a headache! You'll have to be a little more careful around walls. But it's hard when you are running while crying - you usually are thinking so much about what you are running away from or how fast you need to get away from there, that you aren't watching where you are going. Trying to stay safe is all that anyone can ask from you hun. Is there anything we can do to help?

MammaMia 28-05-2010 11:49 PM

*cuddles everyone lots* Sorry it's not more

Scarletdreamer 28-05-2010 11:59 PM

Thanks Kahlia and Taz for the replies - and Taz, I wanted to thank you for the PM. *cuddles both of you*

I'm really not doing well. I ended up cutting, Jarrod's not here, and I feel like ****. I texted Vince (close friend/personal trainer/our WoW guildmaster) and told him I really really wanted to cut, and he texted back about half an hour later saying "no no :)" and I was like... are you serious? no call? just a "no no :)" and that's IT?! I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm overreacting but he's said that I can call him anytime, that "we're going to get you through this," etc., etc., making it sound like we're a team, like we'll work together. He does have his own **** going on but still... I feel kind of alone. Well, scratch that, make it "very alone." :'(

But the cut isn't bad... :-/ I wish it were worse... :(

Right now I'm waiting for my bestie to get here... I have no idea where she is, she's half an hour late... so yeah. Ugh. :-X I hope she'll be here soon... :( She usually runs quite a bit late so I'm not really worried, but still, I would like some company. :(

*cuddles Hels and Jill and everyone else* Sorry for the lack of individual replies...

shadowedsoul 29-05-2010 12:14 AM

thanks Hun, yeah I know but I was trying to
run and also get on here and speak to
someone, before I did somthing stuiped, the way my heads being today
yeah I'm trying to stay safe.sorry

Scarletdreamer 29-05-2010 12:27 AM

r/v updated.........

*spies and cuddles a laura*


MammaMia 29-05-2010 12:32 AM

:'( :'( Knew something bad was going to happen tonight :'( :'( :'(

Scarletdreamer 29-05-2010 12:37 AM

What happened, Hels? *cuddles gently*

MammaMia 29-05-2010 12:39 AM

*cuddles April* It's my best friend G, I don't know all the details yet. Like this week hasn't been a nightmare enough for her (aswell as me & my other bestie) :'(

Scarletdreamer 29-05-2010 12:43 AM

Aw sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear that. :'( That's so sad... will be praying for her and for you. ♥

I'm feeling a little better... am listening to Christian music, which usually tends to help me get my mind focused on the "right things" ... so that's good. My Superchick station on Last.fm... lol... Superchick FTW!! :P

Anyway. Remember... it can't always be this bad. *huggles tight*

MammaMia 29-05-2010 12:44 AM

Thanks sweetie, her Gran's texted me again. *cuddles tight*

Glad you're feeling bit better xx

Scarletdreamer 29-05-2010 12:44 AM

I spy a Crimson *cuddles* How are you, sweet?

Also, this is my 1003rd post in here!! I meant to celebrate at my 1000th post but no, missed that. Oh well. Lol. Silly of me anyway. :-/

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