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one_step_closer 03-08-2018 04:13 PM

OMG! That's a solution to people who aren't allowed pets in their place, ghost pets!

Is it too early to start talking about what people are having for dinner this evening?

nonperson 03-08-2018 04:25 PM

How cuddly would ghost pets be though..?

I was going to make risotto... but I might just go to the shop and buy pizza... =(

What about you?

asheee 03-08-2018 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4184334)
Afternoon everyone. How is your day going?

better than it was! I didn't manage to make it to an appointment I had scheduled this morning but I'm just off the phone after rescheduling and I'm about to revise. How has your day been?

Buttons. 03-08-2018 04:31 PM


Glad you managed to reschedule asheee

nonperson 03-08-2018 04:55 PM

I didn't know there was a new Ant-Man film out. o.o

I bet it was lovely in the air-conditioned cinema, Jinxie.

asheee 03-08-2018 05:16 PM

Thanks, Buttons!

Jinxie, that's awesome!

nonperson, I didn't realise it was out so soon. I'll have to go see it

chinahorse 03-08-2018 05:51 PM

I've never heard of it Jinxie! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Oh dear buttons- only your dog :-P

I want something nommy but I should be good as far as tea goes. I'm going out for drinks tonight. Which is good and fun. Except I'm knackered and cba to get ready.

Cacoethes 03-08-2018 07:44 PM

Hello everyone

Aubergine 03-08-2018 07:48 PM


Cacoethes 03-08-2018 07:53 PM

Hey Aubergine
How are you?

Aubergine 03-08-2018 08:01 PM

Hey Beckie. I'm ok. Tired. How are you?

Cacoethes 03-08-2018 08:05 PM

I am also tired
Been a long day!

Aubergine 03-08-2018 08:06 PM

What have you been up to?

Cacoethes 03-08-2018 08:14 PM

Went to the fams.
Tidied Jasmines tip of a room which took ages because she kept finding fun things to play with and then we walked down to the river for a swim!
I didn't swim but 2 brothers and Jasmine did

Aubergine 03-08-2018 08:15 PM

Sounds lovely, but yes, tiring. Early night?

Cacoethes 03-08-2018 08:16 PM

Definitely early night!

Have you been up to much today?

Cacoethes 03-08-2018 08:46 PM

I also love Marvel movies!

Naww kitty

Buttons. 03-08-2018 09:03 PM

Sounds fun with Jasmine Beckie (well more the swimming than the tidying a room :P).

Marvel film sounds fun!

Ha ha your cat also sounds wonderfully weird Jinxie :)

Cacoethes 03-08-2018 09:05 PM

Haha! Yes the tidying wasn't too fun! :p

Been feeling a bit off today.
Probs the heat!
The heat is to blame for everything bad in my life

Buttons. 03-08-2018 09:53 PM

The heat is the responsible for my increased energy bill-I now live for my fan! It's the evil in all our lives! Although come winter I'll be whinging about ice so...

Buttons. 03-08-2018 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by Jinxie (Post 4184382)
Give me a nice chilly autumn day over this bloody heat anyday!!!

Me too very much! I much prefer cold weather just hate ice, other than that bring on the cold!

nonperson 04-08-2018 11:54 AM

I’m being roasted alive! *sob*

But I am being paid for it so...

nonperson 04-08-2018 12:09 PM

Quiet in here today.

Aubergine 04-08-2018 12:50 PM


Loud enough?

nonperson 04-08-2018 01:20 PM

Yes thanks. =P

Cacoethes 04-08-2018 01:33 PM


nonperson 04-08-2018 01:35 PM

Far too noisy here in now...!

Aubergine 04-08-2018 01:45 PM


I'm probably being discharged next week! Going to hopefully get some leave to go to my flat on Monday, then have a proper CPA, then go home under home treatment!

Cacoethes 04-08-2018 01:45 PM

Sorry, I'll use my indoor voice :tongue2:

That's great Aubergine!

Aubergine 04-08-2018 01:48 PM

Thanks Beckie. :)

nonperson 04-08-2018 01:49 PM

Haha, Beckie. Yes indoor voice please. =P

And that's awesome news, Aubergine. =D

Aubergine 04-08-2018 02:01 PM

Thanks person. :)

So tired. May nap.

one_step_closer 04-08-2018 02:53 PM

That's great to hear Aubergine! Take it easy.

nonperson 04-08-2018 03:11 PM

I’m so bored and my phone won’t let me post!

nonperson 04-08-2018 03:12 PM

It worked =o

Cacoethes 04-08-2018 03:23 PM

Naps are good Aubergine!

Whats everyone up to?

Cacoethes 04-08-2018 03:36 PM

Is that Constantine like the movie with Keanu Reeves?

Cacoethes 04-08-2018 05:28 PM

Oh cool!
Think I'd like that.

nonperson 04-08-2018 05:43 PM

I am finally home. x.X

chinahorse 04-08-2018 06:00 PM

I am finally mostly hangover free! Learnt my lesson about drinking on my meds :/ and my friends boyfriend had to drive me home and put me in my house. Did have a fab night though!

YAY that's fab news aubergine :D

Why were you being roasted alive np?

nonperson 04-08-2018 06:03 PM

Yay for being hangover free. I'm really glad you had a good time though. You deserve some fun! =)

I was sat in a gatebox guarding one of the Park entrances today... No shade except in the box... x.x

nonperson 04-08-2018 06:03 PM

All round to Jinxie's for dinner!

chinahorse 04-08-2018 06:04 PM

Ooo room for one more Jinxie?

Eek. That sounds hideous NP.

nonperson 04-08-2018 06:07 PM

Haha, fair enough. =P

It was hideous. I'm used to working in the heat but sitting there, bored, in full sun... not so good. Got to do it all over again tomorrow too. =(

chinahorse 04-08-2018 06:22 PM

Lol jixie

Be careful you don't get sunstroke np.

Buttons. 04-08-2018 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Jinxie (Post 4184386)
^ this is why I adore you, Buttons.
Aside from the whole not liking cats and calling me a Southern Mutant, of course... >_>

I'm always glad to be adored-even by a Southern mutant cat lover :P

*nicks curry*

That sounds difficult NP as Lillie said be careful of sunstroke.

nonperson 04-08-2018 06:28 PM

Hi Buttons.

I had a hat and suncream and lots of water and hid in the small shady bits where I could. It was hotter in the box than outside but at least I was covered.

Buttons. 04-08-2018 06:34 PM

Hi Np :) glad you had hat suncream, water etc! Although out of context 'hiding in shady bits' could be seen as a bit dodgy :P

nonperson 04-08-2018 06:39 PM

Hah, yes just a bit dodgy.

Also, you've reminded me.... I can't believe how many people I saw bringing their dogs in to walk... It was near 30 degrees this afternoon... The poor hairy things. =(

Buttons. 04-08-2018 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4184443)
Hah, yes just a bit dodgy.

Also, you've reminded me.... I can't believe how many people I saw bringing their dogs in to walk... It was near 30 degrees this afternoon... The poor hairy things. =(

It has been insane heatwise so my dog included I do feel sorry for our furry friends!


Originally Posted by Jinxie (Post 4184444)
Thieving Northerner *throws attack cats at you*

Our poor cats have had enough of this weather. One of them is barely eating because he's too hot, he just wants to sleep until it's cooled down.

Northerner counters the attack with killer Alsation and the terriers and bulldog the rest of my road have!

I might have some sympaythy for your cats...not a fan but don't like anything to suffer, so marginal amount of symapthy. You should get them their own personal fan :P

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