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Sketchy 22-01-2017 06:15 PM

Lillie, I know you're not in the mood, but I hope you manage to enjoy yourself.

chinahorse 22-01-2017 06:21 PM

Well done lorraine. That's a fair bit done. And chilling now is fine.

I'm going to go but leave early.

Sketchy 22-01-2017 06:26 PM

Yeh, that's a good plan if you are not up to it. At least your are attempting to go.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 06:44 PM

Sounds like a productive day Lorraine, that's really good :)

I hope you end up enjoying yourself Lillie. Or that it's at least bearable!

I've just made a tomato soup. Really good for slimming world with all the 'speed' veg :)

chinahorse 22-01-2017 06:51 PM

The what veg?!

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 07:04 PM

Speed foods are very low in energy density so they have extra slimming power according to my book! For best results, at least a third of your plate should be speed foods!
Luckily I like pretty much every fruit and veg and loads of fruit and veg are speed foods.

chinahorse 22-01-2017 07:05 PM

Ahh ok. Well I hope it is tasty!

I'm thinking of soup for dinner too or something easy.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 07:17 PM

It was rather! Would have been better with a buttered roll to dip in it but I don't have any bread. Still tasty though!

Soup is a great easy food.

Sketchy 22-01-2017 07:30 PM

Think I feel like soup now. It's good for this weather.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 07:35 PM

It really is!

chinahorse 22-01-2017 07:36 PM

Hot bread is amongst lifes greatest things.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 07:42 PM

Totally agree Lillie!!
I remember when my mum used to bake bread rolls and we'd get them out of the oven and put some butter on them and it would all melt and it was so good!! Lovey and soft and warm!

Sketchy 22-01-2017 07:50 PM

Warm bread sounds good too. Especially with soup. Yum.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 08:10 PM

Warm bread + warm soup = perfection!

Just had a shower now watching the day after tomorrow. I really like this film!

Sketchy 22-01-2017 08:13 PM

I don't think I've ever seen it. It sounds familiar though. Is it an action film?

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 08:36 PM

Kind of. It's when the weather gets really really bad and basically turns into a new ice age and this boy's dad treks all the way to get his son in New York and loads of people freeze to death and stuff and they have to try and survive.
I'm probably not explaining it very well!

Sketchy 22-01-2017 08:39 PM

I think I've seen it years ago. Hope you enjoy it.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 08:52 PM

Thanks :)

Going to try to go to bed earlier tonight as I have to get up for clozapine clinic tomorrow.
I've been going to bed far too late over the weekend and been struggling to get up!

Sketchy 22-01-2017 08:54 PM

An early night sounds like a good plan.

Cacoethes 22-01-2017 09:34 PM

Yup!! Probably go to bed around 9ish. Hopefully I'm tired by then! Taken my meds so should be.

Sketchy 22-01-2017 11:22 PM

Hope you get a good sleep.

I'm bored. I should go to sleep soon but feel like staying up a bit longer.

Buttons. 23-01-2017 02:15 AM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4083107)
Warm bread + warm soup = perfection!

Just had a shower now watching the day after tomorrow. I really like this film!

I would comment properly but QFT re.homemade bread and soup and I also like Day after tomorrow-if I have to go look for that film on my bookcase because of this conversation I will hold you ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE *not being melodramatic at all :P*

Buttons. 23-01-2017 02:19 AM

Lorraine hope you managed to get to sleep eventually :)

chinahorse 23-01-2017 06:28 AM

I can't sleeeeeeeep

Anymore. I did sleep now I'm awake. I blame the wine.

Buttons. 23-01-2017 07:38 AM

Morning everybody :)

Planning to go to this skin camouflage appointment then do a few bits in town.

Have found a new comedy history thing 'drunken history' seems apt and I'm finding it alright so far. It seems to be satisfying my history geek side and need for comedy.

Buttons. 23-01-2017 07:57 AM

^ Shun the none believer (or I suppose believer in this case :P) shuuuuun

Buttons. 23-01-2017 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by La araņa discoteca (Post 4083184)
Also, I don't even know how English people smoke. It's so much cheaper over here and still expensive.

Well there are ways around it but if I tell you I may have to kill you :P In other news did you know Poland is nice this time of year? :P

I love that video-mainly for freaking out people who haven't seen it before. Starting to make me feel old though, I can't remember what age I was when that video was put up! *flails*

Buttons. 23-01-2017 08:25 AM

...and don't steal my fricking kidney :P

Buttons. 23-01-2017 08:39 AM

Ha ha maybe that isn't the best idea I've ever had-even for cheap cigs :P

Ughhhhhh know the bloody feeling (except my nearest is now Aldi :P) think of the reduced prices though, think of the reduced prices! (that's what I hold onto when trekking :P)

chinahorse 23-01-2017 09:05 AM

Sleep is for the weak!

My aldi is under 5 mins away *gloats*

Ooo what you doing in Spain?

Buttons. 23-01-2017 09:07 AM

Sounds like a plan :)

Re. the ten minutes walk and the cold I would suggest thinking 'the sooner I do it and get back sooner I can go to bed and sleeeeeeep/chill'

Buttons. 23-01-2017 09:08 AM

Ah Ninja posted :P

Lillie you jammie git :P

chinahorse 23-01-2017 09:10 AM


Buttons. 23-01-2017 09:14 AM

That's just smug :P

chinahorse 23-01-2017 09:18 AM


Buttons. 23-01-2017 09:21 AM

May be forgiven :P

Sounds really busy but with potential to have fun :)

chinahorse 23-01-2017 09:22 AM

Oh col deal and they have a dog!!

Seeing your cousins will be worth it though.

I'm so sleepy now.

Buttons. 23-01-2017 10:26 AM

Okay have once again decided Sister Act the film is going to be epic to my recovery :P

not_so_insig 23-01-2017 11:21 AM

Remember the whole saga of the free tshirt? Well it arrived this morning. What is even more strange is that I have ordered from the company before and the return address has been a Australia one. The return address in this case is in Chicago, USA. I am just pleased to finally get my tshirt. They have a few more designs since I last ordered I am tempted to buy some more.

In other news I had a record that kept on skipping and jumping on the b side only. It was the only record that I own that did that and it's from the 1980s so I couldn't buy another one. Additionally it's not that common but not extremely valuable. So I was most annoyed. But I found a cheap solution that cost me 2p which works so I am pleased about that.

Cacoethes 23-01-2017 03:16 PM

Hey guys!
Lana, menthol cigarettes are disgusting and you are disgusting for smoking them!!!

not_so_insig 23-01-2017 03:37 PM

Hi Beckie!

I am taking my cat to the vet later so fingers crossed that everything's ok. Especially as it's my oldest.

Sketchy 23-01-2017 03:47 PM

Hi everyone.

Dawn I hope your cat is ok.

Cacoethes 23-01-2017 03:53 PM

Hope your cat is ok Dawn!

I got my washing back. It was really good timing as well because I arrived back home just as they were knocking on my door so that was lucky!
Need to do my stupid test paper thing for English tomorrow.

Sketchy 23-01-2017 03:54 PM

Glad you got your washing Beckie. Remember to do nice things before and after test papers and tests. You're doing really well.

Cacoethes 23-01-2017 04:53 PM

Thanks Lorraine :)
First exam tomorrow. I'm glad it's just English reading because I'm good at that and it's good that I'll be doing something I'm confident in and I can get used to the exam environment as well.

Buttons. 23-01-2017 05:15 PM

That sounds like a win Beckie :)

Sorry about cat Dawn <3

Sketchy 23-01-2017 05:19 PM

That sounds like a good way to get started for your exams then.

Are you guys freezing too? I've just put the heating on. I should have done it as soon as I came home. I went for a cup of tea with my sister and then I went to Asda.

Buttons. 23-01-2017 05:23 PM

Tea and asda sounds like a plan :)

Cacoethes 23-01-2017 05:28 PM

Tea and asda sounds good!
It must be really nice living so close to your family so you can just go out for coffees and stuff :)

Sketchy 23-01-2017 05:29 PM

Been and done it, so I'm now underneath blankets trying to heat up. I don't know if it's meds that make me so cold. I never used to be like this.

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